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Why I took up guitar, and why you should.

Updated on February 29, 2016

I had a really rough childhood (mentally) I didn't really have a chance to escape, I tried meditation , it helped but got my worried as I would meditate for hours on end. they would get angry at me and that just made it worse.One more year went by and I heard Its supposed to be very good for your mental health to learn a musical instrument so, I decided to take up guitar.

Guitar changed my life,I couldn't stop playing it.I began to see life as a much brighter place. What I loved about guitar was how no matter what mood you are in you can play a song. Guitar is very easy to pick up ,if you need any help you can look online to see chords, most songs are playable on guitar which makes it an amazing instrument to learn as you can just search on the internet any song you want to learn and there's probably chords for it online.

These are the reasons I picked up guitar and the reasons why you should too. :)


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