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Whodunnit? -- Party Crasher

Updated on August 6, 2013

Just how did Geno die?

The Killer boasted that this was his/her most trickiest killing and would be hard for the remaining guests to figure it out. It didn't seem that tricky to me, but the guests did have a hard time figuring it out. Maybe because this time the killer didn't spoon feed them all the answers to how the crime took place.

Geno got a note from the killer telling him if he stole Giles' cell phone he'd be spared. It was a clever ploy. One of the most cleverest we've seen on this show since it began. It was also a devious trick. It was a test to see if Geno would resort to stealing to save himself and he did. So the killer declared he killed Geno not only because he got the lowest score but because he was a thief. And this little tidbit seems to reveal something about the killer.

The killer seems to be intolerant of immorality in other people. Geno stealing Giles' phone, even though he was set up to do it, offended the Killer's sense of ethics. For that reason I think both Lindsey and Cris can be ruled out as being the killer. Lindsey has played both sides against the middle and Cris offered Melina a deal then acted like she never did. This kind of behavior would offend the killer's sense of morality and ethics. Not to mention both have started holding evidence back from their elitist team of three.

So that leaves just Melina and Kam. Kam had a major issue with Ronnie and cut him off at the knees for trying to feed Geno half-clues and not being honest with him that he was jumping on Kam's team. And Melina said she thought her team got what they deserved by getting no info because they hadn't dealt honestly with Geno. In this episode, Melina was shocked when Cris offered her a deal to come over to Kam's team then later acted like she'd never made such an offer. So both fit the profile.

The killer also left Geno a puka shell necklace to wear that was coated with paint so it would glow in the dark when the lights went out, so he'd be able to see Geno and take him out. Only Geno decided not to wear it and left it behind on his bed. However, the killer had also coated the floor where the party was being held with the same paint so it would glow in the dark if you had night-vision goggles on, and only had to get Geno in the right spot. The killer also plugged in a timer to knock out the lights at the right time.

When the time came and Geno was standing in the right spot, the lights went out on schedule. The killer put on his night-vision goggles and shot Geno with a gun equipped with a silencer, then released the chandelier on top of Geno to make it appear that's how he was killed.

The riddle this week involved the guests being in a pitch dark room and they had to find a night-vision device there that would enable them to read the words painted on the wall. After that, they had to crawl through a tunnel and go to the morgue where puka shell necklaces were hanging on the wall coated with the same paint that was on Geno's necklace. They then needed to put together 3 words to find out where the final clue was.

This should have been Ronnie's to win, as he was first to arrive at the morgue, but he just couldn't figure out what three words to put together from the beads of the necklace. Kam arrived and did it in nothing flat and got the clue. So Ronnie would be left out in the cold finding out what the elitist team knew.

Ronnie actually made a lot of mistakes. He concentrated on the spot where Geno died and the paint he found there and didn't search around the room like Kam did, and missed finding where the timer was plugged in to blow out the lights. At dinner he told everyone he was a bounty hunter by profession for the last 17 years.

I actually thought Ronnie might pull it out, because like him I wondered how the killer could have gotten the gun out of the room. So he suggested a trained monkey who also released the chandelier and I thought he might be right, especially with the final clue being located under a wooden monkey. Unfortunately, that didn't turn out to be true and both Ronnie and Melina got scared cards.

As previously mentioned, Cris tried to get Melina to turn on Ronnie when they looked over Geno's body in the morgue. Melina ultimately behaved ethically [much like the killer would] and didn't do it, even though she thought Ronnie was like a pet snake and you couldn't trust him. When she went over to Cris to see if she'd share any info, Cris closed her down and pretended she'd never offered her the deal she made in the morgue.

Lindsey was named most valuable player again. She credited it to the fact she withheld from the rest of her team about the note she found in Geno's room.

Both Ronnie and Melina survive the night. Then the next morning Giles informs everyone they're getting treated to a spa day. Melina gets a facial, which could contain poison and Ronnie gets to soak in the spa.

It keeps going back and forth between Ronnie and Melina to see which one is going to get it and we finally know when Ronnie goes flying through the air. Seems like the killer has decided to be repetitive and used another bomb.

After next week if another murder takes place at the end of the episode, there will only be three players left. It doesn't leave much up to guessing who the killer is. I wonder if the finale will be in two weeks. It seems it would have to happen when there's three players left. One is the killer and the other two are players poised to win a lot of money for figuring out the killer.


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