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Why Iggy Azalea is Not Talented.

Updated on January 24, 2015
Thank you "Know your meme" for providing the best picture that I could have possibly obtained for this article. This is beyond perfect.
Thank you "Know your meme" for providing the best picture that I could have possibly obtained for this article. This is beyond perfect. | Source

Being 24 years of age means I am a part of this generation where people believe more in beats, Even though EDM is THE WORST, than the actual lyrics and heart of the artist. With that being said I might have a bit of a biast against Iggy Azalea, just because I think she is a talentless, mimicking, drone in society does not mean everyone else should just jump on board and agree. No matter how right I might be

A little background on Miss Azalea: Iggy Azalea came from a small town in Austrailia. When She was sixteen she hopped on a plane, touched down in Miami, probably watched about 24 hours of BET; because that is the only channel that didn't have static in her sh*tty sad excuse for a motel room, and had a bright idea.

"I should be a rapper too."

So she practiced in the mirror, making sure her hand movements portrayed that of actual rap artist before her, studied and tweeked urban couture, and BAM! You have little miss Fancy pants.

According to MTV she is some sort of a hero that fled Australia as if it were a third world area or there was a war of some sort. In MTV's Bio on Azalea they state:

It's remarkable to think that, just six years ago, a 16-year-old Iggy touched down in Miami airport, ostensibly for a fortnight's holiday, but with the intention of escaping Australia for good.

The key word that bothers me to no end there is escaping. She didn't escape, she just got sick of her Dukes of Hazard life style and decided to go more Friday or Next Friday.

Getting down to Business

  1. Iggy Azalea is not talented because that is not her real voice. The voice she raps in and the diction she uses is not what she actually sounds like. Watch the first 6 mins of the interview with the Breakfast Club. I mean you can watch the whole thing but I have absoutly no idea why you would want to endure that much of her. SERIOUSLY. She seems like a very country down to earth young lady in the interview. It is like night and day with the hip hop persona she portrays for her songs (If you have never heard one of her songs I have it right below.)
  2. The reason I picked the song "Fancy" is because it is based off of Clueless. The movie Clueless was made in 1995 and starred Alicia Silverstone, its an american comedy about the life of a "rich valley girl." This is very funny and ironic to me. By making this the point of view of the video and adding Iggy's "black urban" mimicking voice...this is some what of a poke at the hip hop game in general that I don't think a lot of us understood. I am pretty sure Black Widow is staged based on a mixture of the karate Kid and Kill Bill. I understand that she is not the only person in charge of the making and production her music videos, but is there anything unique or different about this girl?, other than her amazing ability to morph into a very pale african american?
  3. My last point is I am not understand her defense in the argument with other WOMEN MCs. Her defense that she is talented and is not just micking urban diction of black american's is that everyone is fighting her because she is a feminist? That makes absoutly NO sense. Oh I am to scared to talk about the issue of race so instead I am going to switch the issue to women's rights, even though the people arguing with me are also...WOMEN. Genius. Where was the thought process on that one. Maybe instead of practicing how to dance like Chris Brown and sing like Nicki Minaj, maybe you should practice your argument instead.

This generation and Iggy.

My generation and younger really does not understand where music came from, especially hip hop music. It came from the struggle of your situation; whether you were in a gang and surrounded by violence, or you were a single mom just trying to survive and feed your kids, Hip-Hop used to be REAL, RAW, RIGHT. Hip-Hop is like poetry, I would not write a poem about my suburban life because I do not have a suburban life. I am sure the only gun Iggy has ever held in her had was a shot gun and they don't make gold holsters for those.

© 2015 Bredavies


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    • Bredavies profile image

      Bredavies 3 years ago

      This is a very good point! Thank you for the comment

    • coolwater101 profile image

      coolwater 3 years ago from Atlanta GA.

      She knows she is not that talented, and has to come up with some other tricks to keep the crowd interested. After a while she will fade like soap, and people will not really remember her contribution to the rap game.