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Why I am a Stargate SG-1 Superfan and Why You Should be too!

Updated on June 15, 2013

Spoiler Alert!!

Stargate Movie Trailer

Stargate Mock-up and Cheyenne Mountain


I will start off by just putting it out there, I am a geek. There is really no way to get around what I am, I fully accept it and totally love being one! Being a geek gives me the freedom to be obsessive over things that the average person just likes and to not care that others find that a little crazy. With that said, I have a bit of a Stargate SG-1 obsession. I will say that I like everything Stargate, yes I even like Universe and the cartoon. When you have a show run for 10 full seasons it allows for great character building and exploration. It also allows for more depth into themes and plot twists. It seems that I am getting ahead of myself though, here is why I LOVE Stargate SG-1 and why you should too!

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Stargate SG-1: The Complete Series Collection
Stargate SG-1: The Complete Series Collection

Stargate SG-1 - The Complete Series


Movie to Show

It's always good to be able to dip your feet in the water before getting involved in a TV series. It can be a pain to get a season in and realize that you don't really like the plots. Although the Stargate movie doesn't have all the same characters or actors, the general plot and underlying themes are the same when it was translated into a show. Even a few of the actors moved from movie to show with pure seamlessness. I will admit that Jack O'Neill's character was played much harsher in the movie then in the TV series, that was likely due to the time that had passed since his sons death when the show started.

For whatever the reason, I like the way Richard Dean Anderson portrayed the character and found him to be easier to relate to than the same character portrayed by Kurt Russell in the movie. They certainly try to play him off as someone that isn't that intelligent so you have to keep in mind that he is an elite air force member and certainly a smart individual. During the series you can see his glimpses of his brilliance shine though and an even softer side come out as well. I will have to admit that during the season where he played the leader of Stargate Command it seemed like it wasn't trying very hard to act the part anymore, but it's hard to tell whether that was written on purpose due to his sadness for no longer being a part of SG-1 or because the actor kinda gave up knowing he was leaving the show. The reprisal of his role in later Stargate shows indicated the first suggestion that this was scripted on purpose.



Great Plot and Species Development

From the very beginning this show had a fantastic plot, and one that differed greatly from other space based sci-fi action dramas. The fact that the show is based on our current time line really changes the tone of the series. At the start they are not flying around in ships and shooting laser at people, they are running around and shooting with guns. Seems more legit to me. The plot basically starts where the movie left off, kicking Goa'uld butt in our galaxy, and takes a few twists and turns. You can't just keep fighting the same things for 200 + episodes and not get a little redundant. Throwing in the replicators and the Ori were great plot twists, not sure they really needed the Lucian Alliance but they were a twist on the plot too I suppose.

What really struck me was the detail that they go into describing ancient times and the relation with the current alien alliances and threats. Whether they are dealing with Ancient Egyptian gods (Goa'uld), Viking gods (Asgard) or Medieval times (the ancients), great detail is taken in describing places and rituals as well as the gods and people themselves. Relationships between the individual gods/ancients are also discussed so that no detail is left out. Languages are taken into consideration to ensure that the audience realizes that not everyone in the galaxy writes and talks the same. Each race has their own technological advances, ways of ruling and their own way of dealing with their planets issues.

Amanda Tapping and Claudia Black


Strong Female Characters Throughout

Not that I am against strong male characters, but as a woman who loves sci-fi it's nice to be represented. Not only are the women in this show strong, they are smart and can take care of themselves. Often they are the day savers and are accepted as the heroes of the episode. My 2 favourites are Samantha Carter played by Amanda Tapping and Vala Mal Doran played by Claudia Black.

Samantha Carter starts off right away in this show with no holds bar stating, "I'm an Air Force officer just like you are, Colonel. And just because my reproductive organs are on the inside instead of the outside, doesn't mean I can't handle whatever you can handle." Amazing line and she holds true to this throughout the series. You have to be a pretty bad a@# chick to blow up a sun to save people! Although she is a strong character they do allow for her show a more sensitive side with various relationships later in the series, one of which was even with an ascended being who had taken human form. Despite the sensitive side she was defiantly a super shot with a gun/zat and an amazingly brilliant scientist which puts her at the top of my list.

Another female lead that I have a soft spot for is Vala Mal Doran. Let's start off by saying, one hell of a wardrobe. I would love a replicate of her dress/coat combo from the episode 'Avalon', however she didn't like the outfit and you see a progression to something she enjoyed more later on when she was given control of her own wardrobe. Her character progression is what really drew me to her character though. She went from being a self absorbed person who was running all the time and only thinking about herself to someone bent on saving the galaxy. She portrayed this character very well and you can feel the sadness she has when dealing with her daughter Adria, the guilt for letting her live and the sadness that as a mother she had almost no choice.

Michael Shanks


Michael Shanks

Ok, about to have a bit of a fangirl moment....... Michael Shanks is who got me watching this series in the first place. I can not figure out why this guy isn't in more things I watch. Not only is he a great actor he's really good looking, don't we all want to watch something pretty walking around on the TV. Anyway, His portrayal of Daniel Jackson is just wonderful, it's hard to find another way to put that. His character has so much passion for what he believes in, and is never afraid to show it. He starts out with the team needing to save his wife from the goa'uld, even when that doesn't work he decides its time to save the galaxy instead. Such a selfless character who even dies to save someone he barely knows, ascending to a higher plain of existence and giving all that up to return and save the galaxy. His scripts are well written and thoughtful and intelligent. His arguments about finding out where we came from and saving everyone are always straight from the heart. How can you not fall for this character and it's portrayal. I even cry when he dies, every time I see it!

Teal'c, Thor and Jonas Quinn


Aliens that You Have to Love

This is a sci-fi show after all, what would it be without aliens or something supernatural?

First let's start with Teal'c played by Christopher Judge, a Jaffa with a conscience. He turns against his own gods and people to try to save them all, talk about a huge choice. His bravery and dedication to his race are astounding. Throughout the series he even develops a sense of human humor which I totally get a kick out of. Judge plays a very strong character with a sense of purpose and a strong hold to his roots.

Next we have Thor and no I'm not talking about superhero Avenger, I'm talking about the Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet. Although the photo provided isn't a great representation it give you an idea of what Thor looked like. The Asgard are pretty much the 'little grey men' that have been visiting and studying our species for hundreds of years, according to the show plot, just waiting for us to be advanced enough to reveal themselves. A highly developed race, they try not to interfere with earth as much as possible. Thor does however help save the day a few times in the series, but honestly it seems that humans help him more then he helps them. Needless to say he is a well developed character who adds a great deal to the story as it progresses.

Then we have Jonas Quinn, not only is he played by the adorable Corin Nemec but the character is smart and insightful. He has purpose and truly cares about what's right and what's wrong, that's how he ended up leaving his people and joining SG-1 in the first place. He and Samantha Carter play very well off of each other, and although there seems to be resentment from Jack and Teal'c he fits in and ultimately wins their friendship. He may have only been on the show as a lead for 1 season but he surly made a great substitute for Danial Jackson while he was ascended.


Crossover with Atlantis and Two Movies to Sum up the Series

Allowing the show to crossover with Atlantis allowed both shows grow and expand their story lines. I love the interaction between the characters during these crossover episodes, I found that it added a layer or richness to the scenes and scripts and allowed for comparison between similar characters in both shows.

The end of any show is always a sad time for the fans. Stargate SG-1 is no exception to this rule, the only difference is that they actually take the time to sum this show up and leave the viewers satisfied with the resolution of the characters and themes. The edition of the 2 movies at the end of the series does something special, its like a big thank you to all the fans to let us explore a final chapter with these amazing actors.


To sum it all up, pretty much everything about this series is awesome! From the characters and their interaction to the plot and the backstory this show gives the viewers everything to keep coming back for all 10 seasons plus extras. Sit back and enjoy, but make sure you have time for the show because it will suck you in and you might marathon for days or weeks.


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