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Why I Love The Cartoon Show "Adventure Time"

Updated on November 28, 2012


The show "Adventure Time" started in 2010. They had one of the most annoying add campaigns before the show was introduced which consisted of a little boy in blue shorts and a white cowl with cat ears running around various public places screaming "What time is it?" And I must admit a few months later when they showed actual animated previews for the show, which was crude by today's advanced 3-D animation standards, I was extremely skeptical about the show's success. Now they are about to premiere the fifth season of the show and I couldn't be more excited! This is due to brilliant writing and direction from the show's creator Pendleton Ward, along with brilliant voice acting by Jeremy Shada as Finn, John Di Maggio ("Futurama's" Bender) as Jake the Dog , Hynden Walch as Princess Bubblegum, and Tom Kenny (voice of Spongebob) as the Ice King, to name a few.


The Land of Ooo

The Land of Ooo, where the stories of "Adventure Time" take place is what appears to be a post-apocalyptic version of earth. When seen from space, there is a huge hole visible, taking up a huge portion of the planet. This hole was presumably created during the Great Mushroom War which is occasionally mentioned in a few episodes of the show. The Land of Ooo is separated into several kingdoms including The Candy Kingdom, The Ice Kingdom, The Fire Kingdom, The Cloud Kingdom, The Grass Kingdom, The Grocery Kingdom, and many more.


Jake the Dog and Finn the Human

Jake the Dog and Finn the Human are the heroes of the Land of Ooo and principally the stories revolve around their adventures. Finn and Jake are brothers who live in a tree house just outside the Candy Kingdom. Finn was adopted by Jake's mother and father, as shown in the episode "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain". Finn started out as twelve years old until the episode "Mystery Train" where he celebrates his thirteenth birthday. Jake is twenty-eight years old and plays the role of a very lenient guardian for Finn. With Finn's swordsmanship skills, tough and righteous attitude and high moral standards, combined with Jake's powers to grow and stretch his body into any shape he wants, these two heroes make formidable adversaries to the forces of evil in the land of Ooo.


The Ladies of Ooo

Princess Bubblegum

Princess Bubblegum is the main princess featured and is a scientific genius and the ruler of the Candy Kingdom. She is a love interest of Finn but she insists that she is way too old for him and rejects his advances. She is not only a wise and fair ruler, beloved by her candy people, but she is also an accomplished scientist whose experiments both benefit and also sometimes place the Candy Kingdom in jeopardy. We see an example of this in the very first episode "Slumber Party Panic", where she accidentally creates a horde of candy zombies and must barricade the candy people in the palace while she figures out how to turn the zombies back to normal.

Lady Rainicorn

Lady Rainicorn is Princess Bubblegum's companion and main source of transportation, and also the lucky lady who captures Jake's heart. She is part rainbow, part unicorn and has all kinds of powers concerning light spectrum and color. She's from the Crystal Dimension where dogs and Rainicorns were once at war but she and Jake are able to overcome their ancestor's fight and are able to find love. She speaks what at first I thought was gibberish but it turns out that it's Korean.

Lumpy Space Princess

Lumpy Space Princess is a fan favorite, voiced by Pendleton Ward himself. She is actually not from the Land of Ooo, but another dimension known as Lumpy Space. In Lumpy Space everyone is shallow, superficial, talks with a valley-girl type accent, and is (you guessed it) lumpy. LSP, as she is called by her friends, runs away from Lumpy Space and lives hobo style in the woods of Ooo. She also spends a short time being raised by a pack of wolves.

Marceline the Vampire Queen

Marceline is the daughter of Hunson Abadeer, evil lord of the dimension known as the Nightosphere. She is one thousand years old and once lived in Finn and Jake's tree house and tries to reclaim it, until Finn fights her for it and wins her favor. She herself does not seem to be evil. She doesn't even suck blood like vampires tend to do, but instead consumes the color from red objects. She is also an amazing musician, singing and playing her axe bass guitar, often times with Finn as her human beat box.

Flame Princess

Flame Princess is the daughter of the Flame King, evil ruler of the Fire Kingdom. Jake goes on a mission to retrieve her as a potential girlfriend for Finn who remains at home, crying over Princess Bubblegum. What Jake doesn't know is that Flame Princess is potentially evil and unwittingly has her released from her lantern prison and she goes on a burning spree. Finn falls for her and is eventually able to help her control her desire for destruction.

Other Ladies

Include Hot Dog Princess, Princess Muscles, Ghost Princess, Slime Princess, and Wildberry Princess.


The Villians of Ooo

The Ice King

In the beginning, the main adversary for Finn and Jake was the Ice King. He constantly kidnaps the princesses of Ooo, keeping them in his dungeon and gets to know them, or in some cases tries to force them to marry him. Finn and Jake always free the princesses and beat the Ice King up a little, which would have gotten stale if they hadn't provided hidden details to the Ice King's past in the episode "Holly Jolly Secrets Part 2". In this episode Finn and Jake discover secret tapes, one of which shows Simon Petrikov, the mild mannered man the Ice King once was before a magic crown gave him power over ice and snow, and drastically changed his personality.

Ricardio the Heart Guy

This villain is humorously voiced by George Takei. Everyone but Finn thinks Ricardio is charming and engaging, which Jake insists is just Finn being jealous since Ricardio captures the attention of Princess Bubblegum. Eventually Finn discovers Ricardio's gruesome goal "to remove Princess Bubblegum's heart and make out with it." and he is promptly defeated until he reappears some time later.


Lemongrab is more annoying than villainous. He was Princess Bubblegum's first creation and she accidentally made him too sour. He takes over the Candy Kingdom when the princess is accidentally transformed into a thirteen year old and is found to be to young to rule the kingdom. Thanks to donated candy flesh molded together with a whopping love hug, Princess Bubblegum turns eighteen again and sends Earl Lemongrab back to his own kingdom.

The Lich

The Lich is an undead creature, bent on destroying all life in the Land of Ooo. The legendary hero Billy pummels him into the resin of a tree where the Lich is trapped for several years until he escapes in the episode "Mortal Folly" and Finn must stop him. At the end of the episode "Mortal Recoil", everyone thinks the Lich is gone for good but he assumes an unsuspecting form and bides his time in the forests of Ooo.


Other Characters


Part video game, part robot, but in his mind he is a "real boy". He lives with Finn and Jake in the tree house and provides them with entertainment and companionship. He also has a very active imagination which is illustrated in the episode "BMO Noire".


Tree Trunks

A sassy elephant who makes great apple pie!



The former legendary hero of Ooo and Finn's idol. He is semi-retired and lives in a crack in the side of a mountain.

Another great thing about Adventure Time is the music!


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      this show really isnt for kids its for teens i mean look at all the mating jokes in that show and i mean theirs just tons of stuff that makes it not good for kids

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      6 years ago from The Caribbean

      The Land of Ooo seem like a mysterious place and I like BMO who thinks that he is a boy, but is anything but . . . I'm sure the kinds will find it interesting. Thanks for the review.


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