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Why Is This on My TV? HBO's The Newsroom

Updated on September 27, 2012

I remember watching the nightly news broadcasts with my grandparents as a child on Friday evenings, and every once in a while with my parents too. I remember watching such news personalities as Chet Huntley and David Brinkley on NBC, and Walter Cronkite on CBS.

Of course at such an early age (I was maybe seven or eight years old then) I had no idea about what I was watching at that time because it wasn't a television show such as the Laurence Welk show or Ed Sullivan, so I really had no appreciation for what these television news legends were actually talking about nor did I care back then.

That's why I take such pleasure in watching the HBO series "The Newsroom" starring Jeff Daniels in the role of television news anchor Will McAvoy. The Newsroom is a very well written program that takes us behind the scenes of a fictitious news station called ACN (Atlantis Cable News) and what happens behind the scenes of some of history's most important news events and what it took to bring those stories to their viewers.

The series also focuses on the ensemble cast and their interactions, personal relationships and of course we get to see how they all work (sometimes) frantically to bring an important story on air.

There is a definite chemistry between Daniel's character McAvoy and MacKenzie "Mac" McHale, of course the fact that they dated one another several years back lends to that onscreen chemistry.

Add to this the oft bad timing and awkwardness between characters James "Jim" Harper, Margaret "Maggie" Jordan, and Don Keefer who find themselves in a semi-love triangle, and Sloan Sabbith who is an economist who has the potential to much more and Mac recognizes that trait and tries to broaden Sloan's role on the news program and you have a very well fleshed out cast of characters.

Add to this cast Sam Waterston who played the role of prosecutor Jack McCoy on the original Law and Order series and you have a stellar cast of actors and actresses that breath life into this HBO drama.

And it's very informative to go behind the story with series creator Aaron Sorkin to get an idea of just what was going on at the times that some of these stories were going on and what the thought process was as the episodes were being shot.

The is a must see series, and once you catch a few episodes yourself you'll have no doubt why this show is on your TV.

Here's a clip from the very first episode that should set you up for what's in store for this first season of the series.


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