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Why Is This On My TV: TNT's New Series Perception

Updated on July 14, 2012

TNT’s new series Perception premiered a few days ago and my wife watched the show together. And we both found ourselves totally enjoying Eric McCormack’s schizophrenic character Dr. Daniel Pierce. In case you don’t remember McCormack, he portrayed "Will" on NBC’s popular series Will and Grace for eight years.

Perception is a different type of television series that will challenge you each and every time you watch the show because of the situations that occur within the troubled mind of Daniel Pierce. Pierce is a doctor and a world renowned neuroscientist who’s noted for his authority in the area of forensic Neuro-psychiatry.

Professor Pierce sometimes is asked to consult with law enforcement, helping to solve crimes that need a certain awareness that other people that you and I may certainly do not have. In the series pilot the dysfunctional professor is asked by his former student and FBI agent Kate Moretti in helping her solve a murder. It’s not the solving of the crime itself that’s going to hold your attention attention…it’s the people that we see the good professor interacting with that will keep you guessing until the very end of each episode,, as you try to figure out who’s real and who are just figments of the good Dr.’s schizophrenic personality.

One of the pilot’s more humorous moments is when the professor is propositioned by a comely female student, and has to ask his assistant Max (in order to check his own sanity) if there is really a student in his office with her blouse off exposing her bra...and thankfully for Daniel she’s really there.

One of Pierce’s friends is Natalie who’s played by actress Kelly Rowan, formerly of the OC on the Fox network. At first glance, Natalie would seem to be Pierce’s steadying rock if you will, but remember… appearances and in this case, the professor’s own perceptions can be deceiving, as we learn that Natalie is one of Dr. Pierce’s many make believe delusions.

There have already been several reviews of this program, and frankly I think the critics aren’t seeing what the rest of us can see in this quirky program. McCormack’s portrayal of Daniel Pierce allows us to see that sometimes things aren’t always what they seem to be, and there are definite shades of gray…even if the only way we perceive them is through someone else’s perception of reality.

If you enjoyed this edition of Why Is This On My TV, here are a few earlier editions to read, and I hope you enjoy them.


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