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Why Is This On My TV!?

Updated on November 25, 2010

TV Reality That I Like

Hi There.

A few years ago ( 2003 to be exact ) I started to watch what is called " Reality TV " and the first actual show of this genre that I viewed was the Donald Trump series The Apprentice. It was my first taste of this type of television and what drew me into this type of a show was two fold...

  • The actual premise of the show
  • and of course " The Donald! "

I was intrigued by this show as I watched Donald Trump put his " Job Interview " candidates through their some might say ( " Menial " ) paces and of course it was interesting to watch the back biting " Camera Interviews " that all of America were able to watch. For me, these short little ( inside ) interviews along with the now famous Trump " Boardroom " segments kept me coming back to the show which first aired in 2003 and was the first of several " Reality Tv " shows that would capture my fancy.

Seven years later there are tons of what are labeled " Reality TV " shows from the slew of " Real Wives " shows to all of the " How to Fix " your home shows to the " Celebrity Reality TV " shows ( of which I watch one religiously! ) there are just way too many of these shows that litter our collective Television Landscapes. In this first of many hubs on this subject, I will begin by listing my favorites and why they are my favorites and in later hubs I will point out the " Good, Bad and of course Ugly " of this ever expanding category of television viewing, so lets begin with " My Favorites " watching list...

A&E's Gene Simmon's Family Jewels

Whether you love or hate the guy ( and for a time ) I did indeed hate him you have to admire Gene Simmons, the blood spitting, fire breathing " Demon " of the hottest rock band in the world, Kiss. Every week Simmons and family entertain us with their everyday trials and tribulations, but what makes this show interesting for me is the fact that it does show the everyday side of life of one of the rock world's most noticeable icons...and his relationship with the ever lovely Shannon Tweed, and their children Sophie and Nick, along with Gene's constant money making efforts such as the research for his " Ladies of the Night " book which wound up getting him jailed, on television no less are at the very least amusing if not just down right funny. The other thing about Simmons is that he is just one of several immigrants who came to America at an early age, and who have through a very strong ethic, of just working hard to achieve what they wanted in life, have made the American Dream happen for them.

A lesson that shouldn't be lost on the rest of us.

Little People, Big World

Meet the Roloffs.

Matt & Amy and family.

They are little people ( or dwarfs if you prefer ) and I just love to watch them every week on TLC, along with their four children Jeremy and Zach, Molly and Jacob. Zach and Jeremy are twins, but Jeremy is a normal sized child ( well actually now a full grown adult ) while Zach is a little person like his mom and dad, while Molly and Jacob are also growing as normal sized adults.

The Roloffs live on a sprawling 34-acre farm in Oregon, appropriately named " Roloff Farms " where we get to take a peek at the everyday happenings of this family. Some of the happenings always seem to include some sort of farm project that Matt gets involved in ( sometimes without informing wife Amy, which make it all the more interesting ) that Matt hopes will enhance the overall appearance of the farm to attract visitors and to plan special events on the farm that usually have something to do with their time of year to harvest Pumpkins or some sort of get the idea, for christ's sake it's a FARM folks! But of course the real allure of the show for me has been the interaction of this family and how others have perceived and interacted with them over the past few seasons that I have watched them. Plain and simple...this is just great TV folks!

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Okay, I'm going to come right out and say this and I stand by this statement..." All Other Home Improvement Shows Would Not Be Here If This Show Did Not Exist " for me this is the original and the best of the best as far as shows that are about home improvements, home make overs, home what ever!

This is the show that started it all for me as far as watching any other " home improvement " shows on tv today and I do believe that this is one of the most " crowded " of the Reality TV " categories. Here is why I love this show though...every week they take some deserving person and their family and give them what they need the most...a decent home to live in. Now of course when I say decent ( if you've even watched just one episode of this show ) then you know I'm actually talking about a deserving family actually having a whole new home built for them from the ground up, and some of these homes are just fantastic ( as a matter of fact everyone of them are fantastic ) with themed rooms for children, and beautiful master suite bedrooms for a deserving parent(s).

Ty Pennington and his crew of home designers cross the country, surprising a new family every week who have sent a video to him and his crew explaining just why they are in need of an extreme home makeover. Pennington and crew always work with volunteers and builders in these communities who all gather together to help this deserving family and of course we just see an accelerated version of the actual home build...but the results are always amazing along with the family reactions.

This is the one show on television, that gives me the inspiration to continue my own efforts to help others, with a condition like my own, but is something that is not a topic of discussion for this particular hub.

Well, that's my top three reality television shows that I watch every week, when the shows are on, and of course there are many more shows out there...and I'll be talking about them in future hubs, so watch out reality cause here I come!


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