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Benefits of Pokémon

Updated on April 8, 2014

Pokémon is a brand that has captivated audiences for generations. The video game, first released in 1996 was a huge success and Pokémon Blue and Red were instant must haves for children all over the world. The whole idea is very simple, it is about catching Pokémon and training them in order to defeat other people's Pokémon. Along the way you have to earn badges and also collect every single Pokémon in order to complete your Pokédex.

This is a simple but genius idea for a RPG one that has been copied countless times but without the same success of the Pokémon franchise. Alongside this there was also the anime television series and of course the trading card game. The anime show also featured many films which followed the plot of the television series to some extent. There is even a Pokémon theme park which is probably as close as we will ever get to having real Pokémon. All of which made millions of people fall in love with Pokémon.


Problem solvers

One of my biggest wishes throughout my life has not been to be rich or to be famous or anything along those lines. It was far simpler than that, it was for Pokémon to be real. It may sound stupid but it is a wish that, I feel many children and adults also long to come true. Pokémon being real would be the greatest thing that could possibly happen in my life. They come with a variety of advantages.

Pokémon would roam the land and would become a part of people’s lives. Anyone can catch one as long as they have a Pokéball. Pokémon are caring creatures that long to be loved and always love their owners. Pokémon would solve a variety of problems for humans. One big plus side to having a Pokémon would be that people would always have a companion. This may sound ridiculous but there are many people that struggle to make friends and the perfect solution for this would be for them to catch a Pokémon of their choice. This Pokémon would then become a lifelong friend to whoever catches it. It would also bring these people together with many other people as they train their Pokémon and battle with other people and it would be a perfect way to make new friends. It would be something that would bring everyone closer helping to make the world a better place.

Another reason why I wish Pokémon were real is because they would help with the growing energy crisis. Electric type Pokémon like Electrabuzz which is a large, strong Pokémon could be used as a working Pokémon. This means it could be like many animals that are used to benefit humans. It could use its natural ability to harness electricity and could generate power easily. Also many other fire type Pokémon could be used to heat water allowing for house to be heated. They could also help with the cooking. This would reduce the dependency on fossil fuels. This would all be a renewable way of gaining energy. The Pokémon would not have to strain too hard because ways of harnessing the power with minimal strain on the Pokémon would surely have been invented.

Many water type Pokémon could also help many people who live in arid environments. One example is farmers who may normally struggle to produce a high yield of crops can now be helped out by a band of Squirltes which would help water the crops, and then people within those regions would have more food. This would also then help those regions become more developed. This would be due to the increasing amounts of crops that are being produced and people within LEDCs would now be able to afford much more food and their health will become much better as a result of this. With better health and more food the country will become developed over time. It would also prevent people dying from starvation.

Travel and sports

With some of the larger Pokémon people would now afford to travel easier and in a more environmentally friendly way. A Pokémon such a Lapras would allow people to travel across water easier. A flying type Pokémon could also help transport people though it would not be too far or for a large number of people, but it could help people that only wish to travel short distances. It would help decrease dependency on cars if people were to travel via Pokémon. For example in the RPG you can use any Pokémon that is equipped with the move “Fly” to carry you to any destination. This could become a reality if Pokémon were real.

Pokémon would also create a wide variety of sports simply for viewing pleasure or for participating. For example a simple battle between two trainers could be shown on television. Just as within the anime with the Pokémon league being a huge tournament amongst each region we could have something similar. Also the Pokémon could be used for racing, for example a group of Rapidash could be put against each other like horse racing that we currently have. Also with flying type and water type Pokémon a variety of other races could be hosted. The ideas for Pokémon entertainment are endless.

Training Pokémon

A huge reason why I wish they were real is because I would love the idea of trying to catch and raise Pokémon. It would then be possible to travel around and gain badges from many different regions. For me personally I would want to become a gym leader. Being a gym leader is a role that is not given out to everyone you must prove yourself as a worthy trainer in order to be bestowed with the honour of gym leader. Gym leaders are the most respected people within each city and everyone wishes to be exactly like their local gym leader. If I was a Pokémon trainer I would not have to go to school because as we all know people become Pokémon trainers at the age of 10 meaning that they only have to go to school for about 5 years.

Imagine seeing your treasured Pokémon evolve in front of you after much hard work having raised it and trained it for a long time. That must be a pleasing sight if it is anything like the excitement that I get when seeing my Pokémon evolve on the video games. Then once you have enough Pokémon and all the suitable badges you can then test your might against the Elite Four and become a Pokémon champion, though this is something that not everyone would achieve. It would only happen to the great trainers. They would be the only ones who would become Pokémon champion of their respective region. If everyone were beating the Elite Four then it would become meaningless and thus boring. As a result the Elite Four would be nearly impossible to get past.

Pokémon researcher would be a highly respected career
Pokémon researcher would be a highly respected career | Source

Educational Benefits

Another reason why is wish Pokémon were real is that if they were I would want to become a Pokémon researcher like the wise Professor Oak or one of the other Pokémon Professors that give you your starting Pokémon in the video game, and possibly in real life depending on how much free time they were to have. They are respected within their regions and they have the job of finding out all about Pokémon. Their job compromises of working solely with Pokémon. They help everyone understand Pokémon and they also play a mentor type role when it comes to helping budding new trainers on their way by giving them their first Pokémon. Again this is a role that is held in the highest regard such as the gym leader.


Exploratory Benefits

Of course the legendary Pokémon would be the perfect subject of many myths. They would be the perfect creatures to follow and to study, that is, if you can find them which few would be able to do. They would be the perfect subject to write many stories about and they would create a career for me to follow them and to attempt to track them down and to report on them. There would be stories like those about Bigfoot and The Loch Ness Monster. They would be the stuff of legends hence their title of legendary Pokémon. However I would never attempt to capture such creatures as they can never truly be tamed.

Pokémon bring with them a wide variety of bonuses and there are few down sides to having a Pokémon with you by your side. They are perfect pet for many and can also be turned into perfect companions in completing many tasks. They would be perfect and people would love them and care for them as if they were their own children. They are one of the things that I can only dream of.

I choose you!

Do you wish Pokémon were real?

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