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Who is your celebrity crush?

Updated on May 15, 2012

How many of us have had a crush? Well, we may have had a childhood crush on someone but what about a celebrity? Most of us women may have crushes on celebrities but we all have our favorite one. When we are either married or have a boyfriend, we all have a small crush on one or maybe two celebrities. This goes even for the males, they even have their celebrity crushes.

I know that my mother has a crush on one of the celebrities for a long time. She has a crush on Bruce Willis, she always thought that he looked cute even now that he has grown older. He may not be as cute like when he was younger but he takes care of himself. How can one not have a crush on someone like him.

I used to have a crush on one celebrity from the spanish channel, he was pretty good in working on the shows that he came out on. But I have moved on from having a crush on him to having a crush on Alexander Skarsgard. Alexander is so cute and I love to see how he acts. He has a part in Trueblood, which by the way, I am looking forward too, who wouldn't be looking forward to the new season. Then he came out on the movie Straw Dogs, he may have been a villain but he sure made a handsome villain. Now that he is coming out in Battleship, you can see why my crush on him has grown. He really looks good in a uniform, but then again who doesn't.

Do you ever imagine yourself hanging out with your crush? Do you usually dream of your crush? What movies has your celebrity crush has been in that really made you admire him more?

Do you have a celebrity crush?

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