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Why Do People Love Youtuber, Shane Dawson?

Updated on April 3, 2017

Who Is Shane Dawson?

Shane Dawson is a youtuber who is both hilarious and adorkable. From the way he snorts when he laughs to his surprisingly loud burps, he's completely himself on camera and doesn't hide anything. He makes you feel like one of his friends and makes you laugh while you're watching him. Here's a list of reasons as to why people love youtuber, Shane Dawson.

1. He's Hilarious

He makes me laugh in almost every video I see of him. I've tried to watch a few "Try Not To Laugh" Challenges before (Shane doesn't make them, but they are very popular on youtube) and I almost never laugh during them. Like, he says in this video, a lot of those videos are just vines or repetitive clips. They aren't very funny. and the ones he watches in this video are no exception. They'd be boring to watch on their own, but his reactions to the clips make them hilarious!

He makes jokes that I'm never expecting. I like how his mind works and the comparisons he makes. He has a gift for making people laugh.

2. His "Inappropriate" Humor

Shane Dawson will say pretty much anything that pops into his mind. He's not afraid to make any joke, regardless of how offensive, and even mocks himself sometimes or makes jokes about personal details of his past relationship.

I prefer comedians who are like this. I think it's good to laugh at everything, especially stuff that hurts or that you feel sensitive over. It can help heal some of the pain.

Also, because he mocks himself so much, it's easy not to take it personally, even when he goes on one of his rants. Because he mocks everyone and everything equally, so him mocking something to do with you is likely to happen eventually.

The reason I prefer this is because it makes his jokes seem less malicious. A lot of people on youtube are just on there to attack or mock people. Shane Dawson is not. He is there to be shocking and make people laugh.

3. He Mocks Everyone Equally, Including Himself

I kind of covered this before.

If you know anything about Shane Dawson, you know that certain things, like his weight in the past, his extra skin (that he had to get surgery for), his grandmothers death, and his bisexuality really affected him and changed his life.

But he puts it all on youtube anyway and makes jokes about all of it. No area of his life is sacred.

There's something about someone who is willing to be this open and poke fun at themselves that makes an audience feel closer to them and more comfortable.

I also appreciate that he's a happy enough person that he can mock any aspect of life. Sometimes you just need to laugh at painful things to get through it.

4. He's Relateable

He's very open on youtube. He doesn't talk about all the details of his life, but he often involves his fans in the big issues. Like eating disorders, the death of his friend, Christina Grimmie, and his break-up with Lisa Schwartz.

I think it's amazing that he has the bravery to be this open online. It's nice to see someone who is this vulnerable and real with the world. It can't be easy.

5. It's Fun To Watch Him Fail

Most DIY channels take themselves very seriously. They want to make things and show you how to do it yourself. But Shane Dawson isn't most people. When he makes things, sometimes he succeeds, but the majority of the time he fails and has a blast doing so. You'd think this wouldn't be fun to watch, but Shane Dawson is always funny and entertaining.

He shows what it's like for most of us who try to do these projects we see online at home. We're probably not going to get a result that's anything like we intended for it to be. But he shows that you can still have fun doing so and makes himself easy to relate to in the process.

6. His Reactions To Things Are Hilarious

If there is one thing Shane Dawson isn't-it's calm. He has strong emotions and strong reactions to things. He's also very picky when it comes to food. So watching him try eating weird things (or sometimes normal things) and the faces he makes as a response is hilarious.

7. He's Brave

Coming out to youtube is a very difficult thing, especially when the person has only recently discovered their sexuality themselves. Add to the fact that many people have trouble understanding bisexuality (they think the person is just promiscuous or confused about what gender they truly like) and you can see how brave of him this was.

8. He Loves Kissing People

There are videos all over youtube of Shane Dawson kissing people. His kiss with Onision led to Onision meeting his wife Laiiney, for instance, even though now they hate each other. A lot of Shane Dawson's fans ship him as a couple with other youtubers he's kissed, like his ex-girlfriend or some of his male friends. They even write fan-fictions about it sometimes.

His love of kissing random people is probably why. After all, it isn't just any celebrity (internet or not), who would give one of their fans their first kiss just because they asked him to!

9. Shanaynay

Shane Dawson is a comedian and actor online, so he has a lot of characters he likes to play, especially during his early years of youtube. One of his most well-known characters was Shanaynay. He even made a whole channel dedicated to her. She was why many fans speculated that he might not be straight long before he came out as bisexual and he often makes jokes about his years of dressing up like a woman for youtube.

10. His Parodies And Silly Skits

This video comes from his channel and is a Miley Cyrus parody. He only plays a small part in the actual video, but he probably did a lot more work behind the scenes. He loves making sketches and parody videos. A lot of them are very funny, which is why this video is one of his highest viewed videos.

11. Creepy Stories

Shane Dawson has a child's heart in a lot of ways.

1. He's very hyper.

2. He's picky when it comes to food.

3. He doesn't know how to cook.

4. He says whatever pops into his mind.


5. He is fascinated by most things and believes a lot of the stuff he hears.

This last one leads him to research a lot of stuff online, including conspiracy theories and creepy stories that he's fascinated by. He makes them into videos and often fascinates the rest of us as well.

This is what started me watching him, but the rest is why I can't stop.

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