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The 7 most powerful characters in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Updated on July 10, 2016
Captain America
Captain America | Source
Sif | Source
Groot | Source
War-Machine | Source
Loki | Source
Iron Man
Iron Man | Source
Hulk | Source

(Minor spoiler alert)

7 - Captain America

Captain America has always been one of my favourite characters and I feel that his movies have got better and better as they go.

Captain America is similar to the likes of the red scull and the winter soldier who he faced in his first two movies but his strength and durability put him ahead of them. Even though he doesn't exactly have a super power his super strength effectively make him a super human.

6 - Sif

Sif is without a doubt one of the strongest female characters in the MCU to date.

She is extremely talented with hand to hand combat and with a melee weapon. Her Asgardian physiology means she is very strong and durable.

5 - Groot

Groot was the one of the biggest fan favourites from Guardians of the Galaxy for many reasons ranging from his limited vocabulary to his rebirth in one of the end credit scenes.

He is one of the most powerful characters because firstly he is extremely strong, he can also manipulate different parts of his body as was shown in the movie (elongating his arm, sticking it through a line of enemies and smashing them against a wall). Also, he can effectively never die because he can just grow back.

4 - Thor

Alike Loki and Sif he has extreme strength and extreme durability. (He could block one of Hulks punches with some effort) and was also able to headbutt iron-man with no damage to him. Most incrediby he was able to take blasts from the aether infinity stone. Thor can also fly on demand.

However it's Thor's god like powers that put him higher than the rest- Thor's incredibly powerful war hammer. His hammer can summon lightning, tornadoes and is of course incredibly powerful.

3 - Loki

Loki's power level has been fairly disappointing so far in the MCU compared to the comics. But it is still good enough to be placed 3rd on the list

Loki has been bought up as a Asgardian but is adopted and is really one of the frost giants. However this means that he has the ability's of a Asgardian for example being able to throw a fully grown man across a room and being able to take a beating from hulk. His powers are he can cast illusions and generate extreme cold (because of his frost giant heritage).

2 - Hulk

The Hulk is the alter ego of Bruce Banner who gained his power after being exposed to gamma radiation in a experiment gone wrong.

Hulks power is turning into a huge green brute. The Hulk has extreme health and strength. He managed to take on the abomination willing because of his extreme health and also managed to fall from a helicopter. Bruce Banner is a extremely cleaver scientist and in his first and only film it is about him trying to find a cure to his 'disease'.

1 - Iron man

Iron man has dominated the MCU so far apearing in 4 films and being one of the biggest fan favourites.

Tony Stark is a billionaire playboy philanthropist who gained his power after being kidnapped in the first Iron man movie by terrorists. He gained his power after getting impaled by shrapnel thats about to enter his heart but he puts a 'Arc reactor' in his chest so the shrapnel doesn't enter his heart. This 'Arc reactor' powers the iron man suits.

Iron man is so powerful because firstly, he has super strength, extreme durability, high speed flying capability's and has a massive arsenal of extremely advanced weaponry.

So who do you think is the strongest character in the MCU?

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