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Why Is This On My TV:America's Got Talent

Updated on July 18, 2012

First let me just come out and say that I'm not a big fans of talent shows period. As a kid I used to watch the old Ed Sullivan Show with my grandparents, and my favorite performer on that program was the little mouse "Topo Gigo" which to a six year old (or maybe I was seven back then) was just a magical moment.

So now that I gotten that out of the way, let me further come out and say that I have never watched a full episode of Fox's American Idol or ABC's Dancing With The Stars show, so even I am wondering what my attraction is the NBC's America's Got Talent, but it may be a moment such as the one for a young man named Andrew De Leon.

De Leon had never sang in front of anyone before that moment in time. Unfortunately after going to Las Vegas, Andrew did not advance to the New York auditions (and I'm still flabbergasted that he was not chosen over another singer who I just refuse to mention in this article) but that's part of why I can watch this show...because of the surprising talent that often appears on that stage.

This year regular judges Sharon Osbourn (yes, the wife of Ozzy) and ex-host of another NBC show Deal or No Deal is joined none other than Howard Stern, and in my opinion, Howard certainly seems to be the defacto leader of the group of judges.

And he's one of the reasons why I actually tune into the program now, even if I'm flipping between channels on a given evening.

Honestly after the departure of David Hasselhoff from the program, I wasn't sure that the show would survive another season honestly, and then came the pretentious (and often annoying) Piers Morgan who's now the host of an equally snobbish and pretentious program on CNN.

Of course the real stars of this nation wide talent search are the actual performers who take a chance and give their all for that one chance to be a star, and I've seen a lot of very talented acts and just as many not so talented, along with some performers who were just too young to even be a part of this talent search...and those are the worst to see get a no vote to move on.

I guess in the end, everyone has a dream to be recognized for some type of a natural talent, but only a few ever really get that chance, and maybe that's why America gets addicted to programs such as this one, it's the drama of seeing these people move on giving their all for that ultimate prize of being that one singular talent that gets a contract to perform and have their lives changed forever.

And the best part is that that talent could easily be someone who works for the post office, or a grease monkey who performs oil changes...or a young man who looks like a Marilyn Manson imitator.

A young man who floors us with a voice that's so unexpected, that he brings tears to the eyes of everyone in the audience attending the audition... as well as those of us at home, totally captivated by the vocals that this strangely dressed young man is showing to the world for the very first time, and we as well as his parent just stare in awe and disbelief at the spectacle that is being played out on our television screens.


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    • animekid profile image

      animekid 5 years ago from Upstate NY

      Thank You SkySlave

      I know that many of these shows end up being about who's the most popular of the bunch, and I think that sometimes a true talent can be overlooked. Not sure exactly why De Leon was eliminated, but I've seen the judges push through people with a hell of a lot Less talent.

    • SkySlave profile image

      Skyler DeCristoforo 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      In my opinion, for the most part of the people that win these shows aren't the most talented. Because anyone can vote it turns into a popularity contest. It seems that the trendy tower over the talented unfortunately. However this was a nice hub and i voted it up for ya!