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Why Do People Love Youtuber, Binging With Babish?

Updated on August 7, 2017

Cooking In Pop Culture

Cooking with Babish is a youtube channel made for the sole purpose of recreating dishes from different parts of popular culture. He makes recipes that come from books to television shows to movies. Since most books, movies, and television shows do not actually bother to write down the recipes for all the things the character's cook, sometimes he has to fill the gaps with his own interpretation of things, but he's really good at keeping as close to the source material as possible and even plays a clip before each episode so you know exactly where the recipe comes from.

Because of his humorous voice overs and weird recipes, this channel is fun to watch even if you've never watch the television show or movie (or read the book.) But when you have, it's that much more exciting to see something that you thought only existed in fiction to come to life!

His "name" Oliver Babish, is a psuedonym that he got from a character on the West Wing. He decided to name himself after a fictional person.

Here are a few reasons why people love watching him.

#1 Because They Want To See If Recipes From Movies And Television Shows Actually Work

This episode was my dream come true and one of the things that got me addicted to his cooking show. I love the television show Adventure Time and remember this specific episode he is referencing. Other than the soul Jake adds to the sandwich, I thought the ingredients actually sounded pretty good. Even though it's a cartoon, it made me wonder if this was actually one of the best sandwiches in the world, but I was too lazy to try to recreate it in any way. Luckily, Chef Babish is willing to satisfy our curiosity.

#2 His Recipes Can Be Recreated At Home

While there are some really crazy, elaborate recipes on this show, ones I couldn't imagine myself having the time to replicate, there are also practical ones like this one that are easy to make and sound delicious.

#3 He's Willing To Go To Any Length To Make Something

I love the show Archer. It's one of my husband and I's favorite television show. Anyone who has watched that show knows how ridiculous Archer is and how much he loves Woodhouse (even if he take him for granted) and everything he cooks and does. (RIP Woodhouse!)

This recipe is an example of that craziness. It's the most ridiculous egg recipe anyone has heard of and Chef Babish is willing to pay a lot of money and go to cooking extremes in order to recreate it.

#4 His Subtle Sense Of Humor Through His Commentary

These are some of the craziest food ideas I've ever heard of someone wanting to make. I've never watched the show "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia", but that didn't stop this episode from being entertaining. He's good at choosing the best dishes to try to recreate and is very good at narrating. Even though he speaks in almost a monotone, his humor and warmth always come across in his words and his love for the food.

#5 He Keeps The Mistakes In He Makes While Cooking

Although Chef Babish is a way better cook than most of us could ever hope to be, I like that he doesn't edit out his mistakes. He shows them, points them out, and talks about them. Whether a recipe doesn't come out right the first time because the television show had a bad idea or because he messed something up, he doesn't edit it out.

Because he's a human, just like the rest of us and doesn't pretend to be perfect. He shows the process of finding the right recipe and any mistake he makes while making this stuff and lets us know he's just the same as the rest of us.

#6 Sometimes There Are Ridiculous Results, But He Fixes Them

This is an example of one of those things that sounds good in theory, but isn't as good in practice. Unfortunately, a lot of made up recipes from television shows, movies, and books turn out this way. But Babish never stops there, always determined to make his own version of the recipe that is actually delicious. He tries to keep it as faithful to the original recipes as possible with his own twist on things.

#7 His Videos Are Concise

Each video he makes looks like it takes days for him to create it. There's gathering of the ingredients, possibly testing things out before then, recipes that didn't work out, the extended time it takes some of these reicpes to actually cook, the re-do's he does of some of these foods, the editing of the footage, the voice overs, and more probably that I don't even realize.

You can see all this work going on behind the scenes and the hours upon hours of footage he must take in order to make these videos and yet he cuts most of it out. I'm sure it might be tempting to keep that many hours of footage in and try to force people to watch all of it, but stuff like that tends to drone on and on.

He understands these videos are mostly for entertainment, not to show off just how hard of worker he is, and he makes sure they're exciting all the way through, even when that means condensing twenty hours of footage into five minutes.


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