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Who women are

Updated on May 26, 2017

Who women are?

To all the women out there, Who are women? That is the question, Women are Strong confident, sexy and they feel limitless that is who women are. They don't have to look like the model on the magazine cover, do they? Some people think that women have to look like the models on the magazine covers or else they aren't worth it, right? Well, that is what the media wants people to believe, but that is not the truth. The truth of the matter is that women believe that their body image is supposed to be what they see in magazines, or they think they should look like their favorite celebrity star. When the fact of the matter is it is not true. Sure there are a lot of workout regimens and fitness classes that people can take, there always has been. That doesn’t mean it is going to make you look like your favorite celebrity. Women are super they can do a limitless number of things without even blinking.

When you look at your friends or pictures of people in magazines, you think wow I want to look just like them. So what do people do they try, and workout as much as they can, they try dieting? Trying nutrition supplements because you don’t think that you are getting enough nutrition to look the way you want. Everyone want’s abs and a flat stomach. You see things on Facebook and Pinterest saying workout eat right, don’t eat sugar, and go gluten free. Then you look at magazines and see people who say oh I just had a baby and took me six months to lose the weight. Well, maybe that is true if you have time to work out six or seven days a week. The issue of a women’s body image has been around for centuries. Everyone wants to be skinny and have that two-inch waist.

Well hey, nobody’s body is the same, so we are not all going to look the same. Nobody is perfect either so nobody’s body is going to be perfect no matter how much exercise and eating well ou do. Although according to the media we are all supposed to be stick thin to get where we want to go, but that is not always the truth. Everyone is different and we have different ambitions. We aren’t all built the same, we are all unique, so, of course, our bodies are going to look different. When you think of a women’s body image the first thing you think of is celebrities and what you see in magazine and television. Although you need to realize that, that isn’t reality.

Even though most people try to look like the people that they see on television or in magazines. Looking for those people is not reality. Actresses and models, don’t just have the perfect bodies. They have to work to keep the bodies that they have, along with everyone else. So when you see a picture of a perfect model or actress on a magazine, or in a movie and they look like a skinny that you want to be, just remember that they had to work for it. When we see how perfect they look, remember that they weren’t born like that. Nobody is born with a perfect body if you want abs and muscle, a flat stomach you have to work out for it and keep up with it.

Women's quotes about who they are
Women's quotes about who they are

Women's Body Image

A women’s body image is dictated completely by the media nowadays, but that is not how it should be. Every girl and guy that has body image issues, should realize that they are beautiful no matter how they look. The media should not play a role in what other people think of themselves, but even though we say that the media shouldn’t play a role in how we think we should look and how we feel about our body image, it still does. Take America’s next top model, for example, people think hey if they can look like that so can I, but everyone has to remember that the people on America’s next top model have to work out to look the way they do, they have to eat properly three balanced meals daily.

Some people think that skipping meals, is a good thing but in reality, it isn’t. When you skip meals, and then you eat another meal, since you skipped a meal the fat from the meal you did eat, sticks with you longer. Don’t starve yourself, because the calories you eat the next time will pack on and stay there because your body doesn’t know where or when your next meal is going to come.

Yes when you see a picture of women in a magazine and think hey I want to look just like her, remember that they have to work out and eat right for the body that they have. It doesn’t just come naturally, every woman has to work at their body image if they want to improve it in any way. So don’t think that your body image is wrong just because you see something different on television or in a magazine everyone’s body image is different and that is the way it is meant to be. Sure you can work out to improve it, just don’t try to look like someone else, because that is not what you are meant to do.

Women are great people because they are passionate loving do you agree? Don't women just light up a room when they walk into it? There are limitless things anyone can do including women and everyone would do good not forgetting that. Women can do a limitless number of things that men can do people just need to give them a chance, Just because our gender is different doesn't mean we can't do what men can do. Women do and can do a limitless number of things that men wouldn't even think of doing, like raising a family and working and doing the house work and still living a life. Women are super people if they can do all of that, don't you think?

Women are Amazing
Women are Amazing

Women can do limitless things

Women can do a limitless amount of things, they can carry children, work in offices, be in charge of a family and still hold down a job. Along with a limitless number of things. They are the glue that holds a family together, in a sense because they are the person that knows where everything is if ever anyone is looking for things. Those are the types of things women do.

Why do you think women have the persona they do?

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