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Why Does Justin Timberlake Have a Lifetime Pass to the Cookout?

Updated on February 5, 2018

I must sound off on last night’s Super Bowl performance by Justin Timberfake. Yes, I called him that because his performance last night proved just how much of a jackass he really is. It was painful to watch and not an emotional painful either. But more of a stick a needle in your eye kind of painful. The blatant disregard for a deceased artists’ wishes and his privilege to even return to the Super Bowl stage was disgusting to say the least. The music and performance were also mediocre. I’ve never been a fan of his music, but I did like one or two songs by him. Justin has always had a questionable character to me and last night he lived up to that opinion.

Now we all remember the infamous 2004 Super Bowl performance with Justin and Ms. Janet Jackson. The wardrobe “malfunction” that sent the world into a frenzied gossip mill. Last night Justin returned to the stage 14 years later with no backlash or negative thought. Although Janet was pretty much black balled for years Justin never stood up for her being bashed and he never took responsibility for the role he played in the stage performance. We’re talking about someone who dated Janet. So, we all know that they both was aware what was going to take place before they stepped onto the stage that night. And the fact that they dated also shows that the close chemistry and level of comfort they had for one another during the show. She did interview after interview and was ostracized for that Super Bowl performance. Meanwhile he stood on the sidelines and watched her crash and burn. To see him last night on stage without her, performing the same song that they did in 2004 was a slap in her face. She may never be invited back but Justin’s privilege allows him to grace the event once again. And even after that he still gets a pass?

But the most horrific portion of his performance was his ridiculously ignorant tribute to one of the greatest artists of our time. In this tribute to Prince the only thing I thought was beautiful was the purple lighting. Everything else was trash and poorly executed. Justin and Prince have a bit of history that is not so positive, so you ask yourself why Justin even chose to do the tribute in the first place. If you are a Prince fan, then you know that the brother did not mince his words when speaking about other artists and their music. Prince once called out the late and great Michael Jackson saying that his album “Bad” should have been called “Pathetic.” Don’t get me wrong Prince also said Mike was a genius during an interview on the Doug Banks Show. But if Prince talked about MJ surely Justin was fair game. Prince was quoted as saying, “For whoever is claiming that they are bringing sexy back, sexy never left!” This was clearly a diss to Timberlake. And now I see he deserved that and much more. Prince once told his close friend Sheila E. that he never wanted to be depicted as a hologram after his death. Sheila E. heard that Justin was going to use a hologram of Prince in his Super Bowl tribute. After making him aware that her dear friend had requested that never happen for religious beliefs, Justin took the stage with a hologram of Prince. That was the most disgusting and disrespectful part of the show. To see Prince’s hologram and know that is closet friends and loved ones was being disrespected was just the final straw. But apparently that was not the final straw for some. Social media lit up last night singing Justin’s praises for that trashy performance. I guess we will always give passes to those who are culture vultures.

© 2018 Sheree Love


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