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Why Glee is the Weirdest Show Ever

Updated on August 13, 2015

Glee wrapped up its final season some time ago and it had a good run. After six seasons, many album-sales, a tour and a 3D concert movie it is over. It was a good show, which taught its viewers some very valuable life-lessons and had its fair share of heartwarming moments. But the show was far from perfect and looking back at all the seasons my conclusion is that Glee is one of the weirdest shows ever. And here's why...

Bad Character Development

While Glee is about a bunch of different people joining a high school show choir and bonding and becoming friends with their former enemies the characters do change, obviously. But it seems that if two characters bond over something in one episode that is completely forgotten in the next episode. When Quinn's pregnant she moves in with Mercedes but the girls don't seem to be getting any closer because of it, it doesn't seem like Quinn is grateful at all, actually. And the same thing with Quinn and Artie when she is momentarily wheelchair-bound and he shows her how to have fun on wheels when she is upset about not being able to hang out with the others. Don't even get me started on Sue Sylvester.

No Continuity

In one episode the Glee club helps the football team win by teaching them how to dance but then the coach is suddenly adding another mandatory practice on the same time as glee club rehearsal, making the football players choose which team to be on. Either the writers don't think viewers are smart enough to keep up with all the sub-plots or the characters just have unhealthy, violent mood-swings.

Shipping, Fan Fiction and OTPs

Yes, the kids in the glee club are kind of the losers in the school but it still surprises me when they use terms like those mentioned above. It is so realistic and yet so ridiculous at the same time. Blaine reads Star Wars fan fiction to Sam, in a Yoda-voice. The couples in Glee are referred to by ship-names, which for anyone unaware of the term means both the couple's names mashed together into one name, describing them as a couple. Finn and Rachel were called Finnchel, Rachel and Puck were Puckleberry and on their parents' wedding day Finn proclaimed that as brothers he and Kurt were now Furt. And then there's the shrine Sue had for Klaine (Kurt and Blaine). And at Brittany and Santana's wedding, (which also got turned into Blaine and Kurt's wedding), everyone got a cap with the letters OTP on it, standing for one true pairing. If you're on Tubmlr you'll probably love Glee.

Everyone Dates Everyone

Rachel dated Puck, Finn and then Sam. Finn dated Quinn, then Rachel, and Sam dated Quinn, Mercedes, Brittany, and then Rachel. Artie dated Tina, Brittany, Beckie, Sugar, and then Kitty and then Tina again. Kurt used to have a crush on Finn, Blaine used to have a crush on Sam and Tina used to have a crush on Blaine. Those are just some of the combinations we see during the show. Everyone basically has a history with everyone. Now first of all how is it even possible to date so many in your friend-group? And secondly, how does that not cause problems among them all? Besides the whole Kurt having a crush on Finn and trying to sabotage Rachel's attempts to impress him and the whole Quinn-Puck-Finn triangle it was like they didn't even care that the person they were interested in had dated half the choir room already.

Sue Sylvester

She's the cheerleading coach of the Cheerios who have won many championships. She doesn't hate the glee club until Principal Figgins cuts her budget to pay for new costumes for the New Directions. Quite frankly I can understand her anger over having her budget cut to fund a club that she does not believe serves any academic purpose and represents something she hates; musicals. But the lengths she goes to try to destroy the glee club is ridiculous and even more ridiculous is the amount of crimes she gets away with. And her ungratefulness is astounding. The glee club helped her organize her sister's funeral, they helped her look more feminine when she was trying to impress a man. I guess it's because she is a genuinely bad person but she has her moments as well but one can never really tell what side she is on. And where is her baby anyway? Who takes care of her all day while she's running the school and at night when she breaks into the school to try to sabotage whatever it is she seeks to destroy that week? And one moment she decides to end her war with Will because he is no longer a threat to her but then she starts hating him again because he forgot a plastic fork on the table after lunch. Seriously? The writers can't make up their mind? And then she has suddenly been shipping Klaine since day one and locks them in to try and get them back together? That was the most unrealistic thing her character could ever do. And she is supposedly against discrimination and stood up for Kurt when he was bullied for his sexuality, she shood up for coach Beaste when she changed her gender and became a male, but when Unique didn't want to use the men's room she just gave her a stall nailed to the floor of the choir room instead of giving her a key to the faculty bathrooom right away. She was trying to blackmail Will, but it was really about the safety of a student and not the glee club. You don't know whether you love or hate Sue because you can't figure her out.

Everyone Keeps Coming Back

Who comes back to their old high school after they graduate? No one. Certainly not as often as the former Glee members do. I get that they would all come back for Finn's death and maybe even to the last Glee club meeting before Sue closes the curtain but to come back to mentor the other kids and just stopping by? No, that would never happen in real life. Not only because they would want to get out of high school and never look back but also because they have lives with certain obligations, which prevent them from coming back and dropping in to say hi whenever they feel like it.


Some of the characters are unrealistically stupid. They are all stupid to some degree, actually. Let's start with Will. His wife only works three days a week, she spends all of her money on unnecessary material things and then demands that he do all the house work and change his profession to something he doesn't like because she wants a new house. He must be a bit stupid to have put up with her for fifteen years and even married her and even more stupid to think that the way she was treating him was okay.

Then there's Finn who thought he could get a girl pregnant without actually having sex with her. And his mother didn't even ask him about it or explained to him that it was impossible.

Rachel said that her dads mixed their sperm together and that they still don't know which one of them is her real dad, which seems a bit strange considering she is white and one of her dads is black, which would obviously make her white dad her biological dad.

And then there's Sam who wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer but his stupidity didn't start to show until he started dating Brittany. And she is the stupidest one of them all. She still believed in Santa Claus, she believed her cat could speak, and she didn't know her dad wasn't her real dad, even her dad didn't know that, although he's asian and she's blonde. Then she is suddenly a math genius and has the answer to all mathematical problems and is told Stephen Hawking is her real father.

Enough said.

The Teacher-Student Relationship

Sue is right when she says Will doesn't have any adult friends. His entire social circle seems to be made of his former students, with the exception of Beaste, Sue and his wife. And the bond he has with his students is sweet and all but it's not realistic. It's certainly not realistic that he hangs out with the former glee members after work/school and it's certainly not realistic either that Sam, Rachel, Finn and Kurt start working at the school after graduation. There are special cases but this takes it a bit too far.

But with all that said, Glee is still a great show. In spite of all the things listed above the heartwarming moments and the amazing covers make up for it, well for most of it. It's still an amazing show that I will happily be re-watching and one I would recommend to everyone.

What was your opinion on Glee?

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    • YadiraE profile image


      3 years ago from Puerto Rico

      I agree with you that Glee is one of the weirdest shows ever! I have mixed feelings about this show, which goes to show that I was a big fan of it! It was different and funny and had sooo much potential! It started silly and didn't take itself so seriously (which I loved!). But because it became an advocate for people who are identified as "different" or "weird" or "losers", it suffered. Don't get me wrong the show being a voice for the underdog is a good thing and was one of the reasons I like it as much. But it relied to much on it and they kept hitting you over the head with the message, which was unnecessary. We got it already! The preachiness ruined the show as well as the idiotic writing. It felt like the show was written by hormonal teenagers! Most episodes didn't reference events that happened before. They completely forgot that the episode before they hated each other and now they are BFFs! It just didn't make sense and treated the audience like they were idiots! I just couldn't bear it any more... Its sad! Anyway.. Loved your hub!


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