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Why Do People Love Youtuber, Auntie Fee (Felicia O'Dell)?

Updated on September 11, 2017

In Memory Of Auntie Fee

Unfortunately, I didn't get to write this article before Auntie Fee passed away. I've been a fan of hers for awhile and had the rough sketch of this article done, but no one was expecting Auntie Fee to suddenly die of a heart attack. I'm writing this article in memory of her and hopes that more people will discover Auntie Fee. She's worth watching and would have gone even bigger places if she had lived longer.

She ran one of the best cooking channels on youtube with her rare gift at both teaching people valuable skills and being highly entertaining and hilarious.

Here are the reasons why people love Youtuber, Auntie Fee...

1. She Speaks Her Mind

With Auntie Fee, what you saw was what she was truly like. She was open, honest, and in your face. She swore a lot and didn't tone it back for the cameras, even though it might have gotten her more television appearances (due to censorship), because it was who she was and she didn't apologize or try to change who she was just to impress people.

She was confident and whatever came to mind was what she spoke. If her son was irritating her, she told him so. She didn't save it for later.

When she had friends come into the house for cooking, who were transgendered, but identified as neither gender fully, she introduced them and made it no big deal. Because she was her true self and wanted everyone to be their true selves as well.

Something about that kind of shameless attitude towards life draws people to someone. They're more fun to watch, more interesting because they don't try to pretend they're someone they're not. They are open about both their flaws and strengths.

2. She's Hilarious

You never fully knew what was going to come out of Auntie Fee's mouth and the surprise of it was at least half the fun. Sometimes she swore, sometimes she yelled, and sometimes she invented swear words. No matter what Auntie Fee had to say, she was always entertaining and shocking, which was why when she came on a show like Steve Harvey's, she would take over the entire show. It would make him lose it completely, laughing.

3. She's There To Help Women Make Cooking Easier

Sometimes I like to go to the grocery store, get a bunch of interesting ingredients together, and spend a few hours making a gourmet meal in my kitchen. But this is not something anyone can do on a regular basis. No one has that much time to cook and do dishes unless they are a paid chef (and chefs don't do the dishes!) Not to mention that sometimes there isn't money to buy the ingredients for a meal with a lot of different components to it. Sometimes you just need a meal that's quick, cheap, and easy to make.

Auntie Fee actually has several cool tricks for cooking fast, easy meals at home when you don't have a lot of money. I've used some of her tricks in my own kitchen to save time and money. Like, how she used fish sticks for taco meat for tacos. I decided to do something similar with spicy frozen chicken nuggets. I cook them, rip them into small pieces and put them inside of quesadillas. My husband really liked it. And there is no fried chicken recipe that I've ever seen that's faster, cheaper, and easier to make than her recipe. Most of us have to dip each piece of chicken in the egg mixture, then the bread crumbs, then maybe another wet thing (like milk), and then back in the bread crumbs. It takes forever, even if you're just dipping it into one thing because you deal with one piece at a time.

Some people used to criticize her (especially her son) for not measuring things out for the recipes. But that's what was great about her tips. They taught you how to wing certain meals and just put a bunch of stuff together. Measuring ingredients takes time, but she helps you make dinner as quickly as possible.

4. She Is Not Afraid Of Anyone

Some people might be afraid of the head of TMZ because they have the power to print stories insulting people, but not Auntie Fee. She treated him like she would treat anyone else, she saw no difference in anybody which I especially enjoyed because I'm not a big fan of the head of TMZ.

5. Her Son Likes To Provoke Her...

Auntie Fee was the type of person who was so passionate about the things she did and said, that it was funny to watch someone try to get a rise out of her. Obviously, her and her son loved each other very much. They were familiar enough with each other to have a relationship where he teased her. The results of that and her always correcting his camera skills were fun to watch.

6. ...But It's Obvious That He Loves Her

Tavis loved his Mom so much that he made a whole youtube channel where she was the star. He knew she had a strong personality, that she liked to cook, and liked to teach people things, so he filmed her and put it online. Since she was mostly computer illiterate, this was the only way she could have been on youtube.

Filming for youtube, editing videos, uploading them, promoting them, it all takes time, time Tavis didn't have to put into helping his mother, but he did because he loved her. He teased her in every video because he loved her. That channel will forever be a testament to their bond.

7. Underneath It All She Has A Good Heart

Auntie Fee may have been loud and she may have thoroughly enjoyed all the attention her youtube channel got her, but the most important part about her was that her heart was always in the right place.

Auntie Fee loved taking care of her family and friends, loved cooking for them and being close to them. She loved the children of the family, often cooked for them or asked them to help her cook. She also wanted to help other women do the same thing as well.

A lot of people loved Auntie Fee because of her big heart. I know I started watching to see how eccentric she was, but stayed for her good tips and decent heart.


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