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Why Is This on my TV? WWE Wrestling!

Updated on August 2, 2011
The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro
The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro

WCW Wrestling for a time was "The " competition on Monday nights against the WWE, and this is the best of some of those matches featuring Sting, Diamond Dallas Page and Goldberg


They arrive on our TV's to much pomp and circumstance. Their names are almost legendary, and worthy of hall of fame status in their chosen profession.

Names such as Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Brett "The Hitman" Hart, and The Undertaker are all names synonymous with the sport of professional wrestling, and especially with the juggernaut called the WWE formerly the WWF.

But what's the attraction to these sports entertainment weekly productions anyway?

I can tell you from my perspective what it's all about, but we have to go back a few years...well actually think 40 years or slightly more. I was a kid living in Canarsie, in Brooklyn NY. I was already a fan of the superhero comic. I loved the adventures of Batman, and the heroic tales of Superman in the comics and on Television as portrayed by George Reeves.

That was such a great time to grow up in, being a wide eyed and naive youth. I believed everything I saw in print and on television for the most part. Of course watching Star Trek I understood that was just good television. But then I was introduced to something totally new one early Saturday, while flipping channels trying to find the next Saturday morning cartoon show to watch. I happened on this channel that was loud and their was an announcer (at that time I had no idea what an announcer was then) doing commentary , as there was something going on in this squared box!

Being a curious child of around 8 or 9 years old, I had to get a closer look and what I saw was nothing short of amazing. There were two husky ( I wasn't familiar with the word "Muscular" at the time) guys attacking one another. Little did I know that these two guys were wrestling, and one of them was someone named "Eduard Carpentier" if memory serves me. He was a french man, and I just saw him do the most amazing flip from the top rope of this wrestling ring, land on his opponent and win the match. And my mouth was wide open, just staring at what I just witnessed...and that was my introduction to wrestling.

Back then I really think wrestling was a sport. I grew up watching wrestlers such as Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, Don Moracco and more, wins titles and have brutal matches. But then came change.

A young announcer named Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) turned what was maybe 30 minutes of wrestling one day a week into main event, must see television. I'm not going to go into the history of the WWF because I think over the years the fans have kept track of the up's and downs of this franchise and seen it grow to become the largest wresting company in the world with little to no real competition. But McMachon turned these half hour shows into two hour live programs, and made heroes and villains of these wrestlers.

And in this process, many of these entertainment athletes ( That's the name that you almost have to associate with these men and woman) into real life super heroes. There are ongoing conflicts and mind games that are portrayed for the entertainment of the viewers, and unbeaten winning steaks at wrestling events such as the biggest extravaganza that the WWE produces each year, Wrestlemania where the Undertaker has an unbeaten streak of 19 wins in this particular event.

There isn't any "one" thing that you can point to that would explain the popularity of this entertainment phenomenon, because it's a combination of seeing new talent come to light, and seeing the old favorites come to the ring amid their familiar "theme songs," the excitement that many of them generate in the crowds when their names are announced or their themes are played, and quite honestly, the "soap opera-esque" story lines that are written for these characters.

My favorite themes at the moment belong to wrestlers John Cena, C.M. Punk, and Triple H.

It's sheer entertainment, on an epic almost heroic scale that plays out all across the world on a weekly basis, and some of these wrestlers have even broken out of the wrestling mold and entered the venue of the motion picture. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one, who has a decent career in films at the moment, and fan favorite John Cena is also a wrestler who has crossed over into the film world, but at the moment is still more wrestler than film star.

While much of the action is staged, these professionals of course do get hurt at times, and there has been a fair share of tragedy in the world of wrestling, but that's for another time. But that's also the reason why we tune in each week, because theses heroes are real, and we know that sometime even heroes can be vulnerable.

It's what keeps us coming back for more.


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    • animekid profile image

      animekid 6 years ago from Upstate NY

      Hello there klevifusha!

      Glad that you enjoyed reading the hub. It's amazing just how popular wrestling is today. Not sure if you've heard, but the big Vince (at least for the moment)has retired and Triple H is running things for the moment...of course with the rest of the family behind the scenes of course.

    • profile image

      klevifusha 6 years ago

      I have to admit, reading this Hub brought back so many memories. I used to be such a huge fan of WWE. Some of my favorite wrestler's were Rey Mysterio, John Cena, The Undertaker and Triple H. Ugh, how I miss those days.

      Anyway, great work. I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing.

    • animekid profile image

      animekid 6 years ago from Upstate NY

      Hi Ken. Thanks for the comment. Last week at the end of Raw, after Cena won the WWE title again, they played Living Color's "Cult of Personality," and I have to tell you that song still is harder than many songs that I remember in my day. I hate sounding so old, but yes I have to say that Triple H's "The Game" from Lemmy and Motorhead really is one of those songs that are heads and tails above the rest. I haven't heard Alex Reilly's theme song yet honestly.

      Again, thanks for stopping by.


    • profile image

      Ken 6 years ago

      Great Hub. But I have to tell you that your Fav entrance themes are a little messed up. CM Punks?? C'mon..Everyone knows that the best entrance theme is still The Games'. LOL

      Look out for Alex Riley. Now even his theme is better than Punks. :)