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Why I Enjoy Internet Radio

Updated on September 24, 2011

Internet Radio

My sister-in-law gave me a copy of Charles de Lint’s The Mystery of Grace,   as a pre-Christmas present. De Lint is one of my favourite authors. Music plays a role in his writing, possibly as he is also a musician.  In The Mystery of Grace  rockabilly comes up and my collection holds nothing in that genre so I hit YouTube and found some great groups, for one, Kim Lenz and the Jaguars. Impressive and fun music, so I went looking for more.

This search renewed my relationship with Internet Radio. I like music, all kinds of music and that is what Internet Radio provides and this is the main reason I like Internet Radio.

Whether it is Bobby Darin crooning Dream Lover, the Kinks and Lola or anything by Miles Davis, Internet Radio brings it to me. I may have to wait but the odds are good that when I choose by genre, Jazz, Blues, Rock, and many others within seconds I will be enjoying music I would not otherwise hear.

Fluidity, a second and related reason for my enjoyment of Internet Radio, I can simply surf through the channels and genres a site offers. When I want music, which often happens while I am preparing  a hub, or when the mood moves me, I can select a genre, and appreciate the selection, or readily and fairly quickly, skip to the next, never losing my train of thought as I do so.

Yes, there is a short but bearable lag between channels; perhaps, just enough to anticipate what may be coming.

As I write this I am listening to Junior Walker and the All Stars perform “How Sweet it is”. I arrived here after channeling through other possibilities that did not make my foot tap. If my foot does not tap then the tune has not reached me. Music is movement and that movement makes its way to my toes which cannot stay still when the beat is vibrating.

My CD collection is not large and focuses on jazz; Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis are among the performers I can pick.

Bob Marley and Bob Dylan, both, hold places of honour and are played when I have the time and inclination to simply listen and sing along.

Listening to CDs is a different way to appreciate music; the listener decides what to hear and choices are very specific. Internet Radio is all about variety and an ever changing performance which you only partially control. I like that.


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  • nitansol profile image

    nitansol 5 years ago

    "Internet Radio is all about variety and an ever changing performance which you only partially control" - I agree, always something new to look forward to.

  • Bob Ewing profile image

    Bob Ewing 7 years ago from New Brunswick

    Thanks for the music tips and I will check them out, I look forward to purchasing and listening to the CD. Thanks for dropping by and all the best to you and Charles.

  • profile image

    MaryAnn Harris 7 years ago

    Merry Christmas Bob! Charles de Lint's wife MaryAnn here. Charles will be *delighted* to hear that his book inspired you to explore other creative enjoyments - especially music. He's still snoozing as I write this, but I'm betting he'd love for you to try surf or twang guitar (as a genre) as well, plus musicians Rodrigo y Gabriela. His favourite band is a group called Calexico (from Arizona). They're a mix of lively and laid back, and really grow on you over time. Hope this add to your musical pleasures. We finally got into the recording studio in late fall to create a CD of all original de Lint songs. If you're on C's mailing list (at or on his Facebook page, we'll tell you when it's available. Meanwhile, hope you enjoyed Mystery of Grace and thanks for reading my sweetie's books! All the best in 2011!!!

  • Bob Ewing profile image

    Bob Ewing 7 years ago from New Brunswick

    To each his or her own, thanks for dropping by.

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

    You love all the music I do. They were and are great artists. I never understand how nowaday's 'music' could have developed from such great music.

  • Bob Ewing profile image

    Bob Ewing 7 years ago from New Brunswick

    The Bobs are among the Best, thanks for dropping by.

  • onceuponatime66 profile image

    Jackie Paulson 7 years ago from USA IL

    What classics, bob Marley and bob dylan now you have great taste in music, I grew up in the 60's and love all of it