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Who'll Take This Man

Updated on August 2, 2010

Who'll Take This Man

Who'll Take This Man

by Chuck RitenouR

verse 1

Who'll take this man, take me as I am, take me for all time.

Its true, I've been in love before and but I'm not keeping score

this time I'll paint all her skies blue with a love that's always true.

And do everything I can, so who'll take this man

verse 2

Who'll take this man,take me as I am, I may never have a dime

It's true, I've had my ups and downs but lately I found

I've been dreaming of a girl and she'll be my whole world.

someone to understand, so who'll take this man.


The leaves are falling from the trees

with snow not too far behind

I keep on hoping that she's out there

hoping someday she'll be mine.

verse 3

Who'll will take this man, take me as I am, though sometimes I despair

at the mistakes that I have made and all the shade of gray

that clouds a broken heart like only loneliness can

like only loneliness can, so who'll take this man.

The end.


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