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Why Do People Love Youtuber, Mr. Nightmare?

Updated on August 17, 2017

True Scary Stories

There are different kinds of horror channels on youtube.

Some people make experimental videos that are so horrifying that people think they are real and the videos make it to the news. For example, the creepy "Hi, Walter! This is Patrick" video that was circulating the internet for awhile because people thought it showed a real kidnapping victim and her kidnapper. It was very disturbing and had gone unnoticed on the internet for quite awhile. It's worth a watch.

There are also videos people make analyzing creepy stuff online or talking about serial killers or investigating paranormal stuff or top ten horror lists.

If you are interested in paranormal investigation, you might want to check out my video about Buzzfeed Unsolved.

But Mr. Nightmare runs a different kind of channel, one where he reads true scary stories that people have posted online. Sometimes the stories contain paranormal elements to them or unexplainable things. Other times, they just talk about burglars, murderers, or kidnappers and how people narrowly escaped them.

They make your heart beat fast and you sit on the edge of your seat. Even though you know the narrator survives in the end or he couldn't have told the tale, it's shocking and horrifying what they've actually had to go through. They're the kinds of stories you want to stop listening to because they're so scary, but you can't stop because they are also so interesting. You have to know what happens.

Here is a list of reasons why people love youtuber, Mr. Nightmare, the man who narrates all of these stories.

#1 His Stories Are Terrifying

People are fascinated by things that are scary. We like to cringe, we like to jump, we like to feel disgusted and disturbed all from the safety of our home. It's not that we want scary things to happen to us, like the things that happen in the stories, it's just that we want to hear how people survived it. We want to feel their fear, experience their pain, and be left in awe at what allowed them to narrowly escape.

We want to know the evil depths of society and humanity. We want to wonder over unsolved things, but we don't want to be in any actual danger.

Mr. Nightmare's stories bring all of those things to an audience through an easily accessible video that they can just sit down and listen to. They even make sleeping difficult sometimes, especially if you watch several of them in a row, in the dark, right before bed. If you can't tell, I've made that mistake before.

#2 His Stories Are True

The thing that makes scary stories terrifying is the belief that the monsters and murderers in horror stories could be real. Even though you're safe in your house, feeling like these things could be real makes it almost feel like they're going to pop out of the screen of your tablet or be hiding around the corner of your house, ready to get you. Great horror stories make you immersed.

So the fact that Mr. Nightmare's stories are true, not just fiction stories that some horror writer like Stephen King is trying to make feel real, makes them infinitely more terrifying.

It's easy to picture these things actually happening and how terrifying the consequences would be if these people hadn't been able to escape the scary things that happened to them.

#3 He Has The Perfect Voice For Telling Scary Stories

Anyone can read scary stories out loud, but not anyone can read scary stories like Mr. Nightmare can. There's something about his voice that sends chills up your spine as he's reading these true frightening tales. His voice is just so deep and ominous that it seems like he was made to read these things and scare people for a living.

His videos have atmosphere. Between the editing, the noises, the photos, and the calm, dark way he speaks, Mr. Nightmare reading any story makes it a lot more terrifying then just reading it by yourself on the computer screen.

There's an abundance of these horror stories that people have posted online, but it's better to just listen to Mr. Nightmare reading them because he brings the stories to life.

#4 He Does His Research

Mr. Nightmare doesn't just read any horror story he finds online. He chooses the best ones for his videos. He goes everywhere online, not just reddit or youtube comments, but lots of different places, and finds his videos from different sources and different kinds of people.

He chooses only stories that are detailed, well-written, and believable, which is why listening to his youtube channel can be so frightening (and also addicting.) He knows what stories are going to be the most terrifying to hear.

#5 He Has A Good Artist For Animating His Videos

The youtube channel,. Llama Arts, animates a lot of Mr. Nightmare's best stories, although not all of them.They use his voice and capture the atmosphere of a lot of his clips and combine it with an animation they create to make some of my favorite Mr. Nightmare stories into something new, something I want to watch all over again even though I've already enjoyed it the first time because it has a new dimension of horror to it.

You wouldn't think such cartoonish sketching could be so terrifying, but Mr. Nightmare and Llama Arts are obviously talented people who know what they are doing and their work flows together and creates something fantastic.


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    • film critic profile image

      film critic 

      3 years ago

      Yikes! Just finished three of the stories. Creepy!

    • film critic profile image

      film critic 

      3 years ago

      Yeah, he does have a great voice for telling scary stories.


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