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Who Is Tanja Lainio of the Band Lullacry and Why Is She Significant?

Updated on March 15, 2020
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A First Look at Lullacry's Tanja Lainio


Tanja Lainio Made Lullacry an Even Better Band

And now it is time to introduce the woman that was behind the microphone for Lullacry from 2002 until their disbandment in 2014. This next article is specifically about Finnish vocalist Tanja Lainio and why she is so significant. I pose this question now especially because Lullacry’s album called Crucify My Heart is now over 18 years old. Some studio albums have stood the test of time and Tanja Lainio is a shining example of a vocalist that really provides a big boost to one of Gothic Metal’s greatest bands.

Lullacry is a Band That Fans Should Listen to Even Though It is No Longer Active

Note: since Lullacry disbanded in 2014, the country of Finland has lost a great band whose songs have won over my love and respect as well as other fans around the world. Since Lullacry’s disbandment, many may just ignore this band but doing so will be depriving them of listening to and appreciating the talents of a beautiful and talented woman.

First Thoughts About Tanja Lainio

Tanja Lainio is a name that many people including heavy metal fans may not know about. This Finnish beauty had been the lead vocalist for the Finnish heavy rock band Lullacry. She joined the band in 2002 after the departure of then vocalist Tanya Kemppainen due to musical differences. I had the chance to chat with her on a few occasions in the band’s message board and I am honored to have gotten a reply from someone I really respect. The band was in the process of redesigning their website at the time that I first wrote this.

I can notice that Tanja really puts her energy and effort into singing. She doesn’t strain to get the voice out and she has such passion in her voice. It is a real shame that Lullacry are not more recognized in the hard rock and heavy metal community. In addition to her awesome voice, Tanja is also really cute.


Tanja Lainio Interesting Facts

  • Tanja Lainio was born on July 5th. The year of her birth is not known though.
  • Her favorite Lullacry songs are The Autumn, Soul in Half and Killing Time. Tanja Lainio says that her favorite songs do change all the time.
  • When she was asked what band she would like to open up for, Tanja mentioned the band KISS. The best concert that she has ever seen is Motley Crue in the summer of 2005 in Helsinki. The best Lullacry concert the band has ever had according to Tanja is in Seattle, Washington on September 5th, 2004.
  • Tanja’s favorite foods are Chinese, Mexican and other Finnish food that is not so typical.
  • Her favorite movies include Matrix Trilogy, Star Wars, James Bond movies, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean and all Tarantino movies.
  • Her favorite drinks are water, milk, red wine, cider and other sodas.
  • Tanja loves to sleep and she gets disappointed if she is not able to sleep when she is touring.
  • Tanja Lainio also says that she loves to dance.

"Stranger in You" One of the Best Performances for Tanja Lainio

Reasons for Tanja Lainio's Significance to the Heavy Metal Genre

So why is Tanja Lainio significant to the heavy metal genre? First of all, she proves that the metal genre is not just a man’s job and that a woman is very capable of providing solid vocals that are also soothing in some cases. A few example of Tanja’s soothing voice can be found in songs like Stranger in You and Heart Shaped Scars which are on the band’s next album Vol. 4. A reviewer on the website Metal Archives provides an interesting perspective about the vocal style of Tanja adding: “she has the sound of a pop music type voice, which you would think is a bad thing but makes it work with the band's metal edge,” (Macllelan, 2003).

The description of Tanja having a pop music style voice is actually quite accurate beet cause I can detect that as well. She has one of those melodic yet “cute” voices at the same time if that makes any sense at all. Her voice is more of a young girl’s voice with a soothing flair as opposed to a more powerful operatic voice or a deeper voice as was the case with Helen Vogt of the band Flowing Tears.


Even More Examples of Tanja's Soothing Vocals...Her Biggest Strength

Her soothing, charming voice is especially evident in the song Unchain as you can hear that the song is about someone that is so sad that it won’t go away no matter how hard they try. They have a sort of sorrow that is building up inside of them and they need to be unchained from this sadness that has gripped them. This song may not be one of Lullacry’s best known songs but it is powerful. Speaking of which, the song “Stranger in You” is a perfect combination of heavy rock and soothing vocals that can mesmerize you into falling in love with her voice and maybe her! She just looks lovely but I may be biased in this regard. Tanja Lainio is a significant heavy metal vocalist with power, soothing vocals, and a good vocal range even if she does not have one of the highest ranges.


Macllelan, J. (2003, July 23). Encyclopaedia Metallum The Metal Archives. Retrieved March 11, 2019, from Metal Archives:

"King of Pain"

© 2019 Ara Vahanian


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