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Whodunnit? -- Adrianna Is Up A Tree

Updated on July 8, 2013

Two games are being played

One is to find out who the killer is and the other is Who Do You Trust and they try to keep other players from knowing key info. Both Ulysses and Kris complained because the tables were turned on them and people shut them out of info. It's okay when they do it to other, but not nice when it happens to them. And Little Lindsey is playing quite a dangerous little game that if this was real would have her as the next victim. She had alliances with both: Kam, Ulysses and Kris and Melina and Ronnie and is playing both sides to get what information she can get. You can only get away with that for so long before both groups turn on you and cut you out of all the info.

As for Adrianna our third victim, she got blown sky high, literally. She went flying through the air and landed in a tree limb. What lead to this most undignified ends? After getting the SCARED card she spent all night watching reality TV shows. Little did she know the killer had rigged the TV to send her a message from Killer TV. She was eating some cold cereal when a message flashed on the screen to run for her life if she wanted to live and to get herself outside of the gates of Rue Manor.

When she tried to run, she discovered two of the three doors to exit the room had been sabotaged by the killer not to open. He'd locked them and tied the doorknobs together, so she exited through the patio. She ran down 13 steps to the pool area where a golf cart was waiting. She got in and drove towards the gate but a three limb was in her way. She tries to use a remote control she has in her hand to open the gates, but instead the golf cart explodes and she goes flying through the air landing in the trees.

Don't get me wrong, I really love this show, but I thought Adrianna's murder and the murder that took place at the end of the show were dumb. Not how they were executed but how they maneuvered the victims to the kill spots. Giles said Rue Manor was on lock down and no one could leave, so Adrianna running for her life down to the gates to escape the killer was stupid. She couldn't get out of the gates even if she wasn't blown to Kingdom Come.

I think the problem with Adrianna's execution is the people behind this show are getting confused with writing a scripted murder mystery and doing a reality show. These people aren't really going to die, so there would be no motivation for Adrianna to go running outside the house and falling into the killer's death trap. She would, however, do that if she were a fictional character in a murder mystery. And, unfortunately, the episode ending death was even worse than this one.

The three scenes to choose from were: the sight of the explosion, the spot where the body laid hanging from a tree limb and the room Adrianna was in before she bit the big one. Those in the last known whereabouts sight discovered Adrianna's footprint on the door where she tried to kick down one of the locked doors and the message on the TV telling her to run. At the sight of the body a melted clicker was found in her hand. And the scene of the crime a surveillance camera was found and a part of the seat of the golf cart had been cut away.

Two teams evolved. Team Kam, Kris, Ulysses and Lindsey vs Everyone Else. But neither of those teams knew of the alliance Ronnie, Lindsey and Melina had. Lindsey was walking a tightrope trying to suck up info from everyone. Kris saw what she was doing and didn't trust her. And Ronnie decided to tell her everything he knew right before they all had to go in to plead their case so she wouldn't be able to go tell her team mates on team KKU.

This week's riddle featured Giles coming in with one of those old looking time bombs with a fuse burning. Some of the guests acted like they thought it was really going to explode. Duh! Yeah, Giles is just going to stand there holding it while he gets blown to bits. Inside is a bunch of golf balls with clues. Get it? Golf balls ---> golf cart. It leads to a room in the attic with a surveillance tape of Adrianna going boom that only one person gets to look at. And once again Ronnie solves it and beats everyone else to the clue. If the guy isn't the killer, then he deserves to win the money.

You want to know how bad at riddles I am? I thought the clue The 13 Steps was the title of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. There is actually a movie by Hitchcock similar to that, only the number is 39 not 13.

Sasha figures there's 13 steps down to the pool and they find a trash can with video tapes. I think it was Ronnie that figured out the clue was written inside the video on that little plastic thing that goes up when you insert the tape into a VCR.

Anyway, he gets to the attic first and sees Adrianna's final moments and discovers the killer had a remote detonator they used to blow her up the moment she appear on the surveillance camera by the gate. Ronnie shares the info with Team Everyone Else and tells Lindsey at the last moment.

At dinner when Ronnie goes into greater detail of what he saw on the video, Dana accuses him of withholding info since he didn't go into great detail of what he saw and only gave the brass tacks. Ronnie is also pissed that Lindsey gets named most impressive player, since it should have gone to him because he was the one who figured out the riddle and saw the video. Being named top dog actually makes the other players very suspicious of her.

Don and Dana are both named SCARED. This is two times in a row for Dana. How Don got named and when he was inside the inner circle with all the info is beyond me. I had a bad feeling he'd be the one to get it, and was hoping it would be Dana that bit the dust.

She's totally worthless in this game. She's the ultimate floater and should apply for Big Brother. Her method for playing the game is to get info from everyone else who are actually doing something to get the info. While the others were running around trying to unscramble the riddle she was basically inside popping bon-bons in her mouth. She gave this whole little speech of their being a better way to do it and acted like she thought herself better than all the other guests. Unfortunately, that's an attitude the killer exhibited in the weekly dinner not referring to all the guests as mortals, again. I really hope she's not the killer. I'd really love to see both her and Lindsey killed in some creative way.

Both Dana and Don survive the night but when both find they were given uncooked steaks for breakfast, Dana per her usual lazy attitude says she'll share with Ulysses [who she was vowing to kill last week cause he wasn't sharing the clue wealth with her] and Don goes into the kitchen to fry up his. Don was obviously going to be next. This was so stupid on so many levels.

First off, would someone really go off by themselves after they just been warned they're next? And after someone just got blown up, would you go anywhere near a stove where you might get blown up, too? Actually, the stove was fine, and a mountain lion was released in the kitchen. Bye-bye, Don.

Like I said, I like this show, but these last two deaths were so bad and phony it's not funny. The first two murders were good. Especially the whole thing of Dontae being set on fire and running out the door. But these last two were bad. They really need to find a more clever way of getting the victims to the kill sight, because the way Adrianna and Don got there was very lame.


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