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Why It is Advisable to Compare Nook and Kindle before Buying

Updated on April 2, 2013

Why It is Advisable to Compare Nook and Kindle before Buying

If you want to buy a tablet and are confused about which one to buy, you can compare features of Nook vs. Kindle so that you are able to make an informed choice. The various factors that you can take into consideration when comparing Nook vs. Kindle include:

  • Display
  • Hardware

  • Connectivity

  • Ecosystem

  • Price

When Comparing Nook vs. Kindle What Are the Factors that you should Consider?

  • Display – An interesting fact that you may notice when comparing Nook vs. Kindle is that Amazon products use a new display known as paper white display. It has a higher contrast ratio with 212-ppi density. The resolution is also higher than 800x600 that was found earlier in most Amazon products. In comparison the Nook display and resolution is inferior and does not offer convenience to the reader.
  • Hardware – The interactions that you do with Kindle can be done with touch. It is thinner and lighter making it easy to hold and use. When comparing Nook vs. Kindle, you may find that there are various buttons on both sides of the screen in Nook and this does not offer the same convenience that Amazon products provide to the user.

  • Connectivity – A very important factor that you need to consider when comparing Nook vs. Kindle is connectivity. Nook only offers Wi-Fi connectivity and this restricts your ability to purchase books unless you have a free Wi-Fi spot. The Kindle model comes with Wi-Fi and 3G model and this ensures that you can connect and purchase books from almost anywhere.

Are other Factors Important When Comparing Nook vs. Kindle?

  • Ecosystem – Most consumers are looking to access a large selection of books and you need to keep this in mind when comparing Nook vs. Kindle. The Amazon product not just offers a large selection of books but also provides many short and independent books to its readers. Exclusive offers are available to its members. Although Nook also offers a large selection of books, you may not be able to find independent books. Lesser known authors do not offer their books to Nook as they consider Amazon to be a better platform to release their books.

  • Price – The price of Kindle is comparatively less when compared to the Nook. Amazon has many special offers for its customers including W-Fi. There are no such special offers when it comes to the tablets offered by Nook and this is an important factor that most customers consider when doing a Nook vs. Kindle comparison. You can get all the amazing features of Amazon products at competitive prices.

Which should you Buy, Nook vs. Kindle?

Although there is a lot of debate going about Nook vs. Kindle, the amazing features offered by Kindle makes it a popular choice. People are looking at value for money and the Nook vs. Kindle comparison clearly proves that the amazing product from Amazon is a winner.


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