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Why Does Cersei Lannister Have Strong Hatred Towards Certain Characters In Game Of Thrones

Updated on June 3, 2014

Cersei Lannister Displaying Her Epic Bitch-Face

Cersei Lannister Played By Lena Headey
Cersei Lannister Played By Lena Headey

All Hail The Queen

Cersei Lannister is one of the most powerful characters in The Game Of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire series. She came from a powerful family, is queen regent and makes no to very little effort to hide her hatred towards certain people. Sansa Stark, Margery Tyrell, and her younger brother Tyrion Lannister in particular are the people that she shows hatred the most towards. Many people have pointed out that a childhood experience had permanently made her paranoid towards certain people, but personally I don’t think that’s the only factor.

The info in this post covers Cersei’s backstory that probably won’t be included in the Games Of Thrones television show, I wouldn’t consider it a spoiler.

Maggy The Frog

Cersei Lannister sees a fortune teller named Maggy the Frog when she’s about eleven years old with two of her friends. When Maggy refuses to tell the fortune of the girls Cersei threatens her and thus gets her fortune. Cersei learns that she will be queen until a younger more beautiful queen will take her place. She will have three children and her King will have sixteen. Cersei will outlive her children and the valonqar (little brother) would kill her. Maggy also predicted that Melara, the girl who accompanied Cersei would die that night, and implied that Cersei would kill her. Cersei who was unsatisfied with her fortune threw potion into Maggy’s eyes and ran away with Melara. Cersei killed Melara so that she wouldn’t be able to tell anyone about the incident.

If you have been paying attention, all of Maggy the Frog’s predictions have come true so far. At the moment a younger queen hasn’t replaced Cersei position yet, but that’s why she’s so vicious with Sansa who was originally bethroed to Joffery, and later to Margery.

Cersei tries to keep her children close because of the prediction that she will outlive them. Joffery has already died so it seems like the events are following the same path as Maggy the Frog’s predictions.

She assumes that the valongar is Tyrion, her younger brother. This is partly why she treats him so poorly and wants him dead. Is Tyrion the valongar from Maggy’s prediction?

Maggy's Prediction Still Haunts Cersei


Personal Opinion

The greatest weakness that Cersei Lannister has is she thinks she’s smart, but she isn’t. Of course she would jump to the conclusion that the valongar is Tyrion because she already harboured hatred towards Tyrion since his birth. She hasn’t even considered Jamie. Jamie is her twin, and Cersei was born first, so Jamie is also her little brother. I would also like to point out that Maggy said the little brother, not her little brother.

Sandor Clegane aka The Hound is the little brother to the mountain, he could kill Cersei in the future. That’s just one out of possibly hundreds of examples. The valongar could be any male character in Westeros that has an older sibling.

It’s easy to pin all of Cersei’s actions based on a prediction of a fortune teller but I believe Cersei needs to take a bit of responsibility on her part. She was always an unpleasant girl, even as a child using her power and name to get what she wanted. She also has a strong case of Freudian penis envy, which might be covered in another post. She treated Tyrion poorly well before meeting Maggy. She blames Tyrion for killing their mother, and tried to twist his penis off when he was just a baby. Cersei herself made one of Maggy’s predictions come true by killing her friend. If she wanted none of those predictions to happen, she should’ve avoided killing Melara in the first place.

Another theory going around is that Cersei is cursed to fulfil Maggy’s predictions because she threw potion on Maggy’s face. She is basically destined for doom if that is the case.

I believe in the idea of self-fulfilled prophecy. The concept of a self-fulfilled prophecy is that you expect bad things to happen, and they end up happening based on your attitude. Your attitude effects your actions and everyone around you which basically makes those bad things you expected happen happen.

Fan-Made Character Portrait Video Of Cersei


Cersei would’ve been just as cruel to Tyrion and just as bitchy to everyone else even without that prediction. The encounter with Maggy was traumatic, but I don’t think everything is set on stone in Westeros. You have control of your destiny, and Cersei has made mostly wrong decisions the lead to bad outcomes. She might not play The Game of Thrones perfectly, but I have to admit she sure is an interesting character to observe.


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