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Whodunnit? -- Dontae's Inferno

Updated on July 1, 2013

If this was real, Kam would be the next victim

This episode opens where it left off last week. Dontae on fire and running through the mansion to dive into the pool. The killer really has a warped sense of humor. Dontae's Inferno?

I didn't really figure out this week's crime as well as last week. I got stuck on that stupid pendant and thinking somehow that was what caused Dontae to catch on fire. It was more of the killer being clever and giving Dontae a medal that's supposed to protect you from fire, just as he's arranged to set Dontae on fire.

Just as the week before, guests are given three choices to choose from to investigate: Dontae's room, the pool area or the morgue. In Dontae's room. Dontae's room reveals a large soot mark on the door, indicating that's where he caught on fire and a gift box and card revealing Dontae was given a St. Agatha's medal to protect him from fire.

I was rolling my eyes at I think it was Adrianna, not wanting to go inside the swimming pool to investigate because the water hadn't been changed since Dontae had died in the pool. Hello, he didn't really die. Kam isn't as squeamish and finds a chain and medal in the pool and material revealing that Dontae wasn't wearing the same kind of socks as they were. Seems they were all left socks and pajamas to wear. Dontae was also wearing different pajamas than they were.

In the morgue the fire seemed to mostly take place in the upper part of Dontae's body. Most of the burning took place on Dontae's right hand and forearm.

This week's riddle is left on the back of the flag directing the guests to find liquid fire. I'm lousy at riddles and I thought it was gasoline. Ronnie and Don went to investigate the lava rocks in the barbecue, while the rest went to the laundry room and found a bottle of benzene. Then they were told to spray their flag with it and it revealed a pink streak. They then went hunting for a Rue Manor crest with a pink streak like that. Kam found it and when he tried to turn the doorknob to open the door, the crest burst into flames on the door.

From that they figured it was static electricity that caught Dontae on fire because of the socks he was wearing and because his pajamas had been coated in benzene.

Afterwards the teams started sharing what they knew to put together a good theory but Kam formed a little pact with Ulysses, Kris and Lindsey that becomes obvious to the others. When Sasha and Adrianna try to approach the group, Kam is beyond rude. As I said, if this was real the dude's rudeness would have marked him next for death. And Dana was fit to be tied when Ulysses wouldn't keep his pact with her and tell what he knew.

The other teams decided if that's the way Kam and company want to play it then it's us against them.

Ulysses was the winner this week for coming closest to what really happened. And Adrianna and Dana got the scared card, marking them next for death. Apparently, Adrianna was again tagged by most people as the killer. I know Adrianna wasn't the most pleasant person, but I didn't really see why everyone was so suspicious of her. Anyway, everyone's favorite person to be the killer went running from the house the next morning, got in a golf car and drove it towards the gate where it exploded. Seems they'll all have to pick someone new to target for being the killer.

I was actually hoping the next victim would be Dana, since I found her so annoying. The way she was ordering people around so she could try and get Ulysses alone. And then her crying when she got the scared card and declaring it would be her because she just knew the killer was Adrianna.

Adrianna was apparently a crime reporter by profession, but I didn't think she was very good at investigating the scenes. Perhaps it was her questioning them like she'd do while reporting a crime is what set them against her.

When you write the way you write reveals a particular voice in your writing, and the way this killer is operating is revealing his or her voice, as well. To me the killer is very arrogant and wants to show how killer he or she is. Using bible verses and killing Sherri like David slayed Goliath, and having the fish tank break and soak and electrocute Sherri just like she dropped the champagne class and when it broke it went all over the carpet getting it soaked. Now this whole thing of killing Dontae with static electricity after gifting him with a medal to protect him from fire and a play on Dontae's name to do a homage to Dante's Inferno. The only player I've really seen displaying that level of arrogance is Kam and Sasha.

However, for some reason I still suspect Don. He went to examine the body, but as an ex-cop wouldn't he be able to hone more information from the scene of the crime. Isn't that primarily where he used to conduct his own investigations. What better way to throw suspicion off yourself by being the first one to face elimination. Also, he took a long time coming out of the house, almost like he wanted everyone to wonder if he'd been the next victim. Everyone else seemed to evacuate at the same time and Giles took roll call, but Don took a long time to exit. Just why did it take him so long? Did he take his own sweet time departing the mansion because he was the one who set off the fire alarm?

Anyway, the crime went down just as the guests figured. Dontae was given different pajamas than them to wear. His were coated with benzene and the socks he was given were specially given so they'd work up a good charge of static electricity when Dontae ran across the rug to get to the door and evacuate when he heard the fire alarm. Supposedly, when he turned the doorknob and got the static electricity spark it caused the sleeve of his pajamas to catch on fire and the rest as they say is history. Although I still have a hard time believing you could really set someone on fire like that.


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    • jabelufiroz profile image

      Firoz 4 years ago from India

      Nice review. Voted up.