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Why I'm Not On Prospect Park's Side Over Their Fight Over OLTL Characters on GH

Updated on April 30, 2013

I have to admit I have mixed feelings about ProspectPark bringing back One Life To Live and All My Children. I actually quit watching One Life To Live before it went off the air because I got so disgusted by how it ruined the Todd Returns story. I also wasn’t thrilled that ProspectPark demanding the two soaps end on cliffhangers instead of letting them have a proper ending. So this latest issue with ProspectPark playing hardball over the One Life To Live characters being on GeneralHospital is just another strike against them as far as I’m concerned.

Most OLTL and AMC fans seem to be on ProspectPark’s side, but I don’t happen to agree with them. ProspectPark dropped their plans to revive both shows and left the actors they’d made a commitment to in the lurch. Several of those actors were given the opportunity to take their characters to GeneralHospital where they were able to wrap up their storylines up on that soap. I might add, that was necessary because ProspectPark demanded One Life To Live end in a cliffhanger and then didn’t follow through with reviving it online. Now because they’ve decided at the ninth hour to revive One Life To Live, they’re playing hardball over the One Life To Live characters on GeneralHospital.

From a legal standpoint ABC sold them the rights to One Life To Live and the characters on it, so ABC has no choice but to cave once again to ProspectPark’s demands. But the thing is ABC has been using those characters for over a year and ProspectPark didn’t say boo about it. It was only when they wanted to revive the shows they caused a stink. Why didn’t they threaten to sure when ABC first started using them? So once again ProspectPark is screwing things up.

What is ABC doing to clean up this mess? Well, the actors playing the OLTL characters are going to stay on GeneralHospital, but because of ProspectPark, the characters they play will suddenly leave town and they’ll return as new characters. Do you know how jarring and ridiculous that is to the viewer? To see actors you saw playing Starr, Todd and John McBain leave town and then return as different characters and not have any of the characters say, “Hey, you look just like…”

The decent thing would have been for ProspectPark to just let the characters playing on GeneralHospital to play on the show, since they didn’t say anything about them owning the characters when they first started on GeneralHospital. At this late hour they were just messing things up for everybody and the time to object to it had come and gone. To cause a stink now just seems like sour grapes on their part. The actors who were going to be on their online soaps got jobs on the remaining ABC soap, and no longer were interested in playing on their online soap, so let’s screw things up for them.

The ones I feel sorry for are the actors. This is the second time ProspectPark screwed them over. The first time was when they signed on with them and were promised employment, only for ProspectPark to drop the plans to revive the soaps and leave them in the lurch, unemployed. Then they get employed on another show and suddenly ProspectPark decides they’ll revive the shows after all and whine they can’t play the characters they created because ProspectPark owns them. So once again the actors are screwed over by this company, causing their characters to be written off the soap.

They’re also screwing over the viewers who are fans of these characters and are into the storylines they’ve got going over on General Hospital, only to be dropped because of Prospect Park’s demands. That’s not creating much goodwill, as these viewers they’re screwing over are most likely the viewers they’re hoping will watch their online soaps. If these viewers are ticked off, you can bet they won’t bother to watch their shows in repayment for screwing them over by playing hardball about the former OLTL characters.

Myself, I’m kind of sitting on the fence as to whether or not I’ll even watch these shows to see if they’re any good. I’ve already got several shows I already watch online. If the writing isn’t any good and the acting isn’t any good, I probably won’t watch. I was a soap addict from childhood and over the years I stopped watching soaps all together because they stopped being the soaps I loved and became crap. The stories were garbage. I said goodbye to AMC and OLTL a long time ago. It may all come down to who they’ve got writing the stories and producing the shows. The nepotism for certain actors and characters by the writers and producers is what caused a lot of damage to the soaps. Biased writing can kill a show faster than anything. Once Upon A Time is a prime example of that these days.

Ultimately, this could go one of two ways: it’ll succeed or it’ll fail. The daytime soaps could pave the way to more programming moving to online. I do tend to think the future of TV will be online and television as we know it will be a thing of the past. A lot of primetime shows are now available online. So maybe the online soaps will succeed.

However, starting out this venture with such bad blood isn’t a good way to do it. Unless ProspectPark’s real reason for doing it was to drum up some free publicity. Does ProspectPark plan to use the characters of Todd, Starr and John McBain on their online shows, even though they’ll have to be played by different actors? If not, then it does seem Prospect Park just did it to create buzz for their shows and they could have been nice about it and just let those characters play on General Hospital in the spirit of bonhomie.


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