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Why Is This On My Tv: The Cape

Updated on February 27, 2011

I grew up on comic books. I read them, and I actually learned how to draw from the comics. Of course, as a comic book geek, I also watched any and all of the comic book based television shows that have been on tv. From the Adam West campy romp Batman ( which I readily admit that as a child I was just enamored of the caped crusader and his side kick Robin!) to one of the best television incarnations of a superhero CBS's The Flash, if it was a superhero series and it was on television, I watched at least one time if not more.

Over the past few years I have been disappointed by the lack of television shows that featured superheroes, and shows that I thought were going to be good have been mediocre at best in my opinion. The show Heroes was a total disappointment for me, and ABC's "No Ordinary Family" while entertaining is just a watered down Fantastic Four.

Where's a fan boy supposed to go to get some real super hero entertainment? Well, this past January I started to tune the television to NBC on Monday nights at 9pm to watch a new show called The Cape. Staring David Lyons in the lead role of Vince Faraday, a good cop who gets framed and has to fake his own death, takes on the identity of The Cape, a hero/vigilante who has no real super powers, and trains his body and mind in order to seek revenge on the man who has framed him, and eventually return to his family after clearing his name. The Cape has an unusual supporting cast in "The Carnival of Crime", who take Faraday in and make him a part of their family , while helping to train him in certain magical illusions that help him battle crime as the Cape.

So of course this is very close to a certain caped crusader as far as the cape and the mystery aspect and of course Batman has "Oracle" aka Barbra Gorden while the cape has "Orwell" played by Summer Glau, so for any Batman fan the similarities can be quite glaring.

That aside, while some cannot understand the appeal of The Cape, maybe you just have to enjoy the idea of a guy running around righting wrongs while wearing a costume, using an enhanced "cape" to help him perform certain things that we know in the real world just isn't happening...but you have to understand that when your viewing a show like this, the idea is that you have to be able to suspend reality in order to enjoy a show like this, or even a superhero movie.

For me, this has become a must see on Mondays, and trust me when I tell you that I stop everything else in order to watch this particular show, so if your in need a of superhero fix...this may just be your ticket.


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