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Who is watching new CW TV Drama-ARROWS?

Updated on November 22, 2012

The Premier Episode

When this TV drama was getting rave reviews and previews at various forums and media, I felt it was yet another over hyped TV drama that’ll suffer yet another cancellation. But looking back I think this is just the action hero drama that might go the way of long Pre-Superman drama Smallville; though many movie critics and small screen buffs like Meta critic gave this drama a three star rating looking at some obvious flaws that characterized the premier. Other than that, I think this new drama is worth seeing and if I should foretell also deserve a sophomore season, trilogy or even a quartet if the producers can go this far; which I think they can and should.
Now to say what I feel about this drama currently airing on CW TV Network, I don’t have the intention of going metacritic’s way or any other movie critic reviewer as these guys no matter how hard you try can never be satisfied with anything they see and review; remember they see themselves as ‘perfectionist so getting these guys to give you the nod is like telling Mitt to step down for Obama’. So I’ll look at this drama from a street-wise point of view (wonder what that means). One thing that is really going hot for this drama is the hero of this drama Oliver Queens played by Canadian Actor Amnell. This guy is the new definition of hunkness. I used to think WWE wrestler cum actor Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson is the real definition of anything macho, but I think this Amnell guy has overtaken him in that regard. With abs that look like ohh la la, with a face so handsome and steely that you’ll wonder if this is the “Adonis” the Greeks talked about. I hope I’m not over exaggerating things, as this is what I think I saw- maybe his image was kinda enhanced for the screen or whatever as I’m yet to see this guy in real life to ascertain how he truly looks; however his well chiseled face coupled with this high cheek bones he adorns, can make the ladies go gaga; and this reason can win over more female fans than ever, I see this drama having a cult-like following especially during Halloween season as many fans will want to kit up as the super hero- the Arrow.

Arrow Extended Trailer

Now who is the Arror?

Enough of Oliver Queens’s facial appearance and anatomy and back to the main plot of this drama; The Drama kicked off with a narrative by the Hero as he talked about his unfortunate situation and how he survived for five years regardless of the many dangers lurking around on an island far away from home- then a shot of his fully bearded, disheveled and wild looking face and body that now has the reflex of a feline and agility of a primate (monkey precisely, remember humans are primates too) takes center stage especially as a wild and sturdy Oliver Queens AKA The Arrow races through the woods of some island where he was shipwrecked and assumed dead. He was rescued by some Fishermen on China’s North Sea inbound an island he referred to as “liang Yu or Purgatory in English” when he fired his trademark arrow with unbelievable precision after lighting the arrow head wrapped in patched and dried leaves or is it flint which he subsequently scratched on a rock to lit it, then released it with so much gusto unto some woods he prepared in advance to serve as a beacon to alert passersby that there was indeed life on the Island. With sheer luck or is it his new found ability innate or acquired to set things in obvious harmony, the arrow hit its target as the fire got the fishermen alarmed and luckily for him, a rescue was immediately effected to his credit.
Then he continued in his narration to talk about how he dreamt for five years on getting rescued and going home- I especially loved how he stressed further on not just going home-quoting him “…the island held many dangers, to live I had to make myself more than I was to forge myself into a weapon- I am returning not the boy who was shipwrecked, but the man who’ll bring justice to those who have poisoned my city: my name is Oliver Queen…”
The drama starts proper with breaking news announcing the coming back to life from the dead of Oliver Queen, who the reporter took time in his report to reveal as revelry in nature especially for a son of a billionaire cum patriot who allegedly developed the city -Robert Queen who was confirmed dead from the unfortunate voyage, the news caster went further to describe him as a hound who loved partying and carousing that resulted to what the reporter described to as “an altercation with paparazzi” a charge of assault was brought on him by a paparazzi photographer he ruffled; but he was promptly absolved of any blame. Fast forward to where he was standing facing the window of what I think is the medical examiner’s office; the doctor was explaining to the mother who was anxiously waiting to behold his lost son, Oliver’s medical condition- how twenty percent of his body was now covered in scars and fractures which he thinks was strangely or improperly healed; then he retorted further “Moira I’ll like you to prepare yourself, the Oliver you lost might not be the one that you found. With this startling revelation, Moira Queen, Oliver’s mother braced herself for the worst as she stealthily sauntered into the room looking at her long lost son feeling surreal and overwhelmed. She lovingly fell into the embrace of her son, whispering “my beautiful son” as they both hugged lasting long in each other’s warm and reassuring embrace as both were wondering if this was actually real or imaginary.


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Back Home and trying to reintegrate into Family and Community

Now settled a little bit after the mother ushered him back to the family house and also to his room, which the mother believing that her son was still alive; left the room the way Oliver left it before his strange disappearance and sudden reappearance. Oliver made some very worrying discovery; having his mother marry the dad’s former associate Walter Steel did not really go down well with him. He made this known when the mother was formerly introducing her beau to him, you’ll notice this judging the way he snubbed his new step father staring at him with disdain and loathsome eyes- for he considered him an usurper who happened to exploit his mum’s fragile emotional state after temporarily losing him coupled with the reality of mourning the death of her husband Robert Queen, then marrying her under this guise of offering her comfort and succor in her time of grief; he also felt lost at the same time happy as he got “reconnected” with other members of the family like his junior sister who he last saw when she was twelve, a Russian maid who loved him as a son and always saw the good in him despite his wild living and his friend with a loose tongue and cheerful mien Tommy: that Oliver considered childish and quaint, and not forgetting his former estranged girlfriend Laurel who lost the sister Sarah to the voyage after she betrayed her and ran off with Oliver.
Oliver showed his disdain and contempt further for Walter while on the dinner table conversing; the kid sister asked him how it was on the island and he replied- cold, then the friend Tommy was telling all the stuff he missed, the NBA, a black President and even the drama “Lost” as the Russian maid mistakenly tripped over as she was about serving some course to the table; she apologized for her clumsiness and Oliver replied her back in Russia; Walter surprised retorted “I didn’t realize you speak Russian” then Oliver sounding rather sarcastic replied back “ I didn’t realize that you had always wanted to sleep with my mother”. The mother looking embarrassed judging from the blush on her face answered him “Walter and I are legally married and I don’t want you to think that we disrespected your dad…” Oliver to avoid any further altercation expertly excused himself from the table and made for his room. He is now sleeping on the floor of his room, and suddenly getting flashes of how he lost Sarah (the cheating sister of Laurel) on the boat, the nightmare was so real that he was shivering and cold before he was abruptly woken up from the scary nightmare by his mum who he unknowing threw off balance fearing that he was being attacked by an assailant as he was struggling for his like onshore, the mother looking scared and ruffled as Oliver mistakenly pinned her down only for her to be rescued from his firm grip by her husband Walter, assured him that he was now with them at home and very safe.
The next morning, Oliver woke up and went straight to the sister’s room who was busy with her junkie friend getting some kicks on roofies which they quickly hid as Oliver made for the room. Then he presented her with a rock which he called a”hoven”, because he had hopes of reconnecting with her even after getting lost at sea or castaway; then Tommy busted in mumbling about getting some sort of souvenir from Oliver and bla bla bla, the are now seen driving out with Tommy on the wheels ranting about stuff that happened while Oliver was away. Then he asked Tommy to drive to the dad’s industrial complex that was now shut down; looking at the now defunct industrial plant, Oliver felt some sense of responsibility and disappointment: he understood what it meant when there’s an obvious vacuum, especially one that must be filled up pretty quickly after the demise of the patriarch and his father Robert Queen. He also used the opportunity to scout the area as he was planning to use this complex as a base for his solo and soul saving operations.
Relieved after seeing the Industrial field, he requested Tommy to drive to Laurel’s law firm; Laurel was a law student when she was dating Oliver before the unfortunate incident. She was now a qualified lawyer and I think a public defender. She was currently investigating tyrant billionaire Adam Hunt; whose business dealings were hurting the community where he operates. It was Laurel’s desire to see this shylock go down. Interestingly, Adam Hunt was also on Oliver’s note of the bad and influential rich that was damaging the society. This list I think was compiled while on the boat when his father actually told him the truth about himself. The father told him that he is not the man that he Oliver thought he was; he went further to clarify and debunk the age long myth that he Robert Queen built their community; all these happened while on the boat with the father telling the rest of the crew that if there was anybody that should survive this unfortunate experience after the shipwrecking of “the Gambit”, that it was his son. He made this outburst when the captain of the crew protested as Robert handed his son the last bottle of fresh water left, and the captain afraid that the rest of the crew will die of thirst and dehydration registered his dissatisfaction with Robert’s action, which led to Robert making the above comment of telling the crew that it was only the son that should make it out alive if there was a slim chance to survival. I think this was how Oliver compiled the list and kept it save, hoping to get back alive and quoting him once again “…bring justice to those who have poisoned my city…”

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It was rather obvious that Laurel would not be happy to see Oliver, but to satisfy his curiosity coupled with his guilt; it was only natural that he looks out for Laurel and at least apologize for causing her sister’s death. Laurel was shocked and annoyed to see Oliver staring sober and apologetically at her; she displayed her annoyance when she asked him “why are you here?” Oliver replied “to say sorry. And if I could trade my life for hers I’ll have gladly done so…” Laurel sounding even angrier told him how she could only grief and not get annoyed at the sister’s action for backstabbing her by cheating on her with her boyfriend. With anger caressing her beautiful face, she walked out on Oliver. With his conscience now in check after seeing all that was to be seen and done, he and Tommy made for the parking lot; while they were about to open the doors of their car, they were attacked by some men in mask, before they could understand the scope of their problem; the masked men stunned them and swiftly abducted them to an abandoned building. When Oliver regained consciousness, he was now faced with his masked abductors. These ruthless guys sat him on a chair, and got his hands tied to the back. Then they began the interrogation, asking him if his father was actually dead, he was hesitating in his response and was immediately shocked with some electric volts which was so painful. His abductor now asked him again if his father was dead, and he answered in the affirmative. The masked thug now asked him, “what did he tell you?”, Oliver responded “he told me that I’ll kill you” the masked hoodlums began laughing wondering how a tied and restricted prisoner will kill those who had him bent to their evil will. Oliver now showed them his free hands that were initially bound to the chairs he was tied to. With speed and unbridled agility; he made for their guns, disarming them and fighting those still armed. One flaw that I think the producers made here was: how can an armed man be running from an unarmed man? This is one big mistake that I bluntly noticed which I think was not possible in real life regardless of the character involved.
He eventually caught up with the armed man after skillfully dodging countless bullets sporadically fired at him as he made some breathtaking stunts. He then strangled the guy to protect his identity from being exposed; because he was yet to launch his new character and alter ego- the Arrow.
The cops visited his place after this incident, funny enough the detective on ground handling this matter happens to be the father of his former squeeze Laurel and the dead sister Sarah. From every indication, this guy is yet to forgive Oliver for throwing the daughter away at sea, and breaking the other daughters heart Laurel. And barely forty eight hours after his sudden arrival, there’s already a mugging incidence involving him where a trail of bodies where left on the scene of the crime. Oliver to give his Arrow alter ego identity an iron clad protection; he had to tell the detective that he was rescued from his assailants by a hooded man which he described to a sketch artist. To corroborate this story, the detective asked his friend Tommy for his own account of what happened, unfortunately Tommy was so passed out to notice that the hooded savior was actually his friend Oliver.
With a water tight identity as the Arrow, he proceeded to the industrial complex where he was seen doing some dare devil workouts. This guy once more brought a different and whole new level to working out, as he is seen expertly ascending a ladder-like rim with so much strength and sublime excellence. After this never-to-be-seen –screen-workout, Oliver, now the Arrow takes on the first name on his list of wrongdoers- Adam Hunt. Adam Hunt is a billionaire whose business ethics was not in tune with normal everyday business practices. He was indeed a financial terrorist who used his ill-gotten wealth to oppress those he considered weak and poor. On the contrary, this was the same man Laurel was after and to get through to this man, would mean taking out all his guards in his territory that looked more like a military barracks than a home. The Arrow now fully dressed in his arrow regalia, proceeded to confront Adam Hunt in his military-regiment-lookalike-home.
With power and demi godlike prowess, he advanced taking down his guards with his arrows and feline reflex. When he eventually got through to Adam, he told him to pay in the sum of forty million US Dollars to an account number he gave to him or face the consequences of failing. Adam Hunt being a man whose pride and over bloated ego was sickening, felt that this hooded man, was more of a clown and cannot be taken serious, even though he knew that he has never in his entire life seen someone with such zest and reflex, almost godlike. But being a self-conceited person, he decided to hire the services of the best guards and the police to beef up security. Meanwhile, Oliver to deceive the party crowd that their once fun loving enfant terrible is back to the scene for even bigger parties and more debauchery; was attending the comeback party organized by his friend Oliver to welcome him back to the scene and simultaneously hatching his plan on invading Adam Hunt’s place.
When the time for Adam to comply with the Arrow’s demands elapsed, the Arrow suited up and descended on Adam’s place with the intent of showing this over confident man that he was indeed foolish and vulnerable. Adam Hunt now jittery even after hiring the services of one of the best military details with military background was seen shaking like a wet leaf. When The Arrow made his rather dramatic entry; it was electrifying seeing how he took down guard after guard firing his arrow at the same time. One other mistake I noticed here was that he was shot in the crossfire that ensued, from what could be seen I think he ate a bullet because I saw him pulling out a bullet from his sides. The commotion alerted the cops on the entry of the hooded man, they rushed to get to the building to apprehend him, but before they got there, he has already made for the ropes and escaped in a rather sexy note.
Oliver after this successful invasion smartly returned to his party. The whole irony of this whole setup was that Adam Hunt’s place was just adjacent to where Oliver’s party was being held. So with the escape of the Arrow, the whole place was swarming with cops from the SWAT department. They had no option but to make a sweep of the whole vicinity including the party arena to catch this elusive hooded character. On entering the party arena, the cops led by Laurel’s dad, asked the celebrant if by any chance he came upon his rescuer, Oliver laughingly made a mockery of him, which got him infuriated as this made him remember how the daughter foolishly lost her life following Oliver. Looking at Oliver and how he carried himself, nobody will belief that this was the same guy who just created a yet to be settled uproar a couple of minutes ago on the adjacent floor. Well the cops left the party with no incidence, and were wondering how they were this close to catching this yet to be known hooded guy and losing him by whiskers.
Adam Hunt with a wounded ego was still trying to get over this incidence when he was called up by his bankers that he account was drained of 40 million US dollars, this is another big mistake that this drama never took into consideration to either rewrite or rethink. How can a guy who for four years have been living on twigs and roots can be this sophisticated to pull off such heist with high tech gadgets like the arrow he fired that was chipped to siphon money via Bluetooth or is it infrared from Adam Hunt’s well secured account. I think this particular scene should have been plotted to look more natural than techy. Aside this little flaw, I really loved how Adam Hunt was brought down with this single blow, a victory for Laurel as well who was wondering how this happened so swiftly and sweetly too.
Well this is just the premier of this drama, I’ll conclude here that this drama is really cool, and it is my belief that in subsequent episodes, some of the careless mistakes that were made should be corrected and made near perfect for our viewing pleasure. On the flip side, if you are yet to see this drama, then you are really missing out on what I think is the hottest new drama currently airing on CW TV Network, and I urge you to see it, you won’t regret it.


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    • Richard Perazzo profile image

      Richard Perazzo 

      6 years ago from Shirley, NY

      I really enjoy this show. I was quite surprised by how well done it is. Prior to Arrow the only show on the CW I was watching was Supernatural. I never really liked anything else, but Arrow is great. I really hope it gets another season after this.


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