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Reasons Why Elon Musk Is so Hot

Updated on December 9, 2018
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Jade is a gaming enthusiast. Her decades of experience in gaming drive her passion to explore mobile gaming.

This quote shows the elegance of Elon Musk, super hot dude.
This quote shows the elegance of Elon Musk, super hot dude. | Source

The Elon Musk Attraction

In the face of doubt, savagely honest, calm, and ready stands one man. He picks up where our heroes left off, blazing a trail, and hopping humanity follows. Beyond what most consider normal, a man with a heart of gold, the most improbable man speaks about how he has hope humanity will move down one of the more positive probability streams. He wants to make a happier future for all of humanity. His name is Elon Musk, and he is HOT!

Elon Musk is like prince charming 1012. Charming usually saves one kingdom, Musk is trying to look after all of humanity. If that isn't hot, I don't know what is. He has that special kind of inner beauty that most only fantasize about. Sure he is easy on the eyes, but what makes him hot is the entire package.

Let's explore all the things that makes Mr. Musk the most smoking hot man ever:

  • He knows the answer to Life, Universe, and Everything - Don't Panic
  • He has a great sense of humor
  • He thinks in terms of potential, possibility, and probability
  • He is ambitious
  • He has purpose
  • He is successful
  • He is attractive

The Reality of Elon Musk

Maybe you here because you think Elon Musk is irresistible, or maybe your one of the people trying to figure what makes him so hot. Either way, let's explore allure, let me explain why he is so exciting. By now, most people have noticed that he seems to have this strange power of encouraging others to think outside of the box.

I don't know Elon, but I have been watching, listening, reading, and engaging in his dream of a better future. He has become incredibly influential, and the negative love to question him at every turn. Me, I prefer to identify the positive points, to encourage a better reality. I am 100% that I am not the only intelligent woman who thinks Elon is a modern day Adonis.

You'r probably curious about my list of what makes Musk hot. Let's explore each one in-depth.

From Across the Universe

These don't panic towels make me feel happy. I wonder what Elon Musk thinks about them?
These don't panic towels make me feel happy. I wonder what Elon Musk thinks about them? | Source

He Knows the Meaning to Life, The Universe, and Everything

Either you think iv'e gone crackers, or you already know we are talking about forty-two. Douglass Adams authored a trilogy so awesome that it took five books to finish. It's called The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. In the book a giant computer is asked to find the answer to life, the universe and everything. The answer the computer comes up with is 42. Elon cites my favorite book ever with some of his philosophies.

Author Ashley Vance reports musk as saying that the book made him realize that a lot of times the question is harder than the answer. I like his take on the book. I had similar thoughts. The book made me realize that sometimes a correct answer makes little sense, because we don't fully understand the question we have asked.

Musk's philosophy about life, and knowing how important it is to ask the right questions, is hot. Think about the incredible communication skills it takes to work through so many questions. That's hot!

Musk sent one of his Tesla Roadsters into space, that's a really cool car by the way. On its dashboard is a sign that reads "Don't Panic". Sure that seems to make sense to most people, but it's actually on the cover of the fictional Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy in the Book Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

It's basically rule number one for survival. Elon obviously gets this, and that makes him hot. Trust me, knowing someone can remain calm in crisis has a special allure. He also left a towel in the car, but if you want to know why that's so exciting and charming, you have to read the book.

Elon Musk either very funny, or just found 100k people in support of his secret volcano layer. Either way it would still classify as hot!
Elon Musk either very funny, or just found 100k people in support of his secret volcano layer. Either way it would still classify as hot! | Source

He has a Great Sense of Humor

Elon Musk is a very animated fellow. In interviews he is known to mention that he has no filter. I don't know if I believe that, I would say he has a well trained filter that channels humor. The great thing about laughter is that it's contagious. It makes people feel happy, and it's good for us. When someone can make us laugh the way Elon does, it's hot.

He has an interesting sense of humor that is like a mix between sarcasm and knowing when something is funny when it's true. It's mesmerizing when Elon laughs and smiles, he instantly brings people into a more positive space. That's hot. Who doesn't feel an attraction to those who can make us laugh.

You can see his sense of humor in The Boring Company, a clever play on words. His youthful animation can also be seen in interviews and through his tweets. His tweet about coming up with a cover story for a secret underground volcano layer made me laugh for days, and that's not the first time we see examples of his tweet humor.

He Thinks in terms of Potential, Possibility, Probability

Elon Musk looks way beyond today or tomorrow. He appears to be capable of understanding relationships between many sets of information simultaneously. He seems to be thinking in terms of potential, possibility, and probability. He isn't fixed on one set of possibilities, instead he looks at multiple sets. That kind of flexibility in thinking is hot.

I know some of his predictions sound a little dooms-dayish, but it may only be so if we refuse to be more open minded. Perhaps that is why he encourages others to think outside of the box, because he knows the importance of fluid thinking. It would be difficult to ask the right questions without flexibility in the way that we think. Being a self-aware human being is hot.

In my eyes, reality is more comfortable when we open up and nurture positive possibilities. Elon has an intimate understanding on perception, not only his perception, but the importance of human perception and it's relationship to reality. It's hot knowing that he doesn't just care about his own perception of reality, but about humanity as a whole. So hot.

Super Hot Dude

Elon Musk, super hot guy, in Dublin.
Elon Musk, super hot guy, in Dublin. | Source

He is Ambitious

Ambition is a strong desire to do or achieve something. It's well-known that ambition is a source of attraction between human beings. Elon Musk has the most incredible ambitions and desires to do something that helps the future unravel in a better, happier way for all of humanity. It takes such deep compassion to care so deeply about the whole of humanity. That's hot.

With Musk, being ambitious is just the tip of the ice-burg. It's what he is ambitious about helps us feel his magnetic personality. If we listen, we can go beyond believing in his dream of a better future. We can learn to change the way that we think so that we may be active participants who build a better future.

Elon Musk works harder than the average person. Sure, there are times where we see it take its toll on him, but he is also incredibly productive. Part of being ambitious is making sacrifices. Another part is overcoming failure. His ambitions help him be as productive as he can despite the sacrifices he makes. I hope he gets enough sleep, but his ambitious personality is attracting, it's hot!

He has Purpose

We can't talk about ambition without exploring purpose. Some people take a lifetime trying to understand their purpose in the world. Elon Musk seems to know his purpose. He often talks about his goal of helping to create a world where people have what they love. His deep sense of purpose helps him stay focused on his goal, and his ambition keeps him in motion.

He talks in terms of a happier future where people wont be as sad. Let's just face it, it's hot when someones purpose is to save the world. I don't know how he looks at it, but he knows others look up to him. He influences others, and takes it very seriously. That kind of integrity is not only charming, exciting, and super hot!

I know many find his dream of humanity being interplanetary fantastic, maybe we won't see it in our lifetime. Still, it's very exciting to imagine a future where the legacy we leave moves beyond Earth. That kind of excitement fuels a kind of attraction that makes many of us want to believe in his visions, and it's hot.

Hot Dad - Elon Musk (Cars in Space)

He is Successful

I'm aware that our current way of thinking tends to couple success and money into one concept. I do see a relationship, but more as money as the byproduct of success in many cases. However, this isn't always true. When I think about success I like to think in terms of the positive influence left upon the world and the traces of it left in the future.

Elon Musk has already left his mark on Earth, the Moon, and Mars. Sure he runs a lot of successful companies, and has generated a lot of income. Those are both examples of his success. However, what makes his success electrifying and exciting, is what it means to him and how he has influenced others towards the probability of a bright future. It gives him a type of attraction that is astonishing and exciting. In other words, it's really hot!

What makes Musk a special kind of exciting is that his version of success isn't limited to him, or to a small circle. From a laymen's perspective, it's attracting that his idea of success is revolved around the success of the human race. This increases the magnitude of our attraction to him. It's hot when a persons success lies beyond the limits of self, and is expanded to all of humanity. It's so hot!

He is Physically Attractive

I wouldn't being doing the entire package that is Elon Musk if I didn't mention physical attraction. I wish that I was self-evolved enough to exclude this one, but realistically I can't talk about how hot Elon is without mentioning that he is easy on the eyes. Face it, Elon Musk is good looking.

He is youthful in appearance. He has a chiseled jaw, dark hair, gorgeous eyes, a great smile, and he is tall. It's kind of obvious why so many people are swooning over Musk. Just face it, Elon was blessed with attractive physical attributes. I dare to say those who claim not to see it, are just jealous.

It isn't a surprise that Elon seems to be modest about his looks, which makes him even hotter. When you combine his inner beauty with the body, WOAH! He is more than an icon; he is seductive, and uber hot!

Hottest Thinker Ever

Elon Musk has already influenced the world in incredible ways, but has the potential to do so much more. He is a thoughtful, stable man, who is very successful. He is hot because of the way he thinks, the way his mind works, and how mindful he is about creating a better future. It's just a bonus that he's physically attractive.

There have been a lot of great thinkers who have moved the world towards a better future. Men like Ben Franklin and Einstein were incredible, but Elon Musk is more than that. Much like his hero Nikola Tesla, he is just plain hot, only hotter.

© 2018 Jade Griffin


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