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Whodunnit -- Ronnie Gets Shaken And Stirred

Updated on August 13, 2013

It's becoming a chore to watch

This is probably the week I had to force myself to watch the show as most of the contestants left I can't stand. In fact, I started just calling Kam what I think he is a dick. Dick Dirtwad and his Dirtwadettes to be precise.

I hate elitists and from the first week Dick Dirtwad got together a team and froze the rest of the players out. None of them had any intention of forming a team, but Dirtwad created the atmosphere of them against us. Yet every week he yips and yaps about how the other players formed in a team against his team. He won't admit he's the one who caused the division in the house with his elitist little team and their antics.

The sad thing is the Dirtwad's team has survived and they're the majority of players left and they're so uninteresting to watch. Only Melina is left to play against them and I still think she's going to end up to be the killer. It's either her of Dirt Dickwad, as they both have expressed not liking someone that double-deals and both of the Dirtwadettes have done that.

What with the poison used being something Dick Dirtwad knew all about, I'm thinking while how well a guest does on the murder test each week decided if they get spared or scared, I'm wondering if some of these murders aren't catered to help one player or team have an edge in solving it over the others. The poison used on Ronnie was a poison that only Kam knew. Kind of coincidental wouldn't you say? Either it points to him as the killer or the murder was catered so he'd be able to solve it.

Since Melina was all by herself against Dick and his Dirtwadettes she decided to stop being nice and start getting aggressive. She was actually the only entertaining thing about the show this week. Team Dirtwad expected Melina to cave to them and to let them have their own way when both she and Lindsey wanted to examine last known whereabouts, but she refused to give the elitists twits what they wanted. While Melina didn't get the room she wanted, she succeeded in preventing the Dirtwads from getting to examine all three venues and comparing notes. Since they've had everything going their weeks they didn't take it too well that they didn't get what they wanted for once.

Melina actually ended up getting the best location which was the morgue. She discovered that Ronnie had ice all over her chest but his body temperature was very high. She also found white foam in his mouth. She also used her personal knowledge of Ronnie to help her and for a little while there it looked like she might stand a chance against Team Dirtwad.

She decided to shake and stir Team Dirtwad and it was hilarious when she pretty much guessed everything that they discovered at their scenes. Melina's antics made Dick Dirtwad change his mind on her being the killer, so if she is the killer, game well played Melina.

At the beginning of the episode Dick Dirtwad won a contest to be able to examine a mystery area and his area of choice. He was kicking himself because he didn't pick the morgue and Melina got to examine it all by herself. However, he managed to win back the advantage when he won the riddle and discovered that liquid nitrogen had been pumped into the hot tub causing Ronnie to go flying through the air and the burnt/frozen factor. Melina tried to eavesdrop on Team Dirtwad but she didn't really hear anything that would help her.

At the scene of the crime the pool was filled with ice and Ronnie's cup of coffee was frozen. As previously mentioned, the liquid nitrogen got pumped into the hot tub via the rigged timer and when Ronnie went flying from it it spilled in his coffee and the pool causing areas to freeze.

Lindsey got the last known whereabouts and found a letter Ronnie wrote before he got in the hot tub. It revealed who the killer was, but spots had been blacked out by the killer. It seems Ronnie had guessed right on who the killer was. I don't think she shared that with her other teammates, even when Melina suggested she'd found a letter from Ronnie at the last known whereabouts.

At dinner Dick Dirtwad got named MVP and Giles pointed out that Cris hadn't ever gotten a spared card, which made all eyes to turn her in suspicion. It was no shock that Melina got a scared card along with the ever-annoying Lindsey. I don't know about anyone else, but if I were the killer, I would have made sure I'd gotten the scared card at least once to throw suspicion off of me. But, the killer is also arrogant, and what was to happen to Giles by the end of the episode, could have been Cris' punishment for Giles pointing out she never got a scared card.

Melina and Lindsey survive the night and all the guests are told to load into the limo for a ride. It's a wild ride that sends them all flying in the back of the limo until they return to Rue Manor. Of course, no one checks to see who the driver is when they arrive back. It's moments like these that make my eyes roll, especially after they were going on about what maniac was driving them in the limo during the whole terrifying ride.

The guests rush into the house and discover that Giles had been kidnapped and he tasks them all to find them. Then the house suddenly fills with smoke and Melina vanishes. Has she been killed like previous victims or is she making her move. It seems that the task the players are being sent on for the finale is not to solve a murder but to find the tied up Giles.

Well it's time to make my choice on who I think the killer is. I'd actually love to think it was Kam, then the way he played the game as the killer would be brilliant, but as a contestant it sucked. You don't try to turn 75% of the house against you by forming an elitist team that gives everyone the cut direct if they even come over to you. That just breeds animosity.

It would be nice, and the way he guessed what poison was used on Ronnie when he didn't see the white foam coming from Ronnie's mouth like Melina did and only saw footage of Ronnie looking like he fell asleep in the hot tub is pretty suspicious. However, I think I'll stick with Melina, since her vanishing that way to make it appear she has been killed by the killer to throw suspicion off her is also suspicious.

I'm probably guessing wrong, but I'm going to stick with Melina. I still think the way Adrianna and Sasha's faced were perfectly made up hints to a female killer.

It's terrible but after the garbage Ronnie pulled on Geno, I didn't really care much about his killing. But this is how it went. Ronnie went in to write a letter to Giles to tell him who the killer was and made himself a cup of coffee. The creamer was laced with poison. The killer found the letter and blacked out all the parts that would reveal his or her identity. Then Ronnie got into the hot tub and hit the timer, which was rigged to a tank of liquid nitrogen. However, the poison Ronnie consumed killed him before he got sent flying through the air by the liquid nitrogen.


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