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Why Insanity Seems to Run in Lelouch’s Family

Updated on April 21, 2019
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Mamerto Adan is an engineer by profession, but a writer by night. He loves toys and knives, and has a martial arts background.

Admit it! Gundam Wing might not be a strong Gundam series, but you are there for Heero Yuy. We love how he ripped invitation letters, made death threats, dived into suicide missions and laughed maniacally. He had little regards for life, and we love him for that. And from a weak series, we will go to the downright disappointment. But the bunch of unhinged Meer Campbell and Stella Loussier kept me watching Gundam SEED Destiny despite of the nauseating moments brought to you by Shinn Asuka.

And when we talk of unhinged pilots, nothing beats the Evangelion casts.

Shinji basically sets the bar for mentally and emotionally disturbed pilots. And I have a feeling that he started this whole “crazy pilot” trend.

Unpredictable, unconventional and unique are the reasons why we are drawn to crazy fiction characters, mecha anime pilots included. They basically tickle our curiosity, compelling us to dig into their dark psyche even more. And when CLAMP gave us Lelouch Lamperouge and we saw his capacity for murder and destruction, he became a hit. Before us is a complex character willing to do anything to make a better world for his sister. And he means ANYTHING. Eventually he ended up doing a lot of insane stuffs with his newfound geass, and making people kill themselves was just the start. We then notice that he was displaying the same psychopathic tendencies as some of his family members. This led me to think that his family seems to have a case of mental problem too, and it runs in Lelouch’s blood.

Before We Start…

I just realized that the Emperor of Britannia is the biggest womanizer in the series. With several concubines, he fathered a lot of children. Hence, we will only cover some of his kids here who played major roles in the series. We will then omit those who stayed behind to watch the chaos unfolding.

His Sisters Are The Only Normal People

Nunnally, Lelouch's calmer sister.
Nunnally, Lelouch's calmer sister.

They are the few in the family that remained sane. Nunnally had a rough childhood, and the poor girl had to see her mom’s murder up-close. She did go blind and paralyzed due to trauma and bullet wounds, and thanks to his dad’s geass, and that’s it. At first Nunally will get into tantrums as she adjusted to her life as a person with disabilities (according to the novel). But soon she will become a warm and kind person as they live their lives in the Ashford Academy.

Euphemia too wasn’t a born killer. In fact, she was a friendly and caring person despite being a member of the royal family. And you are a truly loving person if you let the likes of the table girl Nina get close to you. And if not for the clumsy Lelouch, she won’t go into a murderous rampage.

And yes. Despite being a ruthless Knightmare pilot, Cornelia cannot be considered crazy either. At most part she was only doing her job as a soldier, and she cares a lot for her soldier especially for Guilford. If you get to meet the rest of the family, you will soon know how much of a psycho they are.

Clovis, the Narcissistic Murderer

The guy looks like a chick.
The guy looks like a chick.

Of all the many villains of Code Geass, I found Clovis to be the most undesirable. He was an overly vain man who cares more to his looks than for his subjects. And just to preserve his position, he was known to execute thousands. And like many Britannians, he had a disdain for Elevens, and in his final act of atrocity he ordered the murder of an entire Ghetto. And I never felt any sympathy when Lelouch blew his brains. And though everyone knows about it, let’s note once more how Clovis was an ineffective military commander.

Schneizel the Sociopath

Yet the guy is more refined than Lelouch.
Yet the guy is more refined than Lelouch.

In the family, Schneizel was Lelouch ONLY worthy rival. Cornelia came close, and Clovis not much of a challenge. On the outside he is a virtual bishounen royalty, complete with blonde hair, fair skin and violet eyes. Schneizel is also very charismatic. Yet the man is calculating and equally merciless. Remember how he once shot Cornelia, or use Suzaku as a sacrifice to kill Zero? Schneizel had an honorable side though, unlike his brother Clovis. Yet like Lelouch and his father the Emperor, he had no qualms about mass murder if the plan goes well.

His Mother, The Closet Psycho

And you call yourself a mother!
And you call yourself a mother!

In the end, Lelouch had to kill his loved and admired mother, because his kind mom is in fact crazy. Being selfish and heartless former member of Knights of the Round, she helped bring Charles to the throne by overthrowing the former emperor. This shouldn’t be a surprise, because Marianne shared her husband’s despotic nature. If not for Lelouch, his mother could have triggered the Ragnarok with his dad. And to anyone familiar with Evangelion’s Human Instrumentality project, Ragnarok is as crazy as it was heartless.

And by the way, she used Anya Alstreim’s body as a vessel for her spirit, that sick woman!

His Creepy Uncle

Frieza, is that you?
Frieza, is that you?

Did I just mention how creepy V.V. is? Not only that he looked like a boy, but he also looked like a girl. Basically, the trap in the Emperor’s family as the kid fooled me when I first saw him. Not only that, V.V. was sadistic and ruthless psychopath, and although he is in his sixties, getting stuck inside the body of a boy unhinged him. He had the mentality of a ten-year-old, and he expressed the childish glee if he saw destruction. And yes, he was the one that “killed” Lelouch’s mom out of jealousy.

His Megalomaniac Dad

The despot.
The despot.

The man is racist, ruthless, no morals and a believer of social Darwinism. Hitler certainly met his match on this one. And yes, like many in his family, he had a history of murder. He cared little for his own army, let alone to enemy civilians. Now we know where Schneizel and Lelouch got their bloodlust. His traumatic childhood probably unhinged the man, yet with so many victims he and his wife deserved it when Lelouch vanquished them.

And Now Lelouch is a Terrorist

It runs in the family.
It runs in the family.

And it came to no surprise that Lelouch ended up being a highly ruthless leader of the resistance army. Nature and nurture played its role here. His very environment, the geass, and the fact that he came from crazy parents will soon gave birth to Zero. On the bright side he never turned evil like the rest of the family. But as an individual he was fatally flawed. But as fate allowed it, his family’s treatment of Lelouch became their undoing. The Emperor sealed his fate when he vanished Lelouch and his sister.


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