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Who is lemmiwinks

Updated on December 22, 2009


Lemmiwinks gerbal king
Lemmiwinks gerbal king

Lemmiwinks Gerbal King

Lemmiwinks is the gerbal King.

He is a southpark character who, as a pet gerbal in the classroom of the kids in southpark, was stuck passionatly up Mr Slaves ass.

Mr Slave is one of the more kinky characters in the animated series, and his main pastime is fullfilling his sexual desires.

He sticks lemmiwinks the gerbal up his rear end, and thus begins Lemmiwinks adventure.

He first meets some friends along the way who guide him to safety, and his escape from Mr Slaves ass.

Here is the lyrics for the song to help Lemmiwinks on his journey.

a great adventure is waiting for you ahead
hurry onward Lemmiwinks or you will soon be dead
the journey before you may be long and filled with woes
but you must escape the gay man's ass or your tale cant be told

Lemmiwinks (x4)

Lemmiwinks journey a distance far and fast
to find a wayout of a gay man's ass
the road ahead is filled with danger and fright
but push onward Lemmiwinks with all of you might

Lemmiwinks you are coming to the entrance of the small intestant
there you must seek out the sparrow prince

the sparrow prince lies somewhere way up ahead
dont look back Lemmiwinks or youll soon be dead
Lemmiwinks Lemmiwinks the time is growing late
slow down now and seal your fate

i am the sparrow prince
long has my spirit been trapped in this place
before you lies the maze of the small intestants
one path leads to te stomach the other to certain doom
take with you this helmet and torch
let them be your guide

take the magic helmet torch to help you light the way
theres still alot of ground to cross inside the man so gay
ahead of you lies adventure and your strength still lies within
freedom from the ass of doom is the treasure you will win

Lemmiwinks came to the stomach god
beneath the depths of the lungs and heart

you chose your path wisely Lemmiwinks
i am the catatafish

Catatafish of the stomach's cove

if you answer this riddle the esophagas will let you pass

catatafish's riddle will soon be told

hang on Lemmiwinks
you solved the catatafish's riddle
now your trials are nearly through

Lemmiwinks has made it out
the tale is nearly through

great job Lemmiwinks

thanks to you we are all free

but your adventures are just begining
for you are no ordinary gerbil Lemmiwinks
you are the gerbil king


now the ger the gerbil king has more adventures to go on
fly away to faraway lands into the setting sun
theres still so many enemies and battles yet to fight
for Lemmiwinks the gerbil king is to be told another night


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