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Why Angel's Last Mission: Love became such a massive hit

Updated on July 24, 2019
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I am a student and I love watching Korean Dramas. They have so many genres to chose form.

Angel's Last Mission: Love Poster

Angel's Last Mission: Love Poster
Angel's Last Mission: Love Poster | Source

A drama about a ballet dancer is a dangerous subject to pull off but the team of Angel's Last Mission: Love did a great job. I feel in love with the sheer detailing and precision in each of the ballet performances. Attempts in making a drama about ballet often requires detailed works and special direction for the dance performances. The way they captured every moment of the performance was a visual treat to the eyes. From acting, to cinematography everything was crisp perfect and I felt like I was in a magical land of Ballet Dancers and Angels.

The Plot:

A ballerina, Lee Yeon Seo played by Shin Hye Sun, who lost her parents at a young age dislikes everyone surrounding her, even the ones that want to protect her. In yet another tragic event, she loses her eyesight. Now she can never dance again. She becomes a cold-hearted, arrogant woman but deep inside she is torn by her fate.

But things are about to change, when an angel who shouldn't meddle with people's life saves her. To go back to heaven, he is given a task to make the ballerina fall in love. Even though he sees this as an impossible mission, he give it his fullest. He is a funny angel whose ulterior motive is to move back to heaven and have a peaceful stay. But the tough task will keep him grounded, I mean on Earth for a while now.

Will he change the ballerina's fate or will things worsen for her and him? This you will find out when you watch the drama. Cause I ain't giving away any spoilers.

Here is a list of things that I think made the drama a massive hit:

1. The Ballet Performance:

As I mentioned earlier, this is one of the finest ballet performance I have seen on small screens. You can see the sheer amount of time and efforts they have put into crafting each dance scenes. The choreography, the costume, and the emotions added more to the already beautiful dance scenes. Can we have more such ballerina inspired Korean Dramas?

Fun fact: The supporting actress is in fact a real ballerina. I enjoyed watching her performance.

2. Cinematography:

What got me out of my seat was the cinematography of the very first opening scene. I gasped when the glasses pierced her eyes. That scene was beautiful yet scary. Kudos to the director and the camera works on this scene.

I could keep saying this a gazillion times but the cinematography of each dance shots were so beautifully captured that for a moment I thought that I was watching a live ballet performance.

3. Shin Hye Sun as Lee Yeon Seo:

Everyone praised Shin Hye Sun's acting, she was remarkable in this drama. One of the main reason the show was the talk of the town was because of her pure acting skills. We have seen her before in a lot of dramas but this will be her breaking point. Her character was a complicated one. She had to portray so many emotions and various states and she did it marvellously. Her pain and sadness hidden inside her arrogance was emoted so well that even when she looked cold, we felt sorry for her. Such acting abilities are rare to find. I hope she wins loads of awards.

4. L as Dan:

L's character might not have been as complicated but his character required him to emote an angel who is different from the human. Dan is a funny and goofy angel who never listens to his boss. He brought in the light-hearted moments in the drama that was much needed. He isn't just goofy, he is smart, caring and he will do anything to make things right. L's acting was a pure joy to watch. Watch out for L in more Korean Dramas from now.

5. The story:

The story was simple yet beautifully executed. It wasn't slow, there were no unnecessary back stories or plot. Everything was perfectly connected to make a beautiful story. A story is great when you know that all the characters are given importance, and this drama did just that. This drama had one of the most beautiful character arc and I am in for such sudden yet pleasant character change. As the story progressed we ended up loving characters we thought we wouldn't. Just like GOT, just kidding.


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