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Whodunnit? -- Even The Mountain Lion Isn't Impressed With Don

Updated on July 15, 2013

Will the plot to get Lindsey work?

I have to agree with someone's assessment that the best part of the show is Giles the butler. What wasn't evident last week when Don's demise went down was it appeared that Giles gave Don some kind of code word to get up and go into the kitchen. It was just blatantly obvious this week, especially by Don's reaction to it and the way Giles said it.

Something else that's become kind of blatantly obvious is the contestants are being spoon fed how the murders went down. Last week it was a video to show how it went down and this week was a planning guide. It's like they think the contestants are too dumb to figure it out on their own, so they have to spell it out to them. Well, in Don's case that appeared to be true, since even when he was an insider on a group that was in the know, he still couldn't get it right.

Anyway, the mountain lion was tranquilized and guests had the choice of examining the drugged up cat, Don's body or the scene of the crime. It became fairly obvious in the kitchen and on both Don's and the cat's bodies that there was very little blood, which hinted to the fact that the mountain lion wasn't what killed Don, but it was a death by another method.

Don's face and hands were pink, seeming to signify an allergic reaction to something. And he had white powder on the front of the shirt. Either Ronnie is a master detective or he's the killer, since he was pretty Johnny on the spot in quickly figuring something had been rigged to spray in Don's face and kill him. It's the second time Ronnie has figured out a key clue.

Team Anti Team Kam learned that Lindsey and Kris were eavesdropping at the door when they were discussing that they thought Don had been poisoned. This seemed to be the last straw for Ronnie, especially after Lindsey getting most valuable player last week instead of him, so he was all let's team up with the other team to get Lindsey killed next. But it was dependent on Lindsey not figuring out the extra clue this week.

No worry there, it was actually Geno who figured it over. It revealed that the burner was rigged to spray down with cyanide when he turned it on to fry up his steak. Geno decided to use that info to get the other team to help them sandbag Ulysses and Lindsey, so they'd both be up to be murdered. Only Kam double-crossed them wanting to get one of the other team out.

Dana stole Geno's thunder when he gathered their group together to announce how Don was killed and Dana suddenly realized that the pink on Don's hands and face, coupled with the white powder on his chest meant he'd been sprayed with cyanide and that's what killed him.

At dinner, Giles announced that Dana was awarded most valuable player, this week. As for Team Kam, it got dealt a deadly blow when both Kam and Ulysses were put up for the next victim. For some reason, Kam got stuck on this theory that Don had had a heart attack. Kam vowed that he would get one of the other team executed next week, so he didn't seem to really act like he ever thought he'd be the one up for execution.

Giles explained how Don died. When he stood on the mat in front of the stove it triggered a trap door when the mountain lion had been put to open, then when Don turned on the burner he got sprayed in the face with cyanide. He fell to the floor dead, and the cat bit the side of his neck, but decided the steak was more tasty than Don was an ate the steak.

Then he revealed who was up for execution. It was either Kam or Ulysses. Then Giles played a message from the killer when all the remaining guests spoke for the killer and gave them the message to be down by the stables by morning.

The next morning Giles is leading all the guests on a horseback ride when a flock of birds are suddenly startled and it makes the horses act up. Unfortunately for Ulysses he can't get control of his horse and he falls off, possibly down the side of a cliff.

Okay, very off-topic, but what was a hot guy like Ulysses wearing that dorky bow tie at dinner? If he had survived, he would have been top on my list of suspects for being the killer. His bow tie made me think of Clark Kent aka Superman's alter ego. I thought maybe the bow tie was a hint that Ulysses also had an alter ego; that of the killer.

Since Ulysses bit the big one, my three top suspects are Ronnie, Kam and Dana. I was scoffing at people suggesting Dana was the killer, until she just happened to figure out the cause of Don's death before Geno could reveal it. It almost seemed like it was done on purpose to steal Geno's thunder. He was so excited to tell everyone that he'd figured out the clue and just what it meant, and before he can get it out of his mouth Dana conveniently pops up with the cause of Don's death, ruining Geno's moment in the sun. It just seems like something the killer would do.

As I pointed out earlier, Kam didn't really seem to really believe he'd been killed off, as he was already making plans for revenge on the other team for next week. Maybe he knew he wouldn't be killed because he's the killer.

Finally, Ronnie is either the greatest detective in the world or the dude is the killer. He always seems to be the one to find all the key evidence. It's just starting to become suspicious. No one is that good all the time.


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