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The Goods And The Bads Of The Pop Music-Love vs. Booty shake

Updated on August 16, 2016

Character Vs Booty Shake

We all know pop music is the most sell-able music in the world and some people make great music aka character music and some of them, I mean lots of them do the fast-food music aka booty shake.

What is more important ? Your character or your booty shake ?

Pop Music- The Goods In Pop

Pop music is the most sell-able music in the world.Anyone from Madonna to Rolling Stones from Katy Perry and Mariah Carey know that without the pop influence you can't survive in the industry.

Pop music is quite simple,not too sophisticated, in one word-sell-able.

What Are The Goods of The Pop Music?

  • 1. it has a simple message
  • has a nice melody
  • can be mixed with rock,jazz and blues music
  • is entertaining
  • 5.usually, it has a positive message, nothing to deep or profound.

The Character Singers :

Adele -who proved that you don't have to look like a pop star to have a no.1 album, 5 no.1s and basically 60 millions albums sold worldwide from only 3 albums.

Kelly Clarkson- who had written 2 amazing ballads that went straight to the top 10 of billboard 100 -Piece by Piece and Because Of You-both of the ballads

having deep meaning to her [daddy issues] and last but not least :

Meghan Trainor- who showed us that curves can be sexy and that she won't let her imagine manipulated [Me Too Video ]

Lesson : You don't have to use a successful formula to have success, you can create your own success using your own unique formula.

But, every rose has it's thorn,so even if these artists bring a new game to the table there are some major bads in pop music.

Let's see the dark side of the moon.

The Bads Of The Pop Music

So ,we have Adele, Kelly Clarkson and Meghan Trainor who didn't want to comprise themselfs and remained honest to their music, but what about the ones that don't care about the people and only care about the money ?From Unfaithful To Rude Boy ? From Jenny From The Block to Booty ?From Without You to the disgusting Touch my Body ?

These are the singers who committed artistic suicide[in my opinion.]They became so irrelevant and so overrated that they don't care what kind of songs they put out. They only want to make money and they are the booty-shake singers:

Rihanna is a sexy icon, a good voice with sexy moves who has been turned from Barbados sweetheart to Las Vegas B.I.T.C.H rat in no time.After her first 2 albums she adopted a sexier, more heavier and provocative look who, in my opinion, was only the beginning of a cursed sentence.She became completely irrelevant after she released her Rated R album.

How can you sing Russian Roulette and Rude Boy in the same concert ?How can you beg for living and then begging for cream ? Rihanna were you that disparate for a no.1 hit ?Or how can you sing Needed me and Work ? Why would you go so low and then try to fool us that you are a fragile human being ?Just pathetic.

Jennifer Lopez is the Cinderella of this article.She was at one point homeless during her rise to fame[she slept in the dance studio after a fight with her mother.]From being homeless to instant success ,that could be a little bit rough and what was her solution when her success started fading ?She broke up with her husband and started releasing songs with the boner of Pitbull .Too bad that only one song became a hit and the others sank in that dreadful album of yours that by way is like the worst pop album ever produced.

Did you recycle Britney's 00's hits ? Of course you did .You know what's utterly disappointing ? Do you wanna know why you didn't break records with that trash of yours ?

Because even Britney Spears can lip sync better then you do.

Proof ?Later on.Keep Reading!

Where is your ethic Jen ? I don't think so you are still 'Jenny from the Block' more like 'Jenny Who Forgot'.


Next bad example is Mariah Carey.

Don't get me wrong,I love Mariah's voice, but she needs to back off a little bit, because now her ego is as big as her fat butt.From the sweet girl who sang powerful ballads she turned into a hit-misser who failed to impress with most of her last records and on top of that she can't manage keep that arrogant attitude to herself.

I mean Touch My Body ?Really ? This is like an obvious desperate way to get back to the top and I am glad you did, but let's be honest,Kelly Clarkson's Since U Been Gone should have been the no.1 of the year and not that PornHub video of yours.

You're not a booty shaker but for sure you act like one.

Seriously Mariah ? I mean ,do we need to remind you that dreadful performance from December 2014 ?My are not in the game ,in fact you are long gone.Go on and take a break, calm down your diva demon and comeback with some good material, because girl no matter how much I love you, I can't get pass the stinky attitude and the bad albums.

The Dreadful Performance Of Mariah

There no words that can describe this performance.I never saw her singing so bad, this is completely disgusting.


Music is art and art should be expressed by words, emotions and beliefs.

You shouldn't sacrifice your identity to become a super star, you can become a super-star being who you really are.

If you have a passion go and work hard for it, but don't you ever let other people change you.

You are your only friend and you are the only one who will never let you down.

Believe in yourself and the world will reply.

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