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Why Is This On My TV! Too Much Pawn!

Updated on March 23, 2011

What " Pawn " show do you watch?

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Welcome to my latest " Why Is This On My TV " hub page and today I'm taking a look at two different Pawn Shows and the questions is " Do we really need another show about pawn shops and this one featuring women pawn shop owners?"

The two shows that I want to take a look at today are the History channel's Pawn Stars, and a new show that I just came across on a late night of writing, Pawn Queens on TLC.

Okay, let's be fair to the " Pawn Queens " ( funny to think that if I change one letter, we're talking a whole different Hub Page subject here! ) I've only seen the first two debut episodes of this series about two women who own and run a pawnshop out of Naperville, Il with two men, and well there is no way that this is just not a knock off of the History channel's Pawn Stars, based out of Los Vegas, NV.

Naturally, so far the differences between the two shows are telling.

Pawn Stars, have some familiar faces at this point, meaning I'm already familiar with the main cast members, Rick, The Old Man ( real first name Richard ), Corey and the ever amazing Chumlee ( real name Austin Russell ) have already become a part of my cable television landscape. Pawn Stars is not only entertaining , but also brings a touch of education to it's viewers as we can actually learn about the history of some of tnhe items that come through the doors of Rick Harrison's pawn shop every week. And I've found some of those items are very interesting to actually learn about, and there has already been one spin off come off of the coat tails of Pawn Stars. the show is called American Restoration and features Rick Dale of Rick's Restorations. This show so far has not been that interesting, but of course it is new and there will be the usual break in period that comes with anything that is time will tell if this show will be a hit or miss...I'm thinking at the moment for me it is just lukewarm television at best.

As far as the show on TLC called Pawn Queens goes, I will be kind and not sexist here, but as I said in the beginning of this hub, there really is not a lot I can say objectively about this show yet because it is so new, but from what I have seen so far, I find the shows main focus, the girls Minda and Nikki to be somewhat dry, and the guys who are their partners at least for the moment are definitely back seat drivers on this cable show...but again like American Restoration, this show will have to be given a chance to age a bit to get a better picture of how it will fare in the future...or if it even has a future.

Anyway, I have to wonder if we even actually need another show about a pawn shop on cable tv? What becomes the real draw of this show anyway? Will it be the estrogen and female bodies that drive the viewer to tune in or will there be real show content to watch in the future?

My bet is that this show does not survive more than two seasons and I find it " telling ", that cable channel TLC, does not even have any real mention of the show on it's web page, and some empty " Schedule " links that lead to nothing when clicked on. In the end, I think that after the dust has settled in this lopsided battle of pawn stars vs pawn queens, the only show that will be left standing will be about  will be about " Pawn Stars " and the queens will be long forgotten.


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    • NiaLee profile image


      6 years ago from BIG APPLE

      I do like pawn shows because I love old stuff, to me value is in so many things and history, and I like to test my own knowledge of items, history, books and more.

      I love also the fact that somebody in need can find a piece in his or her house and save his day or more thanks to it. I like Storage wars, Pawn stars and Auction hunters...and american pickers too. I love travelling around the states and discovering those old houses, old people and artifacts! I am pretty good at evaluating the price of items...we do play that game with my hubby!

      About Pawn Queens, never heard about it... the show needs an interesting original theme or a special twist, putting ladies instead of men doesn't cut it.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      From what I read the men are the ones who own the shop. The women did “invest” some of there own money into the shop, probably so they could use the term Queens to get on TV. Personally I think it is a horrible wanna-be Pawn Stars. The entire time my wife and I were watching it just felt like the show was staged. They never consult with anyone for a price and to top it off in one of the first episodes the misplace a $10,000 diamond ring that the customer was coming back to pay off the loan to reclaim her property. This is where I feel the fakest part of the show. The lady yanked her ticket back and when she was picking it up she acted like the incident never happened. I know I would NEVER go back to them if I showed up with the money and they did have my item in my hand within 5 minutes. FINAL THOUGHT: skip this weak show and check out spike tv or The History Channel for the real deal, “Pawn Stars”

    • animekid profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Upstate NY

      Hi there PaulaHenry1

      My wife likes American Pickers, but I have to wonder about their Buy/Sell or profit figures for the items they have picked. I also have started watching the show" Hollywood Treasure " on Sci-Fi. This show is kind of interesting, and I find it interesting to see the actually memorabilia these folks find. Thanks for commenting.

    • PaulaHenry1 profile image


      7 years ago from America

      Pawn Queens is just a cheap imitation of Pawn Stars and will not make it! I personally cannot watch it because it is so irritating. I prefer American Pickers compared to this show which airs on another network at the same time.


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