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Whodunnit? -- Ulysses Gets Nailed

Updated on July 22, 2013

This show is rapidly starting to lose its charm

Probably because most of the players left are players I can't stand. In particular that smug arrogant pig, Kam, and the rest of his little team. Now the creep is naming players he wants to die next. How about you die next, creep?

On to Ulysses. The cast was tasked with figuring out how he met his maker. Once again, they could examine three places: the horse stable, the scene of the crime and the make-shift morgue.

Strangely enough, the worst site to choose was the scene of the crime, since it contained a misleading piece of information. There was a mean looking snake found in Ulysses saddlebag and the snake was not how Ulysses died, although he was poisoned and had a wound made to confuse players into thinking it was from a snake bite.

The second best site was the morgue. Dana discovered two puncture marks on Ulysses' leg and managed to conceal that fact from the other players. She even lied that there were no marks on his jeans, which should have given him a tremendous edge. Unfortunately, it did just the opposite in the end. There was also pictures of poisonous and non-poisonous snakes and Team Everyone Else misidentified the snake found in Ulysses saddlebag as being poisonous when it was actually non-poisonous, which brought disaster down upon their team's head.

The stable was the best site because it was the only place where you had the real murder weapon right in front of your face. All the guests were given horses with names of Greek Gods to ride with the exception of Ulysses. He was on a horse named Oleander and in Oleander's stall grew Oleander flowers which are poisonous. Sasha was the first to notice them and to know they were poisonous.

Then Ronnie found a mortar and pestle and beneath it were crushed Oleander flowers. Unfortunately, Cris saw him make his discovery, as well. And for some reason Kam believe a nail was the murder weapon. I try not to pay much attention to his and his arrogant creepiness, so I'm not sure why he thought a nail was a weapon, but the vile creep turned out being right.

During the killer's riddle all the players had to go into a snake house and figure out what the murder weapon was. Cris somehow noticed a floorboard different from the others and pried it up. It had two nails nailed in it to make it appear to be snake fangs when used on Ulysses.

Team Everyone Else had no clue how Ulysses was killed and Sasha, Geno and Ronnie tried to cut deals with Creepy Kam, who thought he was so smart cause his team had all the info. Question? Has Creepy Kam ever figured out any clue without it being told to him? So maybe Mr. Smug should tone down the arrogance since he really has nothing to act smug and arrogant about.

Then it was time to state their cases and at the end of it Cris got named most valuable player while Geno, Sasha and Dana all got scared cards.

So how did Ulysses die? The killer had a trip wire on a coop of birds and when they arrived in the right spot the birds were released, startling the horses. While everyone was distracted the killer hit Ulysses in the leg with the plank with two nails sticking out of it. The nails had been coated with deadly Oleander poison.

Sasha had been reciting a poem most of the hour how how to tell if a snake was poisonous or not and she had a mini melt down when she got her scared card. She blamed the people who claimed the snake was poisonous, once again reciting her poem.

This was kind of old hat for Dana who has been given a scared card the most times. She said she was so over this show and she wished she never came to Rue Manor. She said she didn't want to be killed, but she really seemed ready to go.

Geno started crying over getting a scared card. He wasn't scared because he got a scared card. He was upset he might get killed and lose his chance at winning the money. He's convinced he's the one that's going to win the money. Really? Until last week I barely knew Geno was in the game.

Meanwhile Ronnie is in the doghouse with his team because they feel he sold them out and made a deal with Kam. He went to Kam to try and get info and didn't come back to them until after the bell rang and it was time to state their cases. So when he didn't get a scared card and got a spared card they felt he'd betrayed them. How quickly Ronnie went from fair-haired boy to black sheep of the family. Not that it really matters, as before the night was through Ronnie's team was pretty much decimated.

We were actually spared this week of having all the guests gather and then see which of the scared card holders make it to join them. Instead we saw Geno coming down the stairs the next morning to behold a most horrible sight indeed. At the piano were Sasha and Dana and they appeared to be wax statue posed there with one sitting at the piano with her hands frozen above the keys about to play and the other standing by the side of the piano waiting to listen to her play. And both were very much dead.

Yes, our killer decided to do two for the price of one. It might have been a big shock, hadn't the promos for the show revealed there was going to be a double murder. Since nasty old Kam didn't croak while investigating Ulysses' death and three got nominated to die, it was pretty obvious that two more would be killed before the night was over. I wonder if they were given some kind of poison that paralyzed them.

They always say poison is a female's weapon of choice. Wouldn't it be hilarious if that phone message from the killer actually told us who it was. Melina's voice was the first to speak and she said, "I am the killer." She's so sweet. She's the one person no one suspects and has named as the killer. She's really the last one you'd suspect. And kudos to her always acting so scared if she is the killer whenever the scared cards are being handed out.


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