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Whose to Blame, The Games or Us?

Updated on February 9, 2018

Key Question

Violence has been happening since the dawn of man. But ever since we have entered the digital age, our entertainment and the way we see violence has gone up a whole new level (get game joke?...). With this rise in violence, the question has come up "Are video games to blame for these Behaviors?" . The answer is simple. No.

The Short Term

Have you ever sit down to a video game and think "yea this will be super fun and easy, i cant wait to crush this game!" . Then all of a sudden it becomes super intense and strenuous to the point where you do want to kill everything? Well this is what alot of people might see and the problem with that is that its the short term. Of course the player is going to be extremely mad, frustrated and sometimes violent after a challenging level. You-tuber Psych2gGo gives a quick talk on the problem with the short term test.

Scientists also conducted a study that was published in "Computers and Human Behavior"( That's mentioned in the video below). This study focused on the Mechanism in a humans Brain called Priming which is when the brain's subconscious memory is influenced. Priming is a short term effect that has immediate Correlation with an action or object with which the subject is presented. And according to You-Tuber Red Rated Gaming Violence within video games tells us, the correlation isn't the case.

Publication Bias

This topic is so well known to being controversial that there is a problem here when scientists study this. Its know as Publication Bias this is when it occurs in academic research. This occurs when the outcome of an experiment or research study influences the decision to publish or otherwise distribute it. This matters because literature reviews regarding a support for a hypothesis can be biased if the original literature is contaminated by the publication bias. This happens because it is easier to get published with a positive result published than a negative one.

Video games still aren't good for you

Oh on the contrary! It is shown by one of my favorite you tube channels asapSCIENCE that video games can actually make you smarter! They mention in one test they had subjects play Super Mario Brothers for 30 mins a day for 2 months, and the studies shown that this increased memory, strategic planning and fine motor skills! WOW!!! This is a huge breakthrough for those with mental disorders that cause those part of the brains to shrink as this can be used as therapy.

if you ever played action video games, you have also noticed the fine detail in alot of them but does this translate to your real life? The answer is yes! other studies have shown if you play at least 5-10 hours a week, your attention into detail goes up thanks to some of the complex answers needed to solve a puzzle in a game. Video games can also help contain memory in the elderly. Brain teasing video games can slow the aging process down up to 7 years, this is because they are cognitively complex and require energy to study them!

So what cause's the Violent Behavior then?

What a great question you ask! The answer is many different things can cause the violent behavior in an individual. Its very hard to pinpoint the exact origin of where anger and violence comes from in a person. Healthline lists some of the major points as to where Violent behaviors comes from:

  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Family Structure

and much more.......

"The Final Fight"

So do Video Games correlate with Violence? In the immediate short term they might because of the fact that the individual has just had to deal with a frustrating situation. For the most part though no they don't. Scientists and Scholars who go against this argument might try to make a case with publication bias to try to prove their point.....but there are plenty of studies that show otherwise. Most of the time violence originates from the environment around us and how we live with in it. It also can be determined with health factors as well.

In this case of all the facts i believe we only have ourselves to blame for how we as a whole act.... and is why violence happens the way that it does. Not video games. I believe we have answered the Key Question and can now open the final Boss Chest for that sweet loot!

"The aim of argument, or of discussion, should not be of victory, but progress."                             -Joesph Joubert
"The aim of argument, or of discussion, should not be of victory, but progress." -Joesph Joubert


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