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The Walking Dead: Who's Negan Gonna Kill?

Updated on September 14, 2016
Negan, at the dinner table.
Negan, at the dinner table.

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Who will Negan kill in the Season 7 premiere?

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Rick and Carl (Exempt)

If you SAW the Season 6 finale, you remember Negan making an obvious statement before bringing the bat down. "Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boy's other eye out and feed it to his father, and then we'll start."

I don't like to state the obvious, but OBVIOUSLY, this means both Rick and Carl safe. I've read plenty of youtube comments arguing that this means Carl is going to be the one that gets the honor, but that argument doesn't hold a whole lot of weight. Why would Negan cut out the eye of the one that he was already killing? Okay, maybe this does make a little sense, because Negan's motivation here is to break the group's leader, and what better way to do that than to make Rick chew on his son's eye while he watches a man beat his blind son to death with a bat?

In any case, it's very unlikely that Carl will be killed, even though there's only room for one mullet on The Walking Dead, and that spot's reserved for Eugene.


First off, there have been plenty of pictures taken on set that confirm Michonne's presence, but there are plenty of holes in this being supportive of our favorite katana wielding badass's survival.

First off, the show has a history of keeping actors on set during the filming of the entire season once their characters have been killed off. With so many show spoiling super-fans out there, a few extra weeks of pay isn't a huge price to pay to keep a great show's secrets quiet. Second, it's been confirmed that season 7 is being shot out of sequence, and when we see pictures of actors on set, it's always possible that they're shooting a flashback.

Finally, the show has a tendency to stray from the comic, but how much will they really change the comic's most badass villain? It's said that Negan doesn't kill women (which is untrue, without giving too much away about the comics). But, Negan's first female kill doesn't come for quite a few issues (ah shoot, spoiled it), so at this point in Negan's short character arc, it's very likely that he could still be sticking to his "No women or children" credo. This, quite likely, takes Michonne off the table, leaving eight survivors.


"Bitch nuts"

It hurts to say it, but there's not much going for Negan right now. Maybe it's that his bright red hair stands a foot and a half higher than some of the savior, even when he's on his knees, or maybe it's simply because his character arc is arguably complete, having found hope and a future after having lost everything, and then some.

To make matters worse, he's no longer with us in the comics. The crossbow bolt to the back of Denise's head earlier this season was really meant for him, so it does make sense that they would be saving him for a more honorable death. On the other hand, Daryl doesn't even exist in the comics, so keeping him around in the show when he's long gone in the comics doesn't really make that much of a difference, does it?

The only two things that he's got going for him are his size, indicating that he'd make quite an efficient employee under Negan's messed up dictatorship, and his mustache. Yep, I said it, Abraham's mustache saves him. I believed Robert Kirkman when he told us that there were hints in the final episode, and the comment that Negan made regarding Abraham's facial hair could very well be one of them. Negan took a long look at everyone's favorite red haired monster and simply decided that it was time for him to shave. I try not to read into things too much, as that's typically what leads to me being disappointed, so I'll say this: Negan's not going to kill Abraham, and he might even allow Abraham to be the one to keep his totally awesome goatee.


It's a wonder that Glenn hasn't gotten his fellow survivors killed yet, possibly by keeping secrets about people attempting to murder him. I honestly haven't been a fan of the guy since season 2, when he finally got it on with Maggie. It's impossible for opinion to be right or wrong, and I'm sure not many would agree with mine here, but the most interesting part of Glenn's story was that time that he finally lost his virginity.

Now that I'm done complaining, let's talk about why it looks so bleak for our latest Bisquick mixin' soon-to-be father.

As we all know by now, Negan chooses Glenn to have the honor in the comics. If I were using a points system, Glenn would get 100 points to Maggie's 10 for being so ill that she can hardly stay upright. It's been years since we've seen a complete, happy family make it in The Walking Dead. The Monroe family has been reduced to a son without parents, the Grimes lost a mother and wife, Maggie is the last remaining Greene, and the list goes on. This isn't reality TV, and its about time that we stopped seeing well-to-do families be a thing in a world of walking corpses and cannibalistic assholes.

On top of all of this, Glenn also went the extra mile in pissing off Negan by jumping out of line and interrupting Negan's inspection of Maggie. When Negan tells Glenn that "he gets it", I believe him. Lucille's got to be named after somebody, right? I'm guessing that's not the name of his deceased first born son. The way I smell it, Negan's got plenty of ideas about how he can use Maggie and Glenn's relationship to his advantage, but does he really have any use for a scrawny guy like Glenn? Let's be real here... He's got to choose from eleven people, and one of them is a wailing lunatic with a boyish figure and a hot wife. Is there really any reason that Negan would see to not put him down? I don't think so.


Maggie's in pretty rough shape, and for all we know, Negan's got a pretty good idea why. Now, we all remember what happened to Lori, don't we? With Negan being somehow romantically involved with every woman in a fifty mile radius, I think it's safe to assume he knows what happens to pregnant women. By the same token, it could be true that Lori just happened to die of complications while giving birth to Judith, but we have no way of knowing that. From the way it looks, Maggie could very likely suffer the same fate, unless Negan decides to cut her story short, that is.

Again (and this won't be for the last time) the women in the group all have a better chance than the men here, simply because of Negan's "moral code", which still hasn't been made clear in the show yet. Honestly though, killing Maggie would send the show spiraling into areas that would be so different from the comics, which is something I feel the show needs to get back to.


Sasha's very much in the same boat as Abraham, a character who has lost those close to her, followed by her will to live, and found her purpose again. Like Abraham, her character arc, at least as of right now, is complete. I'm sure that those who make it through this Negan encounter won't have any trouble keeping us entertained as they deal with the loss, so there could be plenty of story left for both Sasha and Abraham.

Still, one question I've had since the season 7 finale is this: Who could Negan kill that would force some of the people in the group to "give up?" That's what we've been teased, isn't it? That some of the characters would become defiant, some would submit to Negan and the Saviors, and some would simply give up. If Negan takes Sasha to the ballgame, Abraham could very easily be the one to give up.


I think I'm the only one in my family who thinks this, but Eugene gave them up. He got in the RV, shook everyone's hand, and promised "I'm a survivor." It was a little much, don't you think? He was captured ten minutes later and led the saviors directly to where the rest of the group was going to come out of the woods. He wasn't even that dinged up, which makes me think he gave up their location pretty quickly. Taking the RV was a SUICIDE MISSION, wasn't it? That's what I thought when he offered to go. What, don't agree? Watch the last episode again and check out the look that Rick gives him. If Negan doesn't kill this gutless turd, which he very well might, Rick sure as hell will.


I've been reading the comments here and there since the end of season 6, and Rosita certainly isn't a name that comes up much. Rosita's a badass, and I was a huge fan of the way that she took Abraham turning away from her for another woman. It takes a strong person to handle that kind of rejection without killing someone in a world without laws or responsibility of any kind, and I certainly wouldn't have been that strong. However, I'm still caught up on the "giving up" part of the equation. If Negan killed Rosita, the only two people I could think of giving up are Daryl and Abraham. Daryl, because he's now the show's heart throb, and Abraham for obvious reasons. Would killing Rosita really satisfy the hype that this premiere is building up to?


Here's another one that I'm not sure will have too big of an impact on the group. The only chance that Aaron gets the bat is if Negan is truly leaving his "Eenie-meanie" choosing process to pure chance. Otherwise, I don't see any reason that Negan will take Aaron from the group, and I'm fairly certain that by the time Negan gets out of his RV, he's already chosen.


For The Walking Dead to kill what is arguably the show's most beloved character would take some serious kahunas. The show has never done anything like the season 6 finale, nor has a cliffhanger drawn so much negative feedback from a show's fanbase. That's why I believe The Walking Dead has what it takes to kill off one of the biggest names on the show. All the sex appeal in the world won't save him from Scott Gimple, and many of his fans have already become fixated on Jesus, haven't they?


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