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Why Do You Watch If You Complain About A Show?

Updated on April 22, 2013

The cheerleaders of a show angrily demand if you don’t like a show to stop watching. I call the blindly loyal fans cheerleaders because no matter how bad a show gets they’ll never acknowledge it as they say a cheer declaring how good it is. And while it’s nice on one level to be so loyal to show, on another level you’re accepting a good show when it become mediocre without demanding it be great again. The viewers that are critical of the show and complain about it want the show to regain it’s quality. The reason I continue to watch a show I complain about is because I hope the show will turn itself around and go back to being the great show it once was.

I seem to have an easier time giving up on new shows that I haven’t watched for a season or two and formed an attachment with. I watched several episodes of The Secret Circle and Nashville before giving up on them and feeling they weren’t very good. One new show I watched til the end was Last Resort and I’m still bitter it got the plug pulled on it while Trashville as I call Nashville still lives. Last Resort was a much better show that got stuck in a timeslot that’s the death of new shows.

I gave up on Revenge this season. To be honest the problems with the show started last season and just continued to get worse this season convincing me this show isn’t going to turn around. Amanda Clark was someone you rooted for when you saw her as a lone wolf going after a rich family that destroyed her father. Then it became obvious she actually was no lone wolf, but had a whole wolf pack backing her up. It didn’t help the story kept changing. What started out as Conrad getting in trouble and deciding to frame David Clark for it became a vast conspiracy from some big secret organization of evil. Then Amanda had her chance to kill the man who killed her father, but at the ninth hour she had an epiphany that her daddy would want her to turn the other cheek and let the man go, which should have been the end of her revenge days.

This season they sandbagged the only thing that really worked on the show: Amanda and Nolan’s relationship, and had Nolan replace by the wooden Ken doll called Aiden. Amanda also started getting revenge on victims she already had gotten revenge on. So I took a powder and haven’t missed the show or regretted it. I just read they killed off the real Emily Thorne who started out as a character you wanted to disappear and became a sympathetic character being used and manipulated by Amanda Clark. Too bad Emily Vancamp can’t do the same with her character but her monotone monologues and pinched-face stares do not to engender any kind of sympathy for her character.

I said this before, after the first season, someone else should have been handed the revenge mantle as they tried to get revenge against Amanda Clark after learning all she did to them. Unfortunately, the show is stuck with season after season of Amanda Clark and her stale revenge plot.

Once Upon A Time is another show I’m getting pretty close to giving up on. The writers obsession with The Charmings is just killing this show. Although I shouldn’t be surprised. These writers were also on Lost. Lost was another ensemble show made all about Jack Shepherd. I stopped watching Lost in season two and vowed I would never watch it again, I was so disgusted. Then the writers strike happened and there was nothing to watch so I started watching it again. It seemed like the show had became less Jack-centric, so I bought the seasons I missed and watched Lost til the end. Now I wish I’d kept my vow and never started watching it again, because it had a horrible ending and the last season was once again all about glorifying Jack Shepherd.

Once is actually worse than Lost because instead of glorifying one character, they’re glorifying four characters at the expense of the rest of the characters that are better characters than any of the Charmings are. Rumplestiltskin was keeping me watching but he’s losing his appeal now he’s been Charmingized by attaching his son to the Charmings and basically taking his story of finding his son and reuniting with him pretty much away from him.

Once can still produce a good episode here and there that isn’t tainted by the Charming stench. Like Cora’s back story and the game changing episode that Dr. Whale was actually Victor Frankenstein. Unfortunately this season, episodes like that have been few and far between.

I can’t tell you how many years I kept watching the ABC soap operas hoping they would turn around and they just kept getting worse and worse. That’s why I’m currently debating on whether or not I should try and give the new online versions of All My Children and One Life To Live a shot. Maybe they’ll be better now Disney has gotten their claws out of them.

I’m still hanging in with The Vampire Diaries even though I haven’t liked the turn the show has taken since Kevin Williamson left the show. This is a prime example of when someone starts with a show they should have to stay with it until the end and not allowed to leave and start up new shows. Williamson seemed to be able to reign Plec in from some of her bad proclivities to let the fans dictate the direction of the show instead of coming up with a cohesive story and to cater to her pet actors at the expense of story.

Plec seems poised to leave the show to do her Originals spin-off and that gives me some hope The Vampire Diaries might have a shot to turn itself around free of her destructive presence on the show. With Plec and her Originals gone, the show might have a chance to get back to the show it was in seasons one and two for its final two seasons.

So next time you see someone complaining about a show think that it comes from a good place. If you didn’t care about a show, you’d just stop watching it and go on to a better show to watch. You wouldn’t keep complaining about it in hopes it could go back to its former glory days.


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    • wvugirl2007 profile image

      wvugirl2007 4 years ago from Virginia

      As a fan of CSI:NY I know there is a good chance the show will not be back for a 10th season in the fall and we were lucky to have a 9th season this past year so when I hear complaining about it I get a little mad. For fans like me we get a little ruffled over a story line, but are so happy to have our show that we always get past it and enjoy the ride. I know there have been other shows for me that I could not do that and dropped from my viewing list. One of those shows happens to be Nashville and another happens to be Suburgatory. Both of the shows lost steam for me. I did not make it past November with Nashville and I did not like the beginning of the second season of Suburgatory. I scrapped them instead of complaining. I am so glad that other people are doing the same.

    • ScarlaBlack profile image

      ScarlaBlack 4 years ago from Georgia

      I agree! You're allowed to be upset with a part of something. I'm a Supernatural fan, but I don't love all of the episodes. Sometimes the writers make me so irritated because when they're on, they're perfect, but when they're off, they can really make a bad episode. You're allowed to be critical of something you like.