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Who is this guy Roush and why is he trying to steal my husband

Updated on April 16, 2009

Who is this guy Roush?

Earlier this summer my 18 year old daughters car got hit and totaled,

luckily she was not driving ( a friend was)and nobody was injured.

Being that she was starting her first year in college she had to have

another car so that she could make it home on weekends and holidays. So

me, my husband and my daughter set out to buy a car. My daughter being

the teenaged girl that she is decided she wanted a Mustang. Great, now

I can pay more in insurance premiums than for the car itself. I was how-

ever able to talk her out of the GT style, well kinda. I didn't talk

her out of it exactly, it's just that they don't make very many Mustang

GT's that are automatic, Thanks Ford for saving me a few bucks on that

one. Anyway so we set out looking for the perfect Mustang, we hit used

car lots all over, we spent many hours researching what was available

in our area and we had our list. Little did we know that car lots will

advertise a used car for an unusually low price to get people in the

door and try to sell them a brand new car because your payments could

be around the same amount, just for many more years.

We walked onto the lot our first car dealership, and there it was,a Roush

Mustang! I had never seen the expression I saw on my husbands face that day.

He stared at the car lovingly, trance like, drooling. It was a real site to

see, my husband that is. I was almost jealous of this car. Ok lets face it,

I was jealous of the car. I have been married for well a really long time.

I am not sure I remember the last time my husband looked at me like that,

or if he ever looked at me like that! I have to admit the car was pretty,

with it's two tone paint in red and black, it's two toned leather interior,

and the stainless steel guages. Yes, it was very pretty. But it was just a


Let me explain that my husband is a real truck and car guy. He has been a

mechanic for a long time. He ran his own repair shop for many years. I am

pretty sure that he was born with a wrench in his hand. Which again makes

me jealous because I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up and

he has always known.

Well anyway, The salesman comes over to my husband and says "nice car isn't

it?" My husband then wipes the drool from his mouth and says " yeah, it is.

"My husband then says "does it have a 427? The salesman says, "yes, it

does!" My husband then says "wow!"

This all leads me to the question, Who is this guy Roush and why can he get

my husbands attention like that. So I do some research on this Roush character

and here is what I have come up with. Now I am just giving this information out

so that the housewives and girlfriends of the world will be able to know what

they are up against.

His name is Jack Roush,and he began his career with Ford Motor Co. in 1964 as

an engineer. Jack left the Ford company to pursue his interest in engine develop-

ment and motorsports. Jack founded Performance Engineering, a precursor to

today's Roush Industries, in 1976 and Roush Racing in 1988. Roush became the

only professional drag racer to venture into NASCAR, SCCA Trans-Am, and IMSA

road racing and sports car racing - with success in every series. ROUSH

Industries is a Tier One supplier of fully integrated engineering and development

support services. ROUSH Performance effectively combines the engineering

expertise of ROUSH Industries with the motorsports experience of ROUSH Racing

to produce complete performance vehicles, modular engines and high-performance

parts. ROUSH Manufacturing provides prototype and production parts,tooling

and paint services.


Now that you ladys all know what we are dealing with here I would like to give you

a few warning signs of when you are loosing your man to Roush.

  1. Watching Nascar, even though he was not a fan of the sport before.
  2. Going to car lots when he is not shopping for a car.
  3. Looking at anything Roush, pictures, videos, etc. It's like porn to them, really.
  4. Excessive drooling.
  5. Excessive use of the word "WOW!"

Please ladies, Heed these warnings!


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    • gwendymom profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Oklahoma

      You would think huh, but no, I don't get to share.

    • countrywomen profile image


      10 years ago from Washington, USA

      Better share him with a car than another woman (Atleast you get to share it too) :-)


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