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Will Savage Kills Texas in Hollyoaks

Updated on May 15, 2013

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Who Murdered Texas?

Texas and Will's wedding day was never going to end well, what with Texas still being in love with Dodger, and then Will lying about a brain aneurysm to insure she actually walks down the isle.

It wasn't so long a go when Texas and Dodger were the ones going to get married, until we saw Will throw himself down the club steps and let Texas take the blame. The past few months we have seen Will become more and more manipulative and down right psychotic, but lets not forget he was Silas Blissett's apprentice, so I guess he learnt it from the best.

Will has managed to manipulate Texas best friend Leanne, who believes she is in love with him, despite knowing Will has been filming Texas every move on CCTV and keeping a creepy record of her. Will has also made Texas believe that she pushed him down the club steps causing him to be in a wheelchair, and more recently he told her that he had a brain aneurism.

All this was done so Will could get one over on his brother Dodger. In Will's twisted mind, Dodger has always been better than him at everything, so Will wanted to take away the one thing Dodger loves more than anything......Texas.

On the morning of the wedding, Dodger turns up begging Texas to run away with him, and not to marry Will. The pair end up kissing but are soon interrupted by Leanne and Doug. Texas tells Dodger that was a kiss goodbye and she has to marry Will.

The wedding goes ahead as planned with Doug giving Texas away. Just as the vows are being read, in walks Dodger looking distraught. All eyes are on Texas when she is asked if she takes Will to be her husband, and after a long pause, she says "I do."

Meanwhile Theresa's eyes are fixed on boyfriend Dodger, when she realises how upset he is over Texas marrying his brother. After the service, Theresa confronts Dodger who tells her there relationship is over. It is clear to Theresa that he is still in love with Texas and the jealous McQueen storms off.

In the venue, Texas approaches Mercedes and asks what she is doing there, as her name wasn't on the guest list. Mercedes tells her that Will and Leanne stole 200 thousand pound from her and used some of it to pay for the wedding, Texas knows nothing about this but is even more shocked when Mercedes tells her Will lied about having an aneurism, it was all a sick ploy so she would marry him.

Texas goes up to their room, and finds the bag containing the money, just as Will walks in. Texas angrily confronts Will about what Mercedes has told her, and Will has no choice but to confess everything.

Texas asks Will to give her a minute to fix her make-up, and thinking everything is going to be alright he leaves her be. While outside Will runs into Dodger and tells him that he knows he slept with Texas last week, and an ashamed Dodger walks away. Meanwhile Texas has sent Leanne a text telling her she is done. Leanne confronts Texas on the stairs and the two begin to argue. Leanne tells Texas that Will is better off without her and walks away.

As Dodger makes his way into the venue he sees Texas walking down the stairs with her suitcase, Texas tells him she can't do this and Dodger takes her suitcase and leads her back up to the bedroom. Unbeknown to them, Theresa has witnessed there little encounter and is later seen burning Texas's place card on the top table before heading off, but where is she going?

Back in the room, Texas tells Dodger that she wants to run away with him, but a confused Dodger tells her its too late now she is already married to his Brother. Dodger is upset that Texas chose to marry Will and tries to stop her walking out on him, Texas lashes out and ends up scratching Dodgers face.

Outside the guests are being gathered together for the wedding photo's. Leanne, Will, Theresa, Dodger and DR Browning are all noticeably absent. Suddenly the sound of the window smashing can be heard, and the guests all turn to see Texas falling through the air before plummeting to the ground. Minutes later we see Dr Browning running down the stairs followed closely by Will who appears from the corridor and in a rush to get outside. Leanne and Theresa arrive outside together, Leanne sees Texas lying on the floor and starts screaming and crying. Dr Browning rushes over to see to Texas, while Will asks his Dad to help him out of his wheelchair so he can lie by his new wife.

Texas comes around for a few seconds and whispers something to Will before sadly passing away. No one hears what she whispers, but whatever it was made Will look very uneasy. The police soon arrive and inform the guests that no one is to leave until they have all been interviewed. However one person is noticeably missing.....Dodger.

Dodger is back at the boathouse, packing his bags and looking very upset, but that is only natural as he has just watched the love of his life marry his brother and he knows that he can't stick around and watch them start a life together. Dodger is unaware that Texas has died, he just wants to get away from it all.

Meanwhile Will is being interviewed by the police and takes great pleasure in telling them that Texas whispered Dodgers name before she died. Will knows this will make Dodger look immediately guilty. When you watch the episode you can clearly see Texas whispers more than one name, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if she actually whispered "You did this". Having said that it wouldn't be unusual if Texas dying words were about Dodger, after all he was the love of her life. Maybe she said to tell Dodger she loves him, and that's why Will looked so uneasy.

Whatever she said, the police only have Wills version of events to go on, and immediately begin a search for Dodger. In the other room, Doug remembers that Leanne only arrived on the scene after Texas was pushed from the window, and asks her where she was. Leanne looks very shifty but before she has chance to reply she is called in for her interview.

While being interviewed Leanne again looks shifty when the police ask her where she was when Texas fell from the window (or pushed to be exact). Before Leanne can answer, Will arrives in the doorway and tells the police Leanne was with him, wheeling him into the toilet. This was obviously a lie, as Leanne looks shocked at what Will is saying. Will however is clearly covering his own tracks and securing his own alibi.

Meanwhile Theresa is also looking shifty and wastes no time in telling everyone how she saw Dodger going into the honeymoon suite with Texas. Is Theresa also hiding something? Back at home, Mercedes is worried that Dr Browning may be responsible for Texas murder when she finds some gloves in his suit pocket, and although we saw him running down the stairs minutes after Texas was pushed, I think its more likely he saw who did it while he was getting the money. Dr Browning convinces Mercedes that he had nothing to do with it, and was using the gloves so he wouldn't leave any fingerprints while looking for the money.

The hunt is still on for Dodger, but Sienna manages to get to him first. When she sees the scratch on Dodgers face, she asks him how he got it. He tells her that Texas did it, Sienna looks shocked and tells Dodger that Texas has died. Dodger looks clearly shaken and confused, but there is no time for him to process the news, as the police turn up and arrest him for the murder.

Things don't look good for Dodger, everyone knows he was in love with Texas so there is motive there. He was seen with Texas before she died, he also has a scratch on his face from her, Will says Texas said Dodgers name before she died, and to top it all of the police have CCTV showing Dodger leaving the wedding in a hurry looking panicked. Not to mention when the police arrested him, he was in his van with his stuff packed up, looking suspiciously like he was running away.

Dr Browning also looks suspicious when he is seen putting the gloves in the boot of his car and picking up wedding gift bags filled with the money that Leanne and Will stole from him. Why does he hide the money from Mercedes though? Probably because he knows it will make him look guilty. My money is on Dr Browning having witnessed who pushed Texas but keeping quiet so he could get away with the cash.

Leanne discovers Will has been keeping records of Tex's every movement
Leanne discovers Will has been keeping records of Tex's every movement
Will was writing a book on Silas and carrying out tasks for the serial killer
Will was writing a book on Silas and carrying out tasks for the serial killer
Will has a video of Leanne and Texas arguing in front of the window
Will has a video of Leanne and Texas arguing in front of the window
Will he use the video to clear his own name?
Will he use the video to clear his own name?

Will Murdered Texas & Leanne is Arrested

Dodger is soon released from police custody after his biological Dad Patrick gives him a false alibi. Meanwhile people are beginning to suspect Leanne of the murder, including those closest to her. While Will is looking through the wedding photo's on his camera, he zooms in to one photo and see's Leanne and Texas arguing right in front of the same window in which Texas was later pushed out of, and it looks like Leanne has her hands on Texas as if she is shaking or pushing her.

Over at the Deli, Doug begins to worry about the blossoming relationship between Leanne and Will. Lets not forget Leanne has fallen in love with Will, and was caught kissing him on Tex's hen night. With Texas out the way, Leanne can get closer to him, and this is what makes Doug suspicious of his friend.

When Doug confronts Leanne about her friendship with Will, Leanne gets very upset and refuses to go to Texas memorial at the pub. However Will convinces her to go as Texas was her best friend. While pretending to need Leanne, Will has purposely given Ash his camera to get the wedding photo's developed. Will knows Ash will see the photo of Leanne and Texas arguing. When Ash does see the photo, she goes straight to the police station. With evidence mounting up, Leanne finds herself the next prime suspect and finds herself arrested while giving a speech at Texas memorial while a smug Will looks on.

One person no one suspects is Will, after all he is in a wheelchair. However Will is the real murderer just as I suspected. After seeing Texas and Leanne's argument, Will makes his way up to the bedroom and finds Texas with her suitcase packed. Will tells Texas that he wont let her leave him, and Texas angrily tells him that she has lost everything because of him. A jealous Will shouts "You mean Dodger" and tells Texas that he wont let her leave him. Texas gets right in Wills face and says "Try to stop me."

No one is more shocked than Texas when Will stands up out of his wheelchair. Will knew that Texas was only with him in the first place out of guilt, so if Texas ever found out that he could walk again, she would never have married him. Will grabs hold of a shaken Texas and shouts at her "Did you ever love me, or was it always Dodger." A scared Texas screams for him to get off her, but Will pushes her and Texas goes crashing through the window to her death.

Now we know who murdered Texas, I wonder if there were any witnesses to the murder. Leanne and Theresa are certainly acting guilty, could they be covering for Will. Also is Will going to be found out, or will he become like Silas and murder again? In a recent interview James Atherton who plays the role of Will Savage said

"Will's dark side really spirals out of control, We could have a new Silas on our hands."

Its all very well, Will framing Leanne, but has he forgot that he stepped in to give Leanne a false alibi when she was being questioned by the police? Will told the police that Leanne was helping him to the toilet when Texas was pushed. As Leanne has now been arrested this obviously means that the police no longer accept her alibi, so do they not wonder why Will lied. More importantly Will no longer has an alibi either.

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