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Who’s Christina Ambers

Updated on November 21, 2009

Who’s Christina Ambers

Who’s Christina Ambers? Why is she in the news?  Ambers is a model who specializes in modelling her feet. Ambers’ feet are worth a lot of money.She is the Top foot model in the business.  She has filed a lawsuit against the management and residents of Avon House on East 74th Street, in NYC. Ambers claims Avon House people are trying to create a hostile environment to get her to move out.It seems they are a little upset that she married the doorman of her building. Of course he's not the doorman anymore. He got fired upon starting a relationship with a tenant.

As usual this story got me to thinking. How much are foot models worth and could I qualify? Upon my research they can make a thousands or very little. The highest amount I could find was $150 an hour. I guess that's not bad considering my recent job isn't paying that much.  So the next question is do I qualify?

I looked around the web and found what model agencies vare looking for.

1) No blisters,. So far so good.

2) Avoid red feet and tan lines. Another pass,. No sunburn and my feet never see sun to tan. I'm 2 for 2.

3) No sweaty feet. Hum.........This might be a stumbling block. Especailly under the lights.

4) Avoid ugly toes. Not sure about this one either. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I might past this one.

5) No calluses. Finally something I can pass.

6) Avoid dirt. Well nothing a nice hot shower couldn't cure.

So, maybe I can't be a super foot model. However I could do the before pictures for a Podiatrist's office. Maybe that's not $150 range, but it is a specialty and should be worth something.

So, the next time your browsing through a brochure at the doctor's office, you might just run into my new career. Before picture foot model. By the way, avoid the temptation to scratch and sniff. The posted guidelines said nothing about oder. You've been warned!



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