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Why Flay Allster Is an Undesirable Female Gundam SEED Character

Updated on September 17, 2018
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Mamerto Adan is a feature writer back in college for a school paper. Science is one of his many interests, and his favorite topic.

Among fans, the SEED series enjoyed a legendary status in the Gundam world. It lacks the heavy action of most series, yet it made it up with great story telling. The characters are worth noting here. Yes Kira Yamato is not as macho as his predecessors (or the fact that being superhuman, some can’t connect with him), but at least his lack of aggression gave new dimensions to his character.

But to be honest, some female characters proved to be more annoying than interesting.

I like the strong and independent Cagalli Yula Athha, but I’m not too fond of Lacus Clyne. It sounds like the Gundam world is ripping a page out of Macross. And if there is one girl I will avoid in real life, it will be Flay Allster.

Below you will see how she inflicted the most damages without piloting a mobile suit. And guys do yourself a favour when you have a girlfriend like Flay. Just dump her and find a new one.

Special Mention: She Is A Virtual Princess

Flay in happier times.
Flay in happier times.

Get real guys. Always find a girl your level. There is no point hanging out with a rich girlfriend only to go broke in the end. Just to be short, a princess like Flay requires high maintenance. Simply we couldn’t afford one. And if being a princess is bad enough, how about being a rich and spoiled princess. Before Flay flipped out in the SEED series she presented herself as one, being popular among boys in the Colony. Believe me I have seen some of my friends got ruined by particularly demanding girlfriends. You have to give it all to keep her happy, and you two are not even married! Costly dinners and gifts are least of your worries. When having a spoiled girlfriend, you have to comply with her every wish. She won’t take no as an answer and expect constant fights.

Rich spoiled girlfriends are never worth your affection; for the sake of your sanity and financial health, go for simpler beauties.


Sai Argyle, Flay's unfortunate boyfriend.
Sai Argyle, Flay's unfortunate boyfriend.

Before Flay went mad, she was engaged to this guy named Sai Argyle. But poor Sai will soon lose his girlfriend when Flay broke the engagement to hang with Kira. The reason behind is nothing romantic as what we will discover later on. Kira on the other had is just another innocent sucker that Flay manipulated like a clueless puppet.

And Sai couldn’t do anything about it.

In the end, the effect is devastating for both boys. Kira fell into a trap. He became fiercely protective of Flay and now he is willing to kill all Coordinators. Sai on the other hand developed loser syndrome and he felt inferior to Kira.

So much for a love story. Again boys let’s learn from Kira and Sai. Choose your girlfriend wisely and be happy that you are not a Coordinator with a Gundam.


Flay dragging Lacus.
Flay dragging Lacus.

Being Asian I’m quite touchy when the issue of racism is brought out. You don’t need a loaded gun to do serious damages when you are a racist. And there’s no way I will date a racist girl like Flay. You might be wondering what made Flay so racist in the SEED series. From the start she was never been fond Coordinators, and her bigotry is about to get worst during the war. She saw every Coordinator as monsters. And such hatred will reach a new level after the death of her dad. Now she wanted revenge, and the best way is seducing one of them to do her bidding. Kira Yamato, a Coordinator will now kill other Coordinators for her. And her bigotry was best shown during the encounter with Lacus Clyne. She was so afraid of the Coordinator Lacus that she even refused to bring food in her quarters.

Now imagine how it translates in real life. Girls treating other races as savages are not good girlfriend materials.

Tendency to Blame

Flay freaking out.
Flay freaking out.

What I hated about women (or any men) are their tendency to point fingers. You will hear stuffs like this are your fault, and you are to be blamed for this. The notion that “women are always right” that we often hear in lover’s quarrel is no joke. Blaming and finger pointing are not healthy in any relationships, and when you blamed the whole group thanks to the action of few turns finger pointing into bigotry. I understand how Flay is deep pain for losing her dad, but she is letting her grief destroy her. With her judgement clouded, she slowly drips into instability, and Kira and Sai are the firsts to feel her wrath.


Flay in the process of brainwashing Kira.
Flay in the process of brainwashing Kira.

As what I said before, there is nothing sincere or romantic about Flay’s attraction on Kira. She’s just looking for her instrument of vengeance and Kira fits the bill. After her dad’s death, the girl was bent on killing all Coordinators, and what a way to do it than to use one of them against them. Kira is a scary, scary Gundam pilot, exactly what Flay needed. She then resorted to her own potent weapon to get into Kira’s troubled heart; her charms.

It worked well and Kira became protective of Flay, enough to kill for her.

Emotionally and Mentally Unbalanced

You are one sick child.
You are one sick child.

A girlfriend prone to mood swings and fits of rage? No way!

But Flay’s Story is a Sad, Sad One

Saddest moment in SEED.
Saddest moment in SEED.

racist façade, Flay is just a troubled young adult. I got to admit that she was one of the reasons I tuned in to the SEED series. Here we have a girl, popular and carefree being transformed into a monster as the consequences of violence, then resorted to violence to get even before almost being manipulated by Rau Le Creuset (as Karma dictated it).

In the end she realized her wrongdoings, but met a tragic death when she got blown off by the Providence Gundam. I felt we need to see more of Flay Allster in the SEED series and her character was mishandled.

Still, I won’t choose her to be my girlfriend.


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