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Who's covering the news

Updated on January 5, 2016


The Endeavor flying over South Los Angeles
The Endeavor flying over South Los Angeles | Source
Homelessness under the watchful eye of City Hall
Homelessness under the watchful eye of City Hall | Source

Who’s covering the news?

What's a Stringer? β€œIn journalism, a stringer is a freelance journalist or photographer who contributes reports or photos to a news organization on an ongoing basis but is paid individually for each piece of published or broadcast work.” – Wikipedia.

With the advance of social networking and improved cameras many have stepped into the stringer role without ever knowing what this meant to journalism in the past. A sea of videos flood the Internet on a daily basis and this has changed the world of journalism as we knew it. Some of the big stories of the year have been broken by journalist and video bloggers. Companies are taking note of the abilities of stringers to reach out and inform the public. This is validated by the creation of software that enables those willing to be a reporter to complete assignments and capture news as it is happening.

Stringr ( a startup that has raised 1.5 million in funding was started by two friends, Brian McNeill and Lindsay Stewart, it will create a new footage marketplace, by way of an App that will direct footage captured by its user to a place open to all media to view and purchase. Plus there'll have an abundance of willing labor ready to go and capture real-time news as its happening.

Some of the negative includes that the first responders may be flooded with untrained video photogs that may unwittingly create some of the problems we've seen in the past. Problems like, disturbing evidence, drone misuse, and the generation of a carnival like atmosphere, potentially making the job of first responders a whole lot harder. For those who spent many years in the journalism industry they may find it also very offensive that companies are now jogging for anyone and everyone to enter their field.

The potential income could be very lucrative for those who already are using YouTube and Facebook along with other media outlets to showcase their great finds, along with a promise of the next day payout by those who purchased their videos and photography. You must be at least thirteen (13) years of age to use the service and adhere to their terms of service.

Lindsay Stewart, one of the creators for Stringr, has an impressive media resume with 10 years in TV news producing segments for ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News and Bloomberg, among others.n Brian McNeill spent over 15 years in product management and management consulting. A network of video adventurers, who could easily bring in real time information and cut down on a time-consuming process of news gathering, seems to be their desired goal.

With as many as 69 Journalists Killed in 2015, another thought should be going through these would be information gatherers heads and that would be that there's a real chance for danger. Also what could be worse is that you may find that no one wants your information.

Stringr experience


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