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Why 2010 was the best year for the Academy Awards

Updated on July 6, 2015
2010 Academy award Nominees.
2010 Academy award Nominees.

The academy of motion picture arts and sciences has a long and storied history, spanning as far back as the 1920's recognizing the best in film. Every year, and based on peoples own opinion, they get it right and other times they get it wrong; Shakespeare in Love over Saving Private Ryan? What? And no matter how many times people get frustrated and say, "These award shows are boring and they always vote for the wrong one," we still tune every year when a new batch of movies are released that peak our interest. We wait to see if this time out favorite film is chosen, or our favorite actor or actress, or if you are a true film buff, your favorite screenwriter and composer. We root for the underdog that captured the worlds heart against the big budget mega picture but then the following year it is the big studio production that has everything going for it to garner enough votes to be crowned best picture.

The year 2010 had all of that with nominees that included The Social Network, Inception, True Grit and The Fighter, versus smaller films like 127 Hours, The Kids are Alright and Winters Bone. They even threw in Toy Story 3, the first animated film to be nominated best picture since 1991 when Beauty and the Beast was included in that prestigious list. Black Swan was also nominated which happened to be a breakout year for Natalie Portman.

The Kings Speech ended up taking the big prize that year, and although it wasnt as memorable as the other films such as Black Swan or The Social Network, but it had the best performances of all with veteran actors like Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush.

Inception confused a heck of a lot of people but had big ideas, huge action and an unforgettable score from Hans Zimmer which dazzled us for almost its nearly 3 hour running time while Danny Boyle made us feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic with his up close and personal 127 hours with James Franco.

The Kids are alright took us into the lives of a gay couples marriage and the ups and down of raising a family that we all face as well as the same temptations when a third party enters the picture. Then True Grit provided us with an old fashion western tale of revenge and redemption directed by the always talented Cohen Brothers.

The Fighter told the true story of a boxer named Mickey Ward and his drug addict brother and how they both overcome challenges in their life to succeed and Winters Bone introduced us to Jennifer Lawrence before she was Katniss as a teenage girl trying to raise her siblings on her own.

The combination of large-scale, small-scale and everything in-between was one of the best we have seen in the last decade each film not only gaining major critical success but also that of the general public. And even though I felt The Social Network was the better film that year and should have won it all I can't be too disappointed when I loved every movie on this list and that is a rare thing.


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