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Why I Quit Watching Revenge And Nashville

Updated on June 18, 2013

Before either shows Christmas breaks I was watching them more because I was blogging them instead of actually enjoying them. And after they returned from the break, I found I didn't really want to continue to watch them.

With Revenge I had a choice between watching it and Downton Abbey. The choice wasn't a hard one to make. As soon as Once Upon A Time went off I switched to PBS. It's a better show with better character, actors and writing. I don't even miss not watching Revenge.

The problem with Revenge is the show has been a mess pretty much all season. For all intents and purposes Amanda's revenge plot ended. She had the chance to kill the man who murdered her father, but realized her father wouldn't want her to do it. End of revenge plot. Then they revealed that her mother was still alive and supposedly the whole plot to frame David Clarke began a really long time ago. Unfortunately, that didn't fit in with what we'd seen in season one where it appeared Conrad and Victoria used David as a fall guy when Conrad needed a fall guy. Then Mama Clarke was a psycho who was sleeping with the man who murdered David Clarke. They also broke-up the successful and popular team of Nolan and Amanda for Amanda and the wooden boy, Aidian, who was also another disciple of Mf. T. And supposedly Amanda has always out to get The Initiative even though this super secret evil group were never even mentioned before. It was all just a bunch of malarkey to be able to keep Amanda's revenge plot going when it came to fruition and completion in the season one finale.

Since then the show seems to be trying to do a repeat of season one. Amanda, even though she already got revenge on her previous revenge victims, is re-victimizing them. She's even getting back in bed with Daniel with Jack being removed from this season's triangle and being replaced by Aidan.

To be honest the show started going downhill in the first season when what started out as one girl going after these rich and powerful people who destroyed her and her father's lives, became a girl with a whole village of people behind her. Why that whole village of people was behind her was never explained in any way, shape or form. And the Mr. T angle is totally ridiculous with her whole training to get revenge. In my blogs this year I've even likened the whole thing to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.

So, ultimately, it became a chore to even watch this show, and when that happens, that's the time to stop watching it. You're supposed to watch a show because you want to watch it, not just so you can blog it.

It's kind of a similar tale for why I gave Nashville the heave-ho. Never in my history of watching TV have I ever seen a show over-hyped like this show has been. It's billed as the best new show of the season, but if you ask me it's one of the worst. I've even taken to nicknaming the show Trashville.

It started out with potential that rapidly went downhill. The first episode seemed like Juliette was Eve Harrington trying to take everyone from Rayna James, but that story seemed to be dropped afterwards. The stories seem to be all over the place. For example, one week Juliette get married the next she wants to get a divorce. Deacon loves Rayna but has no problem hopping in the sack with her teenybopper rival.

All the characters seem to be unlikable in one way or another. Rayna apparently dumped Deacon when he was going through rehab. Gunnar treated girlfriend Hayley like crap. And on and on it goes.

I love night time soaps, but this isn't anything approaching a good one. Revenge is at the top of it's game compared to this mess. Anyway, when I was watching this year's People Choice Award I had the choice to turn it off at ten or keep watching it and I realized I really didn't want to subject myself to another episode of Nashville.

I have to think ABC is sticking with this stink bomb because they think they can get a little extra money selling the music from the show. You couldn't pay me to buy any of the music from this show. Most times when one of the actors are warbling a tune, I can't wait until the song is over.


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