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Why Is This On My TV: FX's Sons of Anarchy

Updated on November 22, 2012

Okay lets get right to the point here...I already know why this show's on my TV and so do many of it's fans.

Hey "Sons" star Charlie Hunnam just made the cover of Entertainment Weekly, so I don't have to say much more than that...well maybe or this hub is going to be very short.

In all honesty I just got on the Sons band wagon last year, so I've missed a whole three seasons of this popular show, but just what is the appeal of the show you may be asking if you've never seen it?

Honestly it's just a program that's well written, it's very gritty, and it's also got a heart hidden in between all of the violence.

That heart comes from the stars of series.

Actors Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Ron Perlman, Maggie Siff, Dayton Callie and of course special guests this season including Jimmy Smits, Danny Trejo (Danny seems to be everywhere this year) have no difficulty in bringing their characters to life, driving the ever entwining plot lines to their feverish conclusion each week.

And I've just found out that rocker and tattoo bad ass Dave Navaro will also be a part of Sons, and will be in the final two episodes of this season.

As far as the drama that surrounds this series...well where do you begin?

We can talk about the plot involving the gun running, the drug running , and the club getting involved in a strip club...but in my opinion the inner dealings between the old leader of the Sons, Clay (Pearlman) and it's present head of the chair Jax (Hunnam) has delivered some very interesting plot lines including the attempted murder of Jax's wife (Siff) to the prison death scene of Jax's long time childhood friend Opie played by actor Ryan Hurst.

Did I forget to mention that this program's got more than enough violence?.And as if a full 60 minute episode wasn't enough to view each week, FX has treated us to back to back 90 minute episodes and even then the action just couldn't be contained in that time span.

Honestly I wasn't sure that I would like this series about a gang of bikers, but over time the series grew on me, along with all the plot twists...and in my opinion some of the most graphic scenes of violence to ever be seen on a cable television series on any network.

Why is Sons of Anarchy on my's simple... because it's the most bad ass program on cable television today.

And that's something that you just can't ignore.


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